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Families covered: Ardes of Hardmead, Ardes of Sherrington (Sherington), Archbold of London, Aikin of London, Adamson of Haldworth, Asline of Sheffield

Thomas de Ardes of Hardmead, Buckinghamshire
m. Alice or Avyce Butler (dau/heir (by Eleanor Jervis, heir) of William Butler of Hardmeand son of William son (by Eleanor Wynton, heir) of William Butler son (by Maud, dau/coheir of John Hardmead of Hardmead) of Robert Butler)
1. Hugh Ardes of Hardmead mentioned by Harvey but not by Lipscomb
  m. Joan Bucknell (dau/heir of John Bucknell of Chichley)
A. John Ardes of Hardmead (d 18.03.1468)
  m. Isabell Lynford (dau/heir of John Lynford of Sherringon)
  i. Michael Ardes of Sherrington (Sherington), Buckinghamshire
  m1. Mary Wake (dau of ?? Wake of Blisworth)
  a. Anthony Ardes of Sherrington
  m1. Margaret Vavasour (dau of ?? Vavasour of Hazelwood)
  (1) Edward Ardes of Sherrington
  m. Catherine Lowe (dau of Thomas Lowe of Clifton Reynes)
  (A) Ann Ardes
  m. (by 1566) Thomas Nurse of London
  (B)+ other issue (a 1566) - Richard, Thomas, Edward, Francis, Andrew, Sherrington, Philip, Humphrey, Frances, Isabell
  (2) William Ardes
  m2. Christian Hutton
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Catharine
  m2. _ Hanvell (dau/heir of _ Hanvell or Hamnell of Tansworth)
  b. Susan Ardes
  m. _ Morton of Oundle
  c.+ other issue - Humphrey, others



?? Archbold of Louth, Lincolnshire
1. William Archbold of London (rector of St. Peter's in Cornhill)
  m. Jane Billingsley (dau of William Billingsley of London)
  A. Sir Henry Archbold of London & Litchfield, 'of Abbot's Bromley' (Staffordshire)
  i. Mary Archbold
  m1. ?? Fleetwood (son/heir of James, Bishop of Worcester)
  m2. Sir John Floyer of Lichfield (b c1652, a 1685)
  ii. Barbara Archbold
  m. George Legge, 1st Baron of Dartmouth (d 25.10.1691)
  B. Bridget Archbold
  m1. John West of London
  m2. Anthony Thaire of London
  C. Jane Archbold
  m. Robert Gardner of London



John Aikin of Warrington (d 14.12.1780)
m. Jane Jennings (dau of John Jennings of Kibworth)
1. John Aikin of London & Stoke Newington (b 15.01.1747, d 07.12.1822)
  m. Martha Jennings (d 02.1830, dau of Arthur Jennings of Cheapside)
  A. George Aikin of London (2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Vipan (dau of Joseph Vipan of Sutton, sister of Mrs Jennings)
  i. John Aikin of Oundel (a 1820, bookseller)
  m. Harriet King
  ii. William Orton Aikin of London (a 1820, druggist)
  m. Mary Anna Mason
  iii. Arthur Aikin
iv. Letitia Aikin
  m. Thomas Pearse (vicar of Harlington & Westoning)
  B. Charles Rochemont Aikin of London (a 1820, surgeon)
  m. Anne Wakefield (b c1781, d 08.10.1821)
  i. Anna Letitia Aikin
  m. (08.1833?) Philip Henry (Hemery) Le Breton
  ii.+ other issue - Charles of London (surgeon), Mary (b c1809, d 26.11.1821), Susan, Catherine
  C.+ other issue - Arthur of Shrewsbury (a 1820, d unm?, minister), DEdmind of London (d unm, architect), Lucy (a 1820, d unm?)
2. Anna Letitia Aikin (a 1820)
  m. (by 1774) Rochemont Barbauld of Newington (dsp by 1820, minister)



Edward Adamson (a 1623)
1. Edward Adamson of Haldworth in Bradfield (a 1623)
  m. (17.06.1641) Ann Rawson (dau of Robert Rawson of Brookside)
  A. Edward Adamson of Haldworth Bank (b1641-2, bur 04.06.1685)
  m. Mary Hey (bur 07.08.1670, dau (by Ann) of John Hey of Haldworth son (by Elizabeth, dau of Thomas Brownell of Haldworth) of John son of Richard of Howbrook)
  i. Ann Adamson (bur 28.08.1703)
  m. John Haigh
  ii. Mary Adamson (b 1667-8, d 25.08.1743)
  m. Edward Kenyon of Haldworth Bank (bur 23.07.1747)
  iii.+ other issue - John (bpt 09.06.1664, bur 03.03.1664-5), Edward



"descended of the Aslines of Halam near Southwell" was ...
Thomas Asline of Newarke (d 08.06.1721)
m. Barbara Coppy of Cannick (d 05.07.1733)
1. Thomas Asline of Melton & Bentley (b 28.11.1688, d 27.10.1753)
m. (24.10.1721) Jane Elam (b c1691, d 02.03.1752, dau/coheir of John Elam of New Hall, m1. Thomas Waram)
  A. William Asline of Sheffield (d 25.03.1761, apothecary)
  m. Mary Younge (b c1730, d 30.03.1785)
  i. Sarah Asline (b 20.06.1757, d 23.01.1829)
  m. Joseph Ward of Sheffield (b 1744-5, d 15.04.1820)
  B. Robert Asline of Sheffield (dsp)
  m. (Isabella Maria) Wilson (dau of John Wilson of Broomhead)
  C. Ann Asline
  m. John Patrick of Leeds
  D. Jane Asline
  m. Thomas Wilkes of East Ardsley
  E.+ other issue - John (d yoiung), Thomas (d young), John
2. John Asline
  m. Jane Orme of Burton
  A.+ 3 daughters
3. Jane Asline
  m. Joseph Marshal of Newark
  A.+ issue - Thomas, Milicent
4.+ other issue - William (d yoiung), Margaret (d unm), Elizabeth (d young), Elizabeth (d infant)

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