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Families covered: Beaumont (Bellomont) of Leicester, Beaumont of Meulan (Mellent), Newburgh of Warwick

The ancestry shown for Torf/Turlufus, progenitor of this family, is given in the 'Ancient & Mythical' section of this database and should not be taken as fully reliable.
Torf or Turlufus ('the Rich' d'Harcourt)
m. (955) Emerberga de Brigenberg
1. Thorold (Turulf) de Pont-Audemer (d after 1040)
  m. Duvelina (or Wevia or Awelina) (sister of Gunnora, Duchess of Normandy)
  A. Humphrey, Sn de Vieilles et de Pont-Audomer
  m. Aubree / Albreda de la Haye
i. Roger de Beaumont, Sn de Beaumont et de Pont-Audomer (d 29.11.1094)
  m. (1040) Adeliza of Meulan (b c1014, d 1081, dau of Waleran III, Count de Meulan)
  a. Robert de Beaumont, Count of Meulan ('Earl of Mellent'), 1st Earl of Leicester (b 1050, d 05.06.1118)§B
  m1. Godehilde de Toeni (dau of Raoul III de Toeni, Sn de Conches)
  m2. (1096, div 1115) Isabel de Vermandois (b 1085, d 1131, dau of Hugh' the Great', Count de Vermandois)
  (1) Waleran IV de Beaumont, Count of Meulan, Earl of Worcester (b 1104, d 09.04.1166)
  m. (1141) Agnes de Montfort (b c1123, d 15.12.1181, dau of Amaury de Montfort, Count d'Evreux)
(A) Robert de Beaumont, Count of Meulan/Mellent (d 16.08.1204)
  m. (c1165) Maud (dau of Reynold de Dunstanville, Earl of Cornwall)
  (i) Waleran de Beaumont of Meulan (dvp)
  m. Margaret de Fougeres (dau of Ralph de Fougeres)
  (a) Ralph, Sire de Courseulles had issue
  (ii) Mabel de Beaumont of Meulan or Mellent
  m. William de Redvers de Vernon, 5th/6th Earl of Devon, