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Families covered: Barbour of Flashbrook (Flotesbrook), Barbour of Forebridge, Barbour of Tamworth
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(1) H. Sydney Grazebrook suggests that this family descended from a "Browne, who was barber to Henry, Duke of Buckingham, and thereof took the surname of Barbour". HSG suggests that Browne (the barber) married the heiress of the Jordanes of Flotesbrook, commonly known as Flashbrook.
(2) The first few generations shown below come from VCH (Staffordshire, vol 5, Castle Church). It is quite likely that the following John was son of grandson of the afore-mentioned Browne.
John Barbor or Barbour of Forebridge, Staffordshire (d by 1487)
1. Humphrey Barbour of Forebridge (d by 1518)
A. Robert Barbour of Forebridge & Flashbrook (d 1531) the first mentioned by Visitation (Barbour of Flashbrook)
  m. Joyce Eyton (dau of Lewis Eyton) widow of Robert, presumed mother of ...
  i. Humphrey Barbour (dvp)
  ii. John Barbour of Forebridge 'of Glasburgh' (a 1543)
  m. Margery Wolseley (dau of John Wolseley of Wolseley)
  a. Edward Barbour of Flashbrook (Flotesbrook) (a 1553)
  m. Anne Skrimshire (dau of John Skrimshire of Norbury)
  (1) Dorothy Barbour
  m. Gerard Whorwood of Stourton Castle (b c1565, a 1614)
  b. John Barbour of Flashbrook
  m. Anne Dethick (dau of John Dethick of Newhall)
  (1) Humphrey Barbour of Flashbrook (dsp)
  (2) John Barbour of Flashbrook
  m. Anne Ithell (dau of John Ithell of High Offley)
(A) John Barbour of Flashbrook (b 1630-1, a 04.1664)
  m1. Dorothy Scott (dau of William Scott of Colford Grange)
  (i)+ issue (a 1644) - John (b 1634-5), Edward, Leicester, Elizabeth, Dorothy ,Mary
Visitation ends with this generation. It is presumed that one of the sons was father of ...
  (a) ?? Barbour presumed intermediary generation
  ((1)) Samuel Barbour of Flashbrook
  m. (17.01.1683-4) Elizabeth Hill (bpt 22.06.1657, dau of Rowland Hill of Hawkestone)
  VCH (Shropshire, vol XI, Wrockwardine: Manors and other estates) mentions that Richard Hill of Hawkstone, Elizabeth's brother, settled his interest in Wrockwardine "on his nephew Samuel Barbour, who took the name Hill. He lived at Shenstone (Staffs.) and died in 1758, when his cousin Thomas Hill, of Tern, inherited the manor." This confirms the connection to Elizabeth who was identified as Samuel's sister & heir.
  ((A)) Samuel Barbour, later Hill of Shenstone Park (dsp 1758)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Barbour (d 1743)
  m. John Egerton of Tatton Park (d 1724)
m2. _ Pershall (sister of Sir John Pershall of Horsley)
  This wife mentioned in Visitation (Armytage & Rylands, Staffordshire, 1664-1700, Barbour).
  (B) Humphrey Barbour
  (C) Anne Barbour
  m. William Scott (son/heir of William of Colford Grange)
  (3) Dorothy Barbour
  m. _ Johnson of Hasehurst
  c. Walter Barbour
  d. daughter
  m. _ Bayley
  e. Isabell Barbour
m. John Erdeswicke
  Visitation (Barbour of Tamworth) starts with the following George, identifying him as "a younger son of ... Barbour of Flasbrooke".
  B. George Barbour possibly of this generation
  i. Richard Barbour (Warden of All Soul's College, Oxford)
  ii. Nicholas Barbour of Yoxhall, Staffordshire (a 1576)
  a. Richard Barbour of Hilderston, Staffordshire
  m. Elizabeth Tonge
(1) George Barbour of Tamworth, Staffordshire (d c1620)
  m. Mary Rugeley (dau of Ralph Rugeley of Dunton)
  (A) Leicester Barbour of Tamworth (bpt 23.09.1613, a 03.1663)
  m. Mary Adshead (dau of Thomas Adshead of Millwich)
  (i)+ issue (a 03.1663) - Richard (b c1644), George, Thomas, John, Nathaniell, Mary, Anne, Elizabeth, Catherine, Dorothy
  (B) Gerald Barbour of Wrexham, Flintshire (bpt 13.10.1615)
  m. Elizabeth Whitehall (dau of James Whitehall)
  (2) Anne Barbour
  m. Sir Richard Weston of Rugeley (b c1577, d 1656, Baron of the Exchequer)
  b. Katherine (not Anne) Barbour
  m. George Agard of Foston
2. Mary Barbour possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Beresford of Beresford & Enston

Main source(s): Visitation (H. Sydney Grazebrook, Staffordshire, 1614 & 1663-4, Barbour of Flashbrook & Barbour of Tamworth)
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