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Families covered: Arbuthnot of Arbuthnot, Arbuthnot of Blackstoun, Arbuthnot of Fiddes, Arbuthnot of Findowrie, Arbuthnot of Pitcarles

The family name is sometimes spelled 'Arbuthnott'. We follow the spelling shown on the family's web site mentioned below.
Robert Arbuthnot, 12th of Arbuthnot (d before 11.01.1506)
m1. Margaret Wishart (dau of James Wishart of Pittarow)
1. Ambrose Arbuthnot (d young)
m2. (mcrt 10.09.1475) Mariota Scrymgeour (d 08.01.1518, dau of Sir James Scrymgeour of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee)
2. James Arbuthnot, 13th of Arbuthnot (d 08.03.1521)
  m. (mcrt 31.08.1507) Jean Stewart (d 19.04.1522, dau of John Stewart, 2nd Earl of Atholl)
  A. Robert Arbuthnot, 14th of Arbuthnot (b c1508, d 15.10.1579)
  m1. (mcrt 02.03.1526) Katherine Erskine (dsp 15.06.1529, dau of John Erskine, younger of Dun)
  m2. (after 1529) Christian Keith (dau of Robert Keith, Master of Marischal)
i. Andrew Arbuthnot, 15th of Arbuthnot (d 16.03.1606)
  m1. (mcrt 07.08.1553) Elizabeth Carnegie (d 28.10.1563, dau of Sir Robert Carnegie, 5th of Kinnaird)
  m2. Margaret Hoppringle
  ii. John Arbuthnot of Mondynes
  m1. Katherine Pitcairn (d 09.1613, dau of Alexander Pitcairn of Mondynes)
  a. Andrew Arbuthnot (d before 1600)
  m2. Elizabeth Grahame (dau of Grahame of Morphie)
  b. Robert Arbuthnot
  m. Margaret Symmer
  c. William Arbuthnot
(1) Mary Arbuthnot (a 1619)
  d. Margaret Arbuthnot
  m. Andrew Sibbald of Kair (d 1570)
  iii. Alexander Arbuthnot, 1st of Pitcarles and Auchterforfar (d 10.04.1614)
  m. Margaret Middleton
  a. David Arbuthnot, 2nd of Pitcarles and Auchterforfar (d before 19.03.1644)
  m. Jean Keith (dau of John Keith of Cowtown)
  (1) Robert Arbuthnot of Caterline
  m. (02.04.1642) Margaret Arbuthnot (d 11.1689, dau of Robert Arbuthnot, 3rd of Fiddes) @1@ below
  (A) Jean Arbuthnot
  m. (12.07.1675) George Rait in Kinghorne
  (B)+ issue - Robert (had issue), Alexander (a 1690), David (to Virginia?)
(2) Alexander Arbuthnot, 3rd of Pitcarles (d 1693)
  m. (1653) Margaret Haliburton
  (A) Alexander Arbuthnot (b 1662, d young)
  (B) Katherine Arbuthnot (b 1654)
  m. (1678) James Thomson of Arduthie
  (C) Jean Arbuthnot (b 1655)
  (D) Margaret Arbuthnot (b 1657, d 1711)
  m. (1683) David Guthrie of Kair and Castletown
  (3) John Arbuthnot (b 1633)
(4) Mary Arbuthnot
  m. (30.06.1642) Robert Arbuthnot, 3rd of Fiddes @2@ below
  (5) Susanna Arbuthnot
  (6) Helen Arbuthnot (b 1634)
  m1. James Haliburton (captain)
  m2. George Kinnaird of Couston
  b.+ other issue - John (a 1620), Andrew of Crimond Gorthie, George (a 1620), Robert (a 1620)
  iv. Robert Arbuthnot
  v. Jean Arbuthnot
  m. (mcrt 07.02.1557) James Clephane of Hilcairney (d c1560)
  vi. Agnes Arbuthnot (d 15.11.1587)
  m. (c1553) Alexander Straiton, younger of that ilk
