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Families covered: Adams of Bagnall, Adams of Burslem, Adams of Sneyd

William de Adams of Sneyd, Staffordshire (a 10.1448, brother of Richard)
1. Richard de Addams (Adams) of Sneyd (b by 1446, a 1467)
  A. Richard de Adams of Sneyd (b c1465, d c1520) had issue
  m. _ Fynnymore (dau of Nicholas Fynnymore of Burslem by Alice)
  B. John Adams of Bridge House, Longbridge, Wolstanton, Staffordshire (bur 05.1544)
  m. Joan (a 05.1544)
  C. Thomas de Adams of Burslem (b c1467, bur 12.1534)
  m. Margaret (d c06.1540)
  i. Richard Adams of Burslem (a 12.1534)
a. Thomas Adams of Burslem (bur 12.1562, potter)
  m. Ellen (a 12.1562)
  (1) William Adams of Longcroft, Burslem (a 1573) ancestor of Adams of Longcroft, Brickhouse & Longbridge
  m. Margery
  (2) Thomas Adams of Burslem (bur 12.04.1608)
  (A) Thomas Adams of Burslem (d before 20.12.1629, potter) had issue
  m. (20.10.1594) Joan Burslem (d before 10.12.1646, dau of John Burslem of Dale Hall, Burslem)
  (B) William Adams of Burslem (d before 30.03.1617) had issue
  (C) John Adams of Burslem of Byrches Head Manor & Sneyd (bur 16.06.1641)
  m. (07.10.1589) Elizabeth Machin (bur 11.04.1632, dau of William Machin of Penkhull by Katherine)
(i) Thomas Adams of Byrches Head Manor & Sneyd (bpt 30.09.1597, bur 08.01.1671/2) had issue
  m. Mary (bur 27.05.1655)
  (ii) William Adams of Sneyd Green & Buckall Hall, Staffordshire (bur 25.10.1676)
  m1. Mary (bur 05.11.1633)
  (a) Thomas Adams of Burslem (bpt 30.12.1627, a 10.1676)
  m. (12.03.1663/4) Sarah Forde (dau of Hugh Forde of Ford Green)
  (b) Mary Adams (bpt 24.10.1632)
  m. _ Smith of Bosley
  m2. Catherine (Wood?) (bur 06.03.1701/2)
  (c) William Adams of Sneyd Green & Bagnall (bpt 20.11.1642, d before 26.06.1712)
  (d) John Adams of Bucknall-cum-Bagnall (bpt 06.02.1643/4, a 10.1676)
  (e) Samuel Adams of Staffordshire (bpt 14.05.1648, bur 22.05.1729) had issue
  m1. (17.06.1678, sp?) Elizabeth Clowes (bur 07.04.1680, dau of Thomas Clowes of Norton-in-the-Moors)
  m2. (01.07.1683) Maria Brett of Stoke-on-Trent
  (f) Jonathan Adams of Ford Green in Norton-in-the-Moors (bpt 29.02.1651/2, d before 15.10.1719)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Adams
  m. William Sutton of Sutton in Endon, Staffordshire
  (g) Ralph Adams of Milton & Sneyd Green (bpt 24.10.1654, d before 29.11.1693) ancestor of Adams of Bucknall Hall
  m. (08.09.1679) Joyce Baddeley (bur 28.11.1724, dau of John Baddeley of Burslem)
  (h) Richard Adams of Green Fields, Stoke-on-Trent (d c04.1724)
  m. Anne
  ((1)) Mary Adams
  m. William Birch of Bucknall
  (i) Edward Adams of Bank House, Bagnall (bpt 29.08.1660, bur 22.04.1727)
  m. (05.05.1687) Elizabeth Meare (bur 03.07.1733, dau of John Meare of Handley Green)
  ((1)) William Adams of Bank House, Bagnall (bpt 05.11.1702, d 20.12.1775)
  m1. (04.05.1730) Dorothy Meare (b 16.06.1710, bur 08.06.1735, dau of Francis Meare of Norton Green Hall by Dorothy, dau of Rev. John Repton of Stoke-on-Trent)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Adams (b 09.12.1730, d before 26.06.1806)
  m1. (20.04.1752) Joseph Warburton of Rushton Grange (bur 05.01.1769)
  m2. (14.01.1773) Joseph Smith of Sinai Park, Burton-on-Trent & Willington
  ((B)) Dorothy Adams (b 19.02.1732/3, bur 21.10.1744)
  m2. Sarah Meare (bur 14.04.1787)
  ((C)) Richard Adams of Cobridge Gate & Bagnall (b 17.08.1739, d 19.04.1811, younger son)
  m. Elizabeth Jackson (b 27.02.1744/5, d 11.03.1834, dau of John Jackson of Greenwood Hall)
  ((i)) William Adams of Fenton Hall in Stoke-on-Trent & Bagnall (b 20.07.1772, d 02.12.1829)
  m. (18.01.1793) Sarah Heath (b 21.03.1774, , d 09.03.1846, dau/heir of Lewis Heath of Burslem)
  The following comes from Visitation (Frederick Arthur Crisp, England & Wales, vol XIII, 1905, 'Adams of Greenfield and of Newfield Hall, co. Stafford', p24+).
