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Families covered: Arthington of Arthington (Ardington of Ardington), Ardington (Arthington) of Castley

(1) Foster, and many other sources, gives this family's name as Ardington rather than Arthington. We do not know whether or not this Yorkshire-based Arthington family was connected in any way to the Ardington family of the parish of Ardington in Berkshire.
(2) The impressive ingilbyhistory site provides 2 versions of the pedigree (Arthington of Arthington), referred to below as IH1 & IH2, identifying the second as "Corrected and published by Harry Speight in his History of Lower Wharfedale (1902)". We use IH2 as the primary source for the earlier generations shown below (switching to IH1 where reported below) and record the major differences between the various versions/sources. VCH (Yorkshire, vol 3, 'Houses of Cluniac nuns: Priory of Arthington') supports IH2 in identifying the founder of Arthington priory/nunnery as ...
Peter de Arthington (a c1152, 1165)
1. Roger de Arthington (a 1165, 1172)
2. Serlo de Arthington of Arthington (a 1174) the first mentioned by IH1 (which names him Cerill) & Foster
  m. Agnes (dau of Stephen, parson of Thorney)
  A. Peter de Arthington of Arthington (a 1200)
  m. Hawise
  IH1 & Foster show Peter's son Alexander as ancestor of the continuing line through his son Gilbert. IHI also shows another son Geffray (m. _ Scott). IH2 shows that it was Geffray who was ancestor of the continuing line as shown below.
  i. Geffray de Arthington of Arthington
  m. Mary Scott
  a. Ralph de Arthington of Arthington (a 1274)
  As indicated below, Foster shows this Ralph (married in 1273) as son of Gilbert son of Gilbert son of Alexander son of Peter.
  (1) Robert Arthington of Arthington (d 1303)
  IH1 shows Robert as father of Ralph (a 1358) father of Laurence (dsp), Robert (a 1386) & Ralph with Robert as father of John & Robert of Castley with John being father of Richard ( m. Joane Hewicke) plus Robert, Thomas & William. Foster shows Robert as father of Ralph father of Lawrence (dsp), Richard/Robert (a 1358) & Ralph with Richard/Robert being father of John, and possibly also of Robert of Castley, John being father of Richard/Robert (m. Joane Hewicke) plus Robert, Thomas & William. IH2 shows as follows.
(A) Lawrence Arthington of Arthington (a 1298, 1334)
  (i) Roger Arthington (dvp before 1334)
  (a) Robert Arthington of Arthington (a 1356)
  ((1)) Robert Arthington (a 1359)
  ((A)) Robert Arthington of Arthington (d 21.11.1391)
  m. Matilda
  ((i)) Richard Arthington of Arthington - continued below
  m. Joan Hewicke
  (B) Robert (or Richard) Arthington (a 1358) possibly of this generation
  (i) John Arthington of Arthington Hall (a 1386)
  (ii) Robert Arthington of Castley - continued below
  (2) Margaret Arthington possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Richard de Goldesborough of Goldesborough (a 1366)
  b. Matilda Arthington
  ii. Roger Scot of Calverley
  We do not know whether or not there is meant to be any connection between this Roger, shown by IH2 as the 2nd son, and the Scots of Calverley reported on Scott06 other than through his above-mentioned sister-in-law.
  iii. Alexander de Arthington
  IH2 shows no descendants for Alexander. As mentioned above, IH1 & Foster show Alexander as ancestor of the senior continuing line via ...
  a. Gilbert de Arthington
  Foster shows Gilbert as father of Alexander (dsp), Gilbert (father of Ralph) & Geoffrie but IH1 shows that it was this Gilbert who was younger brother of Alexander (dsp), elder brother of Geoffrie, and father of Ralph.
  iv.+ other issue - Henry, Amabilis