  vii. Christian Arbuthnot (b 1535, d before 30.04.1583)
  m1. (c1554) William Warrender
  m2. (c1556) George Symmer, younger of Balzeordie
viii. Isobel Arbuthnot (d before 04.03.1587)
  m. Alexander Strachan of Brigtown
  ix. daughter (d young)
  x. daughter
  m. Mr. Clephane
  m3. (09.1553) Helen Clephane (dau of George Clephane of Carslogie)
  xi. David Arbuthnot, 1st of Findowrie (d 1602)
  m1. Elizabeth Rait (d 12.1595, dau of Rait of Halgreen)
  a. Robert Arbuthnot, 2nd of Findowrie (d before 17.05.1681)
  m. (1616) Margaret Graham (dau of Sir William Graham, 4th of Claverhouse)
(1) Robert Arbuthnot, 3rd of Findowrie
  m. Elizabeth Rait (dau of William Rait of Halgreen)
  (A) Alexander Arbuthnot, 4th of Findowrie (b 1658, dvp 1688)
m. (mcrt 23.03.1679) Margaret Lindsay (dau of Sir Alexander Lindsay, Bart of Evelick)
  (i) Alexander Arbuthnot, 5th of Findowrie (b 1685, d 22.04.1745)
  m. Margaret Ochterlony
  (a) Margaret Arbuthnot, 6th of Findowrie (d 25.04.1776)
  m. (30.04.1734) James Carnegie, later Carnegie-Arbuthnott, 6th of Balnamoon (b 06.08.1712, d 1791)
  (b) Jean Arbuthnot (d 08/18.03.1786)
  m. (mcrt 04.07.1749) John Arbuthnott of Fordoun, 6th Viscount (d 20.04.1791)
  (c) Mary Arbuthnot
  m. (20.12.1754) William Ochterlony (captain)
  (d) Anne Arbuthnot
  m. (04.01.1764) David Molison
(e) daughter
  (ii)+ other issue - Robert (b 1680, d infant), Elizabeth (b 1684, d c1702)
  (B) Marjorie Arbuthnot (b 1642)
  m. (before 28.10.1671) Francis Farquharson of Finzean
  (C)+ other issue - John (b 1660, d before 03.03.1685), Margaret (b 1643), Magdalen (b 1645), Elizabeth (b 1650), Isobel (b 1654), Marie (b 1655),
  (2) David Arbuthnot (b 1626)
  (3) Alexander Arbuthnot (b 1629)
  (A) George Arbuthnot
  (4) Margaret Arbuthnot
  m. (?) James Ogilvy of Balfour
  b. Isabel Arbuthnot (4th daughter)
  m. Sir James Young of Easter Seton
  c.+ other issue - Margaret, Christian, Elizabeth
  m2. _ Stuart (dau of Stuart of Inchbreck)
f.+ other issue - David (a 1615), daughter
  xii. James Arbuthnot of Gariotsmyre (d 09.1608)
  m. Catherine Stewart
  xiii. George Arbuthnot (a 1598)
  xiv. William Arbuthnot of Blackstoun
  m. Mariot Ogilvy
  a. Alexander Arbuthnot of Blackstoun (b c1602, d after 1665)
  m. (mcrt 16.05.1630) Euphemia Monorgund
  (1) James Arbuthnot of Blackstoun
  m. (c1652) Margaret Rattray (b c1631, dau of James Rattray, minister)
  xv. Elizabeth Arbuthnot
  m. (mcrt 15.10.1577) James Mortimer of Craigievar
  xvi. Katherine Arbuthnot (a 10.1602)
  m. (c1579) James Ogilvy of Balfour
xvii. daughter
  m. _ Lindsay of Barnyards
  xviii. Margaret Arbuthnot
  m. David Ogilvie of Persie
  partner unknown
  i. Hugh Arbuthnot
  B. Isabel Arbuthnot (d 1558)
  m1. David Ochterlony of Kellie
  m2. (1545) Robert Maule of Panmure (b c1497, d 03.05.1560)
  C.+ other issue - Patrick (d before 1542), David (d Pinkie 10.09.1547, Canon of Dunkeld)
