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Families covered: Barker of Astrop, Barker of Great Horwood
[The parts of the following that came only from the Berkshire Visitation were originally shown on 07.01.15 as the lower section of Barker04. They were moved here to facilitate review and significant expansion.]

Fulke Barker mentioned by MGH as grandfather of Thomas
1. William Barker of Stoaksley, Yorkshire the first mentioned by the Berkshire Visitation & MGH, not named by the Buckinghamshire Visitation
m. Joan Carhill (dau of Sir William Carhill, sister of Sir Christopher (Norroy King of Arms))
  A. Sir Christopher Barker (d 04.01.1549/50, Garter King of Arms) not mentioned by the Buckinghamshire Visitation
  The following comes from Wikipedia ("Christopher Barker (officer of arms)") which identifies his arms as "Argent, 3 bears' heads erased gules muzzled or with three roundels gules in chief".
  m1. Margaret (widow of John Garret then John Longe)
  m2. Ellen Dalton (dau of Richard Dalton of Croston, widow of Henry Rigby)
  i.+ issue - Justinian (dvp 1543, Rouge Croix Pursuivant), son (dvp)
  m3. Edith (d c07.1550, widow of Robert Legge)
  B. Thomas Barker of Astrop, Northamptonshire not named by the Berkshire Visitation
m. Katherine or Mary Kibble (dau of (Thomas) Kibble (Keble) of Newbottle)
  i. Thomas Barker of Astrop
  m. Silvester Miles (dau of William Miles of Elmestree)
  a. Richard Barker of Chitwood (Chetwode), Buckinghamshire
m. Katharine Chitwood (dau of Richard Whitwood, son/heir of Sir Richard)
  C. Robert Barker of Culworth, Northamptonshire
  m. (by 1562) Mary Danvers (dau of William Danvers, sister of Sir John, by Elizabeth Fiennes, dau of Richard, Lord Say & Sele)
  i. Thomas Barker (b c1563, dsp bur 12.11.1617, Rector of Yelden)
  ii. Hugh Barker (b c1564, d 08.07.1632, Dean of the Court of Arches, Chancellor of Oxford Diocese)
  m. (05.06.1620) Mary Pyott (d before 06.05.1654, dau of Richard Pyott, Sheriff of London, by Margaret, dau of Richard Floyer of Uttoxeter)
a. Mary Barker (b 05.1621, d 1651)
  m. (12.07.1636/8) Samuel Sandys of Ombersley (b 1615-6, d 15.04.1685, m2. Elizabeth Pakington (not Washington))
  iii. Robert Barker of Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire (b c1568, d before 10.02.1637/8)
  m. (14.01.1602/3) Mary Smyth (b c1578, bur 26.11.1653, dau of William Smyth of Akeley & Great Brickhill, aunt of Sir William of Redcliffe, Bart)
  a. Hugh Barker of Newbury, Berkshire (b c1608, bur 19.06.1686, 2nd son)
  m1. (by 1635) Mary Jones of Oxfordshire (bur 03.01.1642/3)
  (1) Hugh Barker (bpt 13.12.1635, d young)
  (2) Margaret Barker (b c1638, d 26.03.1712)
  m1. Francis Castillion (b 28.08.1663, bur 14.03.1667/8, Vicar of Welton then Louth)
  m2. Charles Cracroft of Burgh & Alford then Louth (b c1621, d 19.09.1701)
  m2. (by 1651) Joane Goddard (bur 28.08.1667, dau of Edward Goddard of Stargrove in East Woodhay by Joane, dau/coheir of John Croker of Batsford)
  (3) Hugh Barker of Great Horwood (b c1651, d 25.03.1704, of the Inner Temple)
m1. (c03.1679/80) Elizabeth Whitehead (d 10.07.1695, dau of Richard Whitehead of West Titherley (who b c1629, d 1684) by Sarah, dau of Richard Norton of Southwick)
  (A) Richard Barker of Great Horwood (bpt 23.09.1688, bur 09.01.1719/20, 2nd son)
  m1. (27.04.1707) Abigail Busby (b c1684, d 18.08.1712, dau of William Busby of Marsh Gibbon by Elizabeth)
  (i) Elizabeth Barker (bpt 24.08.1708, d 17.10.1786)