Richard Arthington of Arthington (a 1393) - continued above
m. Joan Hewicke (dau/coheir of Sir Roger Hewicke)
1. John Arthington of Arthington (a 1450)
  m. Jane Norton (dau of Sir John Norton of Norton Conyers)
  IH1 & Foster show Henry (m. Maude Goldsborough) as (younger) brother of Robert & John. Visitation (1563-4) also shows Henry as of the next generation. IH2 shows that Henry as of a generation later.
A. Robert Arthington of Arthington (a 1452)
  B. John Arthington of Arthington IH1 & Foster show John d 1497-8; IH2 shows that he d 1507
  m. Isabel Mauleverer (dau of Edmund Mauleverer)
  i. Henry Arthington of Arthington (a 1540)
  IH1, Foster & Visitation (1563-4) show Richard as Henry's son by Maude Goldsborough. IH2 shows that he was of an earlier marriage, not mentioned by the others, to ...
  m1. Dorothy Plumpton (dau of Sir Robert Plumpton by Agnes Gascoigne)
  a. Richard Arthington of Arthington
  m1. Alice Eldson (dau of William Eldson or Eldston or Ellison of Selby)
m2. Rosamund Lister (dau of Thomas Lister of Westby)
  IH2 shows only Richard's marriage to Rosamune Lister, showing her as mother of William. IH1, Foster & Visitation (1563-4) which show the earlier marriage to Alice Eldson, identifying her as mother of Williams & Isabel. We are unsure who was mother of whom.
  (1) Sir William Arthington of Arthington
  m. Katherine Ingleby (dau of Sir William Ingleby of Ripley)
IH2 does not report any children for Sir William but Cyril. For the next generation, IH2 mentions William & Ralph but does not provide any further information thereafter so IH1 becomes the primary source for the later generations.
  (A) Cyrill Arthington of Arthington
  m. Rosamund Hawksworth (dau of William Hawksworth of Hawksworth)
  (i) William Arthington of Arthington
  m. Anne Tancred (dau of Thomas Tancred of Brampton, m2. Francis Nevill of Chevet)
(a) Henry Arthington of Arthington (d 1671)
  m. (24.05.1638) Mary Fairfax (b 04.05.1616, bur 21.12.1678, dau of Ferdinando Fairfax, 2nd Lord)
  ((1)) Henry Arthington of Arthington (dsp 22.02.1681)
  ((2)) Mary Arthington
  m. Thomas Worsley of Hovingham (d 03.05.1715)
  ((3))+ other issue - Ferdinando (d young), Dorothy (d unm), Frances (d 1716), Anne (d 1692)
  (b) Francis Arthington
  (c) Rosamond Arthington
  m. Richard Thornton of Tyersall
(d) Ann Arthington
  m. Thomas Gabates
  (ii) Ralph Arthington this line followed only by IH1
  m. Mary Nevill (dau of Henry Nevill of Chevet)
  (a) Cyrill Arthington of Milnthorpe, Yorkshire
  m. Anne Binns (dau of Major _ Binns of Horbury)
  ((1)) Sandford Arthington of Milfold, Yorkshire
  m. (1695) Frances Hicks (dau of Marmaduke Hicks of Leeds)
  ((A)) Cyrill Arthington of Arthington
  m. Ann Brown of London
  ((i))+ issue - Cyril (d 1750), Jane (dsp 1765), Frances (dsp 1768), Dorothy (dsp 1769), Anne (d young)
  There were later Arthingtons of Arthington - see here, here and here.
((B)) Dorothy Arthington (d 1729)
  m. Thomas Sawer, Mayor of London (d 1756, m2. _ Staines of Ripon)
  ((C))+ other issue - Sandford (d young), William (d young), Ann
  ((2)) Anne Arthington
  ((3)) Elizabeth Arthington
  m. Joseph Wood (vicar of Sandal)
  ((4)) Rosamond Arthington (b 1662)
  m. (1691) Thomas Hardcastle of Dublin
  (iii) Rosamond Arthington
  m. Francis Nevill of Chevet (b c1592, a 1665)
(iv) Jane Arthington
  m. Michael Fawkes of Farnley
  (v) Dorothy Arthington
  m. (1622) John Armytage of Kirklees (dvpsp 1624)
  (vi) Elizabeth Arthington
  (B) Jane Arthington (b by 1564)
  m. Edward Windsor (brother of Lord William)
  (C) Cicely Arthington shown by as (a 1596) possibly a generation earlier
  m. _ Lancaster
  (D) Frances Arthington
m. (13.09.1599) Sir Edward Plumpton of Plumpton (b 22.09.1581, a 01.1651)
  (2) Isabel Arthington
  m. Thomas Wombwell of Thundercliffe Grange (bur 02.09.1592)
  m2. (19.08.1585) Maud Goldsborough (dau of Richard Goldsborough of Goldsborough)
  b.+ other issue - William, Robert, George, Lawrence
  Identified as Henry's daughters (by Maud Goldsborough) by IH1, Foster & Visitation (1563-4), but not mentioned by IH2 thereby leaving us uncertain as to who was their mother, were ...
  f. Elizabeth Arthington
  m. Henry Cradock of London
  g. Anne Arthington
  m1. Allen Cotterall or Catterall of Rathmell
  m2. John Green of Horsforth or Horswort
  h. Dorothy Arthington
  m. William West of Middlesex



Robert Arthington of Castley - continued above this line comes from Foster with some support from IH2
1. John Arthington or Ardington
  A. William Arthington or Ardington
m. Joan Ekershaw (dau of Robert Ekershaw)
  i. William Arthington or Ardington 'of Castley' 'of Aldwick'
  m. Elizabeth Wentworth (dau of ?? Wentworth of Bretton)
  a. Robert Ardington of Castley
  m. Elizabeth Kaye (dau of John Kaye of Dalton)
  (1) Francis Ardington of Castley (a 1585)
  m. Christian Rawson (dau of Avery Rawson of Besacle)
  (A) Richard Ardington (b c1579)
  m. Dorothy Hawksworth (dau of William Hawksworth of Hawksworth)
  (i) Mary Arthington (b c1603) probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Francis Malham of Elslack (d 22.05.1660, Colonel)
  (ii)+ other issue (a 1612) - Jane, Rosamond, Esther (b c1611)
  (B) Mary Ardington
  m. Gabriel Laton of Barrowby
  (C)+ other issue (dsp) - Francis, Elizabeth
  b. Maude Ardington
  m. (1554) John Gascoigne of Adwick (MP)
  ii. Isabel Arthington probably of this generation
  m. (c1519) John Fawkes of Farnley (b c1494)

Main source(s): http://ingilbyhistory.ripleycastle.co.uk (for "IH1" & "IH2": see note (2) at top of page) with support from Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Ardington of Ardington and Castley) and, for the middle section, Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Arthington of Arthington)
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