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Families covered: Baillie Lords Forrester of Corstorphine, Baillie of Dochfour, Baillie of Dunain, Bailie of Innishargie, Bailie of Ringdufferin

William Baillie, 3rd Lord Forrester of Corstorphine (b 12.12.1632, d 05.1681)
m. Lilias Forrester (b 18.09.1634, dau of George Forrester, 1st Lord of Corstorphine)
1. William Baillie, 4th Lord Forrester of Corstorphine (d 1705)
  m. (before 1684) Margaret Birnie (b 14.04.1661, dau of Sir Andrew Birnie of Saline)
  A. George Baillie, 5th Lord Forrester of Corstorphine (b 23.03.1688, d 17.02.1726-7, 2nd son)
  m. (by 1724) Charlotte Rowe (d 02.1742-3, dau of Anthony Rowe of Oxfordshire)
  i. George Baillie, 6th Lord Forrester of Corstorphine (b 14.07.1724, d unm 29.06.1748, Commander RN)
  ii. Caroline Baillie, Baroness Forrester (d 25.02.1784)
  m. George Cockburn of Ormiston (d 23.07.1770, captain RN)
  Their elder daughter became Baroness Forrester but d unm, the younger daughter having dvmsp.
  iii. Harriet Baillie (d 05.03.1795)
  m. Edward Walter of Stalbridge
a. Harriet Walter (d 07.11.1786)
  m. (28.07.1774) James Bucknall Grimston, 3rd Viscount Grimston (b 09.05.1747, d 01.01.1809)
  The barony of Forrester passed to their son James (who was later created 1st Earl of Verulam).
  B. John Baillie (d 12.01.1737, captain RN, 6th son)
  m. Elizabeth Tyrrel (sister of Sir Charles Tyrrel)
  i. William Baillie, 7th Lord Forrester of Corstorphine (dsp 11.1763)
  m. Hannah ?? (b c1751, d 15.11.1825)
  C. Margaret Baillie (b 06.12.1694, d c1747)
  m. (c1721) Patrick Haldane of Gleneagles (d 10.01.1769)
  D. Lilias Baillie
  m. William Stirling of Herbertshire
  E.+ other issue - Andrew (b 11.05.1686, d infant), William (b 06.09.1689, d young), Andrew (b 27.03.1692, d unm, Major), James (b 07.10.1695, d unm), Janet (b 21.11.1684, d young), Janet (b 28.10.1690, d unm)



