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Families covered: Anderson of Dowhill, Anderson of Glasgow, Anderson of Stobcross

The following families were closely connected to each other. Indeed, at times some sources appear to confuse the two. The article that sourced the lower section reports that the lower family (referred to as "the Anderson family from Stobcross") "were said to be a branch of the Andersons of Dowhill another family with early Glasgow roots" (presumably the family in the upper section). However, 'Electric Scotland' (see here) suggests that "The Andersons of Dowhill ... represented the Andersons of Stobcross". Stobcross was a suburb of Glasgow and was roughly where is now the present district of Anderston (previously Anderson), apparently named after the last-but-one James Anderson of Stobcross. Whilst there was probably just one 'Stobcross House', there could easily have been more than one family named Anderson in the area.
John Anderson of Stobcross, Glasgow (b c1500)
1. John Anderson of Stobcross
  m. Janet Andrew
  A. Ninian Anderson of Dowhill & Stobcross (b 1555, Deacon Convener)
i. John Anderson of Dowhill & Stobcross, Lord Provost of Glasgow (b 1611, d 1689)
  m1. ??
  a. John Anderson of Dowhill & Stobcross, Lord Provost of Glasgow (b 1636, d 1710)
  m1. Susannah Hamilton (dau of (James, son of) James Hamilton of Aikenhead, Provost of Glasgow)
  (1) John Anderson of Dowhill, later Acting Governor of New Jersey (b 1665, d 28.03.1736)
  m. (25.12.1701) Anna Reid
We had thought that John had no children as it appeared that he was succeeded by his sisters. However, BP1934 ('Orr Ewing'), identifies the following Agnes as dau of John Anderson of Douhill & great-granddau of the man who was Provost of Glasgow in 1658 & 1681.
  (A) Agnes Anderson possibly of this generation
  m. John Orr, Provost of Paisley
  (2) Susannah Anderson
  m. John Leckie of Glasgow, later of Newlands ('of the family of Wester Catter in Dumbartonshire")
  (A) son (d young)
(B) Susanah Leckie
  m. (1706) Francis Dunlop of Dunlop
  (3) Janet Anderson
  BLG1863 ('Woddrop of Dalmarnock represents Hamilton of Aikenhead') confirms that Janet, dau of John & Susannah, married ...
  m(1). John Gray of Carntyne, later also of Dalmarnock (d 1687)
  It was possibly this Janet who (also) marrried ...
m2. (by 1690) Archibald Buchanan of Drumhead (d 01.12.1729)
  (4) daughter possibly of this family, of this generation, of this marriage
  m. George Bogle (Dean of Guild of Glasgow)
  (5)+ other issue - Alexander, Ninian of Haghill (b 1676, had daughters?), son, 5 daughters
  m2. Marion Hay (dau of Rev. James Hay of Kilsyth)
  (13) Marion Anderson of Dowhill
  m. Charles Moore (from Armagh, minister of Stirling)
  (14) Barbara Anderson
  Reported by 'Glasgow, Past and Present, 'Loose Memoranda on Glasgow Subjects' & 'Desultory Sketches', vol III, 'Gallowgait', p667) to have married ...
  m. William Fogo of Killorn
  m2. (mcrt 26.02.1667) Rebecca Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton of Carrisland, widow of Robert Hamilton of Fairholme) apparently 2nd (or later) wife
2. William Anderson of Dowhill, Glasgow (a 1547)



Andrew Anderson (d before 24.03.1545)
m. Margaret Rankin
1. James Anderson in Stobcross (d before 10.12.1563)
  m. Janet Maxwell (d before 18.10.1555)
  A. John Anderson in Stobcross (2nd son?)
  m. Marion Reide
  i. William Anderson of Stobcross (d 11.1623)
  m. Janet Maxwell
a. John Anderson of Stobcross (b c1592, a 07.1665, 2nd son?)
  (1) James Anderson of Stobcross (d before 04.12.1692)
  (A) James Anderson of Stobcross
  m. (04.03.1697) Marion Wallace
  (i) James Anderson, last of Stobcross
  According to the article on Stobcross House in 'The Old Country Houses of the Old Glasgow Gentry', the last Anderson of Stobcross (James) sold the house in 1745.
  (ii) child
  b. Christian Anderson
  The web site follows the Douglas sources and shows this marriage to have been in 1642 but that cannot be correct as their son married in 1648.
  m. (1642! sb 1612?) Walter Douglas (d by 1657)
  c. Agnes Anderson
  m. (before 02.10.1588) John Hutcheson
  d. Janet Anderson possibly (??) the Janet who married ...
  m. John Hall, later Maxwell, 9th of Dargavel
  e.+ other issue - James (b c1590), William, Ninian, Elizabeth, Grizel
  B.+ other issue - James, Ninian
2.+ other issue - Janet, Bessy, Violet

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section: the article 'The Andersons in Scotland, ancestors of the Andersons of Monmouth County in East Jersey' (p103+) by Claude J. K. Anderson in 'Genealogies of New Jersey Families: volume 1, Families A-Z, pre-American notes on old New Netherland families' (in Google Books) and 'Family of Anderson of Dowhill' (Appendix 3 (p167+) in 'Biographical Memoir of the late Charles Macintosh of Campsie and Dunchattan' (on archive.org) with thanks to a contributor (JP, 18.02.15) for drawing our attention to these books
(2) For lower section : the article on 'The Stobcross Andersons' in 'The Andrean' (August 1998) as reported on a web site of 'The Anderson Association' (see here) with thanks to a contributor (JP, 18.02.15) for drawing our attention to it
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