3. Robert Arbuthnot of Banff (d 08.11.1551)
  m. (mcrt 22.09.1515) Marion Lundie (dau of Robert Lundie of Benholm)
  partner unknown
  A. Andrew Arbuthnot, priest (a 1553)
4. George Arbuthnot (a 1509, dsp)
5. Andrew Arbuthnot in Pitcarles (b c1497, d 08.1570)
  m. Elizabeth Strachan (dau of Alexander Strachan of Thornton)
  A. Robert Arbuthnot, 1st of Fiddes (d before 30.07.1606)
  m. (1555) Isabel Burnett (dau of Alexander Burnett of Leys)
  i. Andrew Arbuthnot, 2nd of Fiddes (d 07.04.1626)
  m1. Sara Strachan ## possibly here ?? ##
a. Sara Arbuthnot (a 1627)
  m. Robert Stuart of Inchbreck
  b. Robert Arbuthnot, 3rd of Fiddes
  m1. Margaret Barclay (d 06.1624)
  (1) Margaret Arbuthnot (d 11.1689)
  m1. (mcrt 19.04.1642) Robert Arbuthnot of Caterline @1@ above
  m2. (before 16.1.1657) Sir George Ogilvy, Bart of Barras (d c1679)
  m2. Jean Burnett (dau of James Burnett of Craigmyle)
  (2) James Arbuthnot in Montrose (a 1678)
  (3) Anne Arbuthnot
  m. (03.08.1646) James Allardyce
  (4) Andrew Arbuthnot (bpt 26.10.1632, d young)
  (5) Marjorie Arbuthnot (b 1639)
  m. Andrew Keith of Cowtown and Uras
  m3. (30.06.1642) Mary Arbuthnot (dau of David Arbuthnot, 2nd of Pitcarles and Auchterforfar) @2@ above
(6)+ other issue - Andrew (b 1642), Robert (b 1644), Jean (bpt 17.12.1646, d unm 09.1681), Alexander (b 1649, a 11.1684), Patrick (b 1651, d 1704)
  m2 . Janet Gordon (a 1640)
  ii. Alexander Arbuthnot (a 1626)
  iii. Catherine Arbuthnot
  m. Alexander Burnett of Leys
  B. George Arbuthnot in Barnehill (d before 15.02.1581/2) had issue
  m. Elizabeth (Isobel) Moncur (a 1609)
  C. Alexander Arbuthnot (b 1538, d 16.10.1583, Moderator of the General Assembly)
  D. Catherine Arbuthnot
  m. Alexander Arbuthnott
6. Elizabeth Arbuthnot
  m1. Thomas Fotheringham of Powrie (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m2. _ Martin of Cardowne
7. Catherine Arbuthnot
  m1. (before 09.1499) David Auchinleck, younger of that ilk (son of Hugh)
  m2. (c1515) Gilbert Turing of Foveran
8. Christian Arbuthnot
  m. Alexander Fraser of Durris
9. Giles Arbuthnot (d 04.07.1546)
  m1. Robert (or Henry ?) Grahame of Morphie
  m2. Alexander Strachan of Tibbertie
  m3. Thomas Fraser of Stoneywood (d before 02.1536)
10. Janet Arbuthnot
  m1. (before 09.12.1512) Alexander Falconer, younger of Halkerton
  m2. George Auchinleck of Over Kinninmonth
11. Mariota Arbuthnot
  m. (after 11.1609) James Bisset of Easter Kinnef
12. Isabel Arbuthnot (d unm before 15.01.1535)
13. daughter (possibly one of the above)
  m. (before 25.09.1490) David Rait of Drumnagair
partner unknown
14. Patrick Arbuthnot (d 1540, physician to King James V)

Main source(s):
(1) TSP (Arbuthnott)
(2) The very impressive Arbuthnot family web site at www.kittybrewster.com (link given on 'Arbuthnot01')
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