Alexander Baillie of Dunain
m. Catherine Grant (dau of Sir Duncan Grant of Freuchie)
1. William Baillie of Dunain, Sheriff of Inverness (a 1534)
  m. ?? Ross (dau of Ross of Balnagown)
A. Alexander Baillie of Dunain, Sheriff of Inverness (a 1547)
  i. David Baillie of Dunain and Shuglie (d 1558)
  m. Margaret Ross (dau of _ Ross of Kilravok)
  a. Alexander Baillie of Dunain, Dochfour, Leys and Torbreck, Sheriff of Inverness (d unm 1576)
  b. William Baillie of Dunain (a 1576)
  m. Catherine Munro (dau of Robert More Munro, Chief of Munro, by Margeret Ogilvie)
(1) Alexander Baillie of Dunain, Sheriff of Inverness (a 1592)
  m. Catherine Munro (dau of _ Munro of Milltown)
  (A) William Baillie of Dunain had issue
  (i) Alexander Baillie of Dunain father of Anne, probably of this generation
  (a) Anne Baillie (dsp before 1696)
  m. John Grant, 6th of Glenmoriston (d 30.11.1736)
  (ii) Anna Baillie probably of this generation
  m. (1669) Malcolm Fraser, 3rd of Culduthel (a 1709)
  (B) David Baillie of Dochfour
BP1934 suggests that David's wife was daughter of Hugh Fraser, 8th Lord Lovat, but the dates suggest that she was ...
  m. (1669) Margaret Fraser (sister of Hugh Fraser, 8th Lord Lovat)
  (i) Alexander Baillie of Dochfour
  m. (1709) Hannah Fraser (dau of _ Fraser of Relig)
  (a) Hugh Baillie of Dochfour
  m. (10.06.1730) Emilia Fraser (dau of ?? Fraser of Relig)
  ((1)) Alexander Baillie of Dochfour (d 1798, Colonel)
  ((2)) James Baillie of Ealing Grove (b 1737, d 07.09.1793)
  m. Colina Campbell (b 1752, d 1831, dau of Colin Campbell of Glenure)
  ((A)) Hugh James Baillie had issue
m. Jessie Mills (dau of Henry Mills of Lower Morden)
  ((B))+ other issue - Alexander (d unm), Evan Hamilton
  ((3)) Evan Baillie of Dochfour (d 1835)
  m. Mary Gurley (dau of Peter Gurley of St. Vincent)
((A)) Peter Baillie of Dochfour (dvp 1812)
  m. (09.03.1797) Elizabeth Pinney (dau of John Pinney of Somerton Erleigh)
  ((i)) Evan Baillie of Dochfour (b 01.04.1798, d 04.1833) had issue
  m1. (09.08.1821) Charlotte Augusta Baillie-Hamilton (dsp, dau of Charles Bailie-Hamilton, Archdeacon of Cleveland)
  m2. (11.10.1823) Georgiana Frederica Montagu (d 30.07.1892, dau of William Montagu, 5th Duke of Manchester)
((ii)) John Frederick Baillie of Leys (d 1865) had issue
  m. Annie Baillie (dau of Col. John Baillie of Leys)
  ((iii)) Jane Baillie (d 18.05.1889)
  m. (17.10.1826) Hon. Rev. Baptist Noel (d 19.01.1873)
  ((iv)) Mary Baillie (d 17.01.1892)
  m1. John Morritt, younger of Rokeby Park
  m2. (28.04.1832) George William St. John-Mildmay (d 14.02.1851, RN)
  ((B)) Hugh Duncan Baillie of Redcastle (b 31.05.1777, d 21.06.1866) had issue
  m1. (13.12.1796) Elizabeth Reynett (dau of Rev. Henry Reynett)
  m2. (02.07.1821) Mary Smith (dau of Thomas Smith of Castleton Hall)
  ((C)) James Evan Baillie (d 1863)
((D)) Marie Emelia Baillie (b c1814, d 16.03.1909)
  m. (1838) Patrick Grant (son of James of Ballifeary)
  ((4)) Duncan Baillie
  ((5)) Catherine Baillie
  m. William Chisholm, Provost of Inverness (d 1807)
  ((6)) Isabella Baillie
  m. Duncan Grant of Bught
((7)) Hannah Baillie
  m. James Fraser of Belladrum
  ((8)) Christiana Baillie (d 19.12.1776)
  m. (24.04.1769) Alexander Duff of Muirtown (b 1737, d 1778, Lt. Colonel)
  (b) William Baillie of Rosehall
  m1. Elizabeth Sutherland (dau of Alexander Sutherland of Cleyn)
  ((1)) Charles Baillie
  m. Janet Mackay (dau of Hugh Mackay of Bighouse)
  ((A))+ 7 sons and 2 daughters
  ((2)) Sir Ewan Baillie, Bart of Portman Square (dsp 1820, General)
((3)) son
  m2. Mary Mackay (d 21.09.1808, dau of Hugh Mackay of Bighouse)
  ((4)) Catherine Baillie
  m. (1700) Roderick Mackenzie of Fairburn
  ((5))+ other issue
  (c) Isabel Baillie
  m. (1723) John Grant of London
  (d)+ other issue - Evan of Aberichan, David (had issue, descendants in Leicestershire)
  (C) Katharine Baillie probably of this generation
  m. Malcolm Fraser of Ruthven, later of Culduthel (d 1632)
  (2) John Baillie, Sheriff of Inverness ancestor of Baillie of Leys
  ii. Thomas Baillie of Corsalia, Sheriff (a 1560)



David Baillie
1. Alexander Baillie of Dunraget, later of Innishargie, co. Down (b c1540)
  A. Alexander Bailie of Innishargie & Ringdufferin (b 1587, d 20.08.1682)
  i. John Bailie of Innishargie (b 1623, d 1687)
  m. Catherine Cary
  a. James Bailie of Innishargie House (b 1653, d 1710)
  m. Jane Annesley (dau of Sir Francis Annesley of Castle Willan)
  (1) John Bailie of Innishargie House, Sheriff (b 1697, d 1759)
  m. Jane Forde (dau of Mathew Forde of Seaforde)
  (A) James Bailie of Innishargie House, Sheriff (b 1724, dsp 1778)
m. Anne Hall (dau of Francis Hall of Strangford)
  (B) Matthew Bailie (b 1728)
  m. Julia Prendergast (dau of Sir Thomas Prendergast)
  (i) Thomas Bailie (Colonel)
  m. (1787) Ann Hope of Pinkie
  (a) Thomas Maubourg Bailie (b 1797, d 1844, Colonel) had issue
  m. (1843) Emma Douglas (dau of Sir William Douglas of Timpindean & Bonjedward)
  (C) Ann Sarah Bailie
  m. William Mercer of Fair Hill
  (2) Alice Bailie probably of this generation
  m. (1729) Arthur Forde (d 24.12.1767, rector of Lurgan)
  ii. Edward Bailie of Ringdufferin
  m. Elizabeth Dunbar (dau of James Dunbar)
  a. Alexander Bailie of Ringdufferin
  (1) Edward Bailie of Ringdufferin, Sheriff of co. Down (b c1690, d 1774)
  (A) James Bailie of Ringdufferin (b 1735, d 1810, 2nd son)
  m. (1793) Sophia Loudon
  (i) James Bailie of Ringdufferin (b 1797, d 06.1863) had issue
  m1. (1821) Charlotte Carleton (d 1825, dau of Dean Carleton)
  m2. (1829) Harriet Alice Mahon (dau of Rev. Henry Mahon)

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