  m. (12.07.1726) Alexander Croke of Studley Priory (b 24.02.1704, d 15.06.1757)
  (ii)+ other issue - Richard (d young), Hester (bpt 09.04.1710, bur 12.07.1711), Abigail (bpt 12.08.1711, bur 03.04.1712)
  m2. Anne Peake of Bedford (d 1753)
  (B) Hugh Barker of Esher & Calcutta (bpt 26.12.1691, d before 14.08.1737, 4th son)
  m. (by 1722) Catherine Baber (m2. Rev. John Bate)
  (i) Hugh Barker of Wallop, Hampshie (b c1723, d 16.12.1748)
  m. (15.08.1747) Diana Moore of Westminster (d 02.03.1803)
  (a) Diana Mary Barker (b 1749, d unm 08.12.1838)
  (C) Johanna Barker (bpt 16.03.1681/2, d 30.03.1733)
  m. Thomas Wood (b 1661-2, d 12.07.1722, Rector of Hardwick)
  (D) Honora Barker (bpt 14.10.1685)
  m. William Holloway or Halloway (bpt 24.05.1658, d 1718?, Rector of Great Horwood, son of Thomas b(y Elizabeth, dau of Robert Barker), cousin)
  (E) Caelia Barker (bpt 28.11.1686, d 1738)
  m. (before 1712) Joseph Hell of Aylesbury (b c1679, d 1739)
  (F)+ other issue - Hugh (bpt 03.01.1684/5, d 22.12.1691), William (bpt 10.08.1690, bur 31.12.1691), Robert (bpt 21.01.1693/4, bur 15.04.1738, Vicar of Adderbury)
  m2. Hester Heysham of London (b by 1667, a 1713, sister of Robert Heysham)
  (I)+ other issue - Elizabeth (bpt 07.01.1669/1700), Hester (bpt 25.10.1702), Jane (bpt 02.10.1703)
  (4) Elizabeth Barker (d 1728)
  m. (20.03.1674) Henry Meggs of Bradford Peverell (b 1638-9, d 16.05.1702)
  (5) Frances Barker
  m1. (c02.1673/4) William Curl of London (b c1647, a 1680)
  m2. William Rochford (bur 06.10.1683, Rector of Addington)
  (6)+ other issue (d unm) - Mary (bpt 14.07.1649, bur 13.02.1651/2), Joan (bur 24.12.1679), Sarah of Stoney Straford (bpt 08.10.1663, bur 28.08.1693)
  b. Mary Barker (bpt 20.06.1616, d 27.09.1665)
  m. (by 1638) William Hearst of Salisbury (b c1611, d 06.10.1668)
  c. Elizabeth Barker (bpt 17.11.1617, a 07.1668)
  m. (by 1650) Thomas Holloway or Halloway of Great Horwood (d before 15.07.1668)
  d. Dorothy Barker (bpt 14.07.1620, a 07.1668)
  m. George Bird of Great Wichingham (a 07.1668)
e.+ other issue - William (b c1603, d unm 26.03.1669, Rector of Hardwick), Robert (bpt 19.11.1609, dvp 1635, Vicar of Adderbury), Anthony (bpt 09.06.1611, d infant?), Thomas (bpt 02.02.1612/3, dsp bur 29.05.1616), Catherine (bpt 1605, bur 1606), Jane (d before 08.06.1634)
  iv. Laurence Barker
  a. Mary Barber or Barker (d before 04.08.1644)
  m. (before 04.01.1627/8) John Sidden or Seydon
  v. Anthony Barker (b c1572, dsp bur 20.02.1644/5, Rector of Heyford Warren)
  m. Sarah Saunders (a 12.1646, dau of Richard Saunders of North Marston, sister of John of Oxford)
  vi. Fulke Barker (d before 04.01.1627/8)
  a. Thomas Barker of London (a 08.1644)
  vii. Margaret Barker
  m. (before 1562) Richard Gardiner (Gardnere or Gardner)
  D. Dorothy Barber (sic)
  The Buckinghamshire Visitation's editor shows a Dorothy of this generation as wife of Henry Sacheverell but also shows that this may be confusion with Dorothy Danvers, sister of the above-mentioned Margery (Mary). We show Henry's wife as Dorothy Danvers.
  E. Elizabeth Barton (possibly Barker) mentioned by the Buckinghamshire Visitation's editor
  m. Edmund Brudnell

Main source(s): MGH (NS3 vol 3 (1900), 'Pedigree of Barker of Great Norwood, co. Bucks, and of Newbury, co. Berks', p142+), Visitation (Berkshire, 1665-6, 'Barker of Newbury'), Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, 'Barker of Chetwode')
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