  ((a)) Edward Adams of Basford Hall (b 16.07.1803, d 01.01.1872)
  m. (16.07.1834) Mary Breeze (b 10.07.1811, d 29.11.1863, dau of Jesse Breeze of Greenfield)
  ((b)) Anne Adams (b 02.12.1793, d 05.11.1857)
  m. (15.09.1817) Joseph Twigg of Bank House (b 15.09.1780, d 04.12.1861, Chief Constable of Burslem, son of William by Sarah)
  ((c)) Sarah Adams (b 02.09.1796, d 05.02.1831)
  m. (04.07.1827) James Guest of Medlock Cottage (Ardwick) & Bowdon (b 14.07.1796, d 09.07.1885, m2. Jane Cross (dau of Charles Cross of Manchester), son of Henry Guest by Mary)
  ((d)) Frances Adams (b 08.12.1812, dsp 24.02.1879)
  m1. (08.07.1868) John Massey Morris of Burslem (d 14.12.1869, son of Richard)
  m2. (30.06.1877) Joseph Walton of Bowdon
  ((e))+ other issue - Samuel (b 19.05.1809, d 04.07.1809), Lettice (b 26.02.1801, d 12.01.1827), Elizabeth (b 14.07.1810, d unm 07.07.1862), Susanna (b 17.09.1815, d 15.12.1815)
  ((ii)) Richard Adams (bpt 06.10.1774, bur 06.07.1778)
  ((D)) Ralph Adams of Milton, Staffordshire (b 29.11.1742, bur 15.01.1800, youngest son)
  m. (20.01.1770) Martha Ball
  ((E)) Mary Adams (b 21.08.1746)
  m. Thomas Gee
  ((F))+ other issue - William of Littleworth in Bagnall (b 04.10.1736, d 21.09.1802), Edward of Bagnall (b 13.03.1738/9, bur 1800), Thomas (b 17.09.1740, d young), Sarah (b 04.07.1744, d 05.12.1769)
  ((2)) Edward Adams of Burslem (bpt 05.02.1709/10, dvp?)
  m. Martha Adams (bpt 15.09.1723, dau of Joseph Adams of Burslem)
  ((A)) William Adams of Tunstall (b 1745, d 1805, potter) had issue
  ((3)) Grace Adams (bpt 01.01.1691/2, bur 13.06.1701)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Adams
  m. (before 06.04.1727) Joseph Hulme of Grange (bur 12.09.1756)
  (3) Ellen Adams
  m. (20.01.1579/80) John Richardson of Burslem
  ii.+ other issue (a 05.1540) - William, Margaret, Joan
  D. daughter
  m. John Crockett of Burslem
  E. Margaret Adams
  m. Stephen Thursfield of Thursfield

Main source(s): Visitation (Frederick Arthur Crisp, England & Wales, Notes vol 10, 1913, 'Pedigree of Adams', p165+)
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