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1. Fergus, King of Scots (d 506 (sb 501?))
  A. Domangart, King of Scots (d 511)
  i. Comgal, King of Scots (d 535)
  a. Conal I, King of Scots (d 571)
  (1) son
  (A) Conal II, King of Scots (d 652)
  (i) Donal Duin, King of Scots (d 665)
  (ii) Maol Duin, King of Scots (d 681)
  ii. Gavran or Gabhran, King of Scots (d 557)
  m. Ingenach (Lleian) (dau of Brychan, Prince of Manau)
  a. Aidan, King of Scots (d 605)
  (1) Eoacha Bui (Eochaidh Buidhe), King of Scots (d 621)
(A) Kenneth Cear, King of Scots (d 621)
  (B) Donal Breac (Domnal 'the speckled'), King of Scots (d 642)
  (i) Domangart (d c673)
  (a) Eoacha Rinevel (Eochaidh 'crook nose'), King of Scots (d 705)
  ((1)) Eoacha III, King of Scots (d 733)
  ((A)) Aidh Fin (Aedh 'the white'), King of Scots (d 769)
  ((i)) Fergus, King of Scots (d 772)
  ((ii)) Eoacha Annunine IV (Eochaidh 'the venemous'), King of Scots (d 826)
  m. Unuisticc, Princess of Picts
  ((a)) Alpin, King of Scots (d 834/843) EGHJRSWY
  B. Godfrey ('Toshach of the Isles") identified in TSP ('Macdonald, Lord of the Isles') as ancestor of the Macdonalds
2.+ 11 sons including Loarn (had issue) & Angus mentioned in BLGS2001 (Macnab of Macnab)



As shown below, the article in BLGS2001 on 'Macnab of Macnab' identifies many of this line as ancestor of various Scots clans. We intend, in due course, to investigate each of these claims and see how they coincide with other sources. Early indications suggest that they do not. For example: The continuation for Macbeth "perhaps identical with" Malcolm de Glendochart links to Macnab01. As mentioned at the top of that page, there is at least one other contradictory claim for the ancestry of that family. The following section is included within this database only because it may yet prove useful for linkage to various of the other clans.
Feradach or Ferlach or Feradaig
m. Kentigerna (d 734, dau of Ceallach Cualann of Leinster, sister of Comgan)
1. St. Fillan (d 09.01.703)
2. Ferchar Fada, King of Dalriada ancestor of Clans Duff, Mackintoch & Cameron
  A. Ferchar Abraruadh (the Red Abbot) or Og
  BP2003 (Macnab of Macnab), which starts with Malcolm de Glendochart (mentioned below), notes that the Macnabs "by tradition" descend from this Abraruadh (the name Macnab means son of the abbot) but reports that "the genealogy between him and Kenneth MacAlpin ... is confused and uncertain". We show Alpin, father of that Kenneth, in the section above.
  i. Donald Donn (the Brown) ancestor of Clans Macnab, MacLaren, Macnaghten & Mackay
  a. Erc
(1) Aibertach
  (A) Cormac ancestor of Clans Macgregor, MacQuarry, Mackinnon, MacMillan & MacLennan
  (i) Ferchard ancestor of Clan MacDuffy
  (a) Lorn ancestor of Clans Andres (Ross), Mackenzie & Matheson
  ((1)) Firtired - continued just below
  ((2)) Erc - continued below
  i. Firtired - continued just above
  a. Gillamartin
  (1) Gillafaelan
  (A) Firtired
(i) Duncan
  (a) Finlaech
  ((1)) Ferchard
  ((A)) Aillamore Loganaig
  ((i)) Angus
  ((a)) Macbeth "perhaps identical with" Malcolm de Glendochart (a 1296)
  B.+ other issue



Erc - continued above
Mackenzie reports Skene as having identified Erc as son of Lorn son of Ferchar son of Cormac son of Oirbertaigh (i.e. Aibertach above, so far as above) son of Feradach, which appears to skip some of the generations shown above.
1. Gillieoin of the Aird
  A. Crinan
  i. Kenneth
  a. Ewen
  (1) Crinan
  (A) Kenneth
(i) Paul
  (a) Martin
  ((1)) Gillanrias
  ((A)) 'An Sagart' (the priest)
  ((i)) Ferquhard (Macintagart or MacTaggart), 1st Earl of Ross (d c1251)
  ((B)) Paul
  ((i)) Murdoch
  ((a)) Ewen
  (((1))) Tire
  Mackenzie states "There would seem to be no doubt that "Tire", or Tyre, stands here and elsewhere for "An t'Oighre", or the Heir".
  (((A))) Paul MacTire of Gairloch (a 1366)
Line of Clan Andrew or Rosses.
  B. Cristin
  i. Kenneth
  a. Murdoch
  (1) Duncan
  (A) Murdoch
  (i) Gilleoin Mor
  (a) Gilleoin Og
  ((1)) Kenneth
  ((A)) Angus Crom
  ((i)) Kenneth (Coinneach) of Kintail (d 1304)

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