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Time to move on

My last post, ‘Save our Democracy’, was a departure from the normal content in this site. After an initial (single) ‘keep out of politics’ response, the comments received have all been very supportive. Thank you. It is time to move on but the political situation is so bizarre that I suspect that I will be pulled back time and time again to cover the many issues involved unless I ‘get it off my chest’ and try to ‘put it all to bed’ in this type of post. I start by setting the scene.

(1) A determination to avoid future wars in Europe led to the development of the European Coal & Steel Community and then the European Economic Community. The political and economic sense behind those moves was self-evident. The idea of transforming the EEC into a loose but slowly getting-closer European Union was a good one, but it should not have been rushed, just gently encouraged to evolve at a steady pace. * For some countries, the natural pace towards federalisation was fast (in particular, Belgium required a forum in which it need not fall apart and Luxembourg was desperate to preserve its status as a country even though it is nothing more than a county) but for others, including the UK, the natural pace was slow. * With different agendas, too many politicians in too many countries wanted to accomplish too much too quickly. I have never understood why so many were against having a ‘multi-speed Europe’ as that seemed to...