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Save our democracy!

Whatever your views about Brexit, if you are British and are upset by the idea of a Prime Minister (of any political party) ignoring the wishes of Parliament, I suggest that you look at and (if you are eligible) support that Petition. Those of you who know me will probably be surprised by my doing anything so 'political' as providing this message but this really is a step too far. Do not think of this as just a Brexit matter. Once a precedent has been set, future Prime Ministers could attempt to abuse their position even worse than this!

Some might argue that preserving the result of a referendum that involved millions of people is more democratic than giving precedence to the views of a few hundred MPs. However, that argument (which in theory I could otherwise support) fails when it comes to a simplistic 'nuclear options' referendum that was hastily called for narrow party-political purposes, that was heavily influenced by blatant lies that would never pass any modest advertising standard, and that has left us in a position that has already proved to be very different from what was promised. The fact that the referendum could be used to change the vary basis of our democracy, being that we are a parliamentary democracy and not one that should normally be easily swayed by potentially short-term populist sentiments, was certainly never given the attention that it merits. There are arguments for and against Brexit. There are no arguments...