Genealogy is a great hobby but, sadly, too often those who are new to it try to ‘reinvent the wheel’. With so much that could be done, why not let this site give you a great start and then use your time to work on whatever interests you. If you come across something really interesting then we may be able to help you share that with others. Isn’t that what the Internet is for?

Our Families Database is one of the largest online databases of genealogical data, covering thousands of families. Response to the database was really positive back in 2002. Every year since then, more families have been added and many improvements have been made, with more of Genealogy’s traps identified & corrected and connections found between families. If you have not seen it before, do have a look at it. Even if you are already an experienced genealogist, it would be surprising indeed if you had looked at every family we have covered or source we have used.

My interest in History was sparked by my interest in Science Fiction. [Why/How? More on that later.] That is unusual. A more common reason is that something old grabbed someone’s interest and that led to wanting to find out more about it and that led to interest in something else, and so on. Another common reason is that, when people start researching their own family history (their ‘roots’), History becomes relevant to them, personally. Whatever reason you have, I hope you will find my views of some interest, entertainment & relevance to your own research.