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Families covered: Alditheley of Alditheley, Audley of Audley

Adam de Aldithley (or Liulph or Lidulph)
1. Liulph or Lidulph of Alditheley, Sheriff of Cheshire (a temp King Stephen who r. 1135-1154)
  A. Adam of Alditheley (d before 1211)
  m. Emma (dau of Ralf FitzOrm)
  i. Adam of Alditheley (dsp by 1212)
  ii. Henry of Alditheley, Sheriff of Staffordshire (b c1175, d 1246)
Commoners (vol iii, Biddulph of Biddulph) identifies the wife of Henry, ancestor of the Audley family, as the following Petronella. She is not mentioned by TCP (or BE1883) so we presume that, if Commoners is to be relied on, Petronella was a first wife who dsp(m).
  m1. Petronella (dau of Ingenulfus by Aline, sister of Ralph FitzRobert FitzOrmus)
  m2. (1217) Bertred Mainwaring (a 1249, dau of Sir Ralph le Mesnilwarin of Warmincham)
  a. Ralf of Alditheley (dvpsp before 1240)
  b. James of Alditheley (Audley) (b c1220, d c11.06.1272)
  m. (1244) Ela de Longespee (d c11.1299, dau of William de Longespee Plantagenet, 2nd Earl of Salisbury)
(1) James of Alditheley (Audley) (dsp 1272)
  m. Maud
  (2) Henry of Alditheley (Audley) (dsp 1276)
  m. Lucy (a 1303)
  (3) William of Alditheley (Audley) (b 18.10.1253, dsp 1282)
  (4) Nicholas of Alditheley (Audley) (b before 1258, d 28.08.1299)
m. Catherine Giffard (b 1272, a 1322, dau of John Giffard, 1st Lord of Brimsfield)
  (A) Thomas Alditheley or Audley (b 1288, dsp 1307)
  m. Eve Clavering (dau of John de Clavering, 2nd Lord)
  (B) Nicholas Audley, 1st Lord (b 11.11.1289, d c11.1316)
  m. (1312) Joan Martin (d by 1322, dau of William Martin, Lord)
  (i) James Audley, 2nd Lord (b 08.01.1312/3, d 01.04.1386)
  m1. Joane Mortimer (dau of Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March)
  (a) Nicholas Audley, 3rd Lord (b c1328, dsp 22.07.1391)
  m. (c1330) Elizabeth de Beaumont (d 27.10.1400, dau of Henry de Beaumont, 1st Lord, Earl of Buchan)
(b) Joane Audley
  m. Sir John Tuchet (b 25.07.1327, d before 10.01.1361/2)
  They were ancestors of the Touchet Lords Audley.
  (c) Margaret Audley (dsp)
  m. Sir Roger Hillary
  m2. (1351) Isabel le Strange (a 1366, dau of Roger le Strange, 5th Lord of Knokyn)
  BE1883 reports that Nicholas's second wife was Isabel Malbank but this is specifically discounted by TCP.
(d) Rowland Audley
  BE1883 reports that Rowland dsp but perhaps that should have been dspm or dspl.
  ((1)) Blanch Audley (heir) possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Hatch
  (e) Thomas Audley (dsp)
  (f) Margaret Audley
  m. Fulke FitzWarine, 4th Lord (b 1340/1, d 1373/4)
  (ii) Alice de Audley
  m1. Ralph Basset, younger of Drayton (dvp c1335)
Alice appears also to have married ...
  m2. Sir Hugo de Mesnil or Menil of Langley Mesnil
  (5) Hugh Audley of Stratton Audley (b c1267, d before 03.1326)
  m. Isolda de Mortimer (dau of Edmund de Mortimer of Wigmore)
  (A) Hugh de Audley, Earl of Gloucester (b c1289, d 10.11.1347)
  m. (28.04.1317) Margaret de Clare (b c1292, d 13.04.1342, dau of Gilbert 'the Red' de Clare, 7th Earl of Hertford, 3rd Earl of Gloucester)
  (i) Margaret de Audley (d after 28.01.1347/8)
  m. Ralph de Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford, Earl of Gloucester (d 31.08.1372)
  (B) son
(C) Alice de Audley (d 13.01.1374/5) Y
  m1. (after 25.11.1317) Ralph de Greystock, 1st/3rd Lord of Greystoke (b 15.08.1299, d 14.07.1323)
  m2. Ralph Nevill, 2nd Lord of Raby (d 1367) Y
  (6) Joan de Aldithley (Audley)
  m. John de Beauchamp (son of Robert)
  c. William de Aldithley of Blore & Grindon (Staffordshire)
  (1) John de Aldithley (Audley) of Blore & Grindon possibly fits here
m. Petronila named in 'Plea Rolls of Staffordshire: 9 Edward I' (within Staffordshire Historical Collections, vol 6, Part 1) as widow of John; possibly mother of ...
  (A) Petronilla Audley
  m. Sir William de Wrottesley of Wrottesley (a 1277, 1312)
  d. Sir Adam FitzWolfric or Wolriche of Gretton, Wenlock & Wickshall, Salop (a 1254)
  m. Editha
  e. Emma de Aldithley
  m1. Henry Touchet (dsp before 08.01.1241/2)
  m2. Griffin ap Madoc, lord of Bromfield
  f. Alice de Audley Y
  m. (before 1229) Peter (Piers) de Montfort of Beaudesert (d Evesham 04.08.1265) Y
2. Adam de Alditheley
  A. William de Alditheley, later of Stoneley
  According to BP1934 (Derby), William acquired the manor of Thalk from his father-in-law and then exchanged that manor for Stoneley.
  m. Joan de Stanleigh (dau of Thomas Stanley of Stafford)
  i. William (or Adam) de Stanley of Stoneley (b c1125, d 1200)

Main source(s): TCP (Audley), BE1883 (Audley of Heleigh), TCP (Gloucester), BE1883 (Audley of Gloucester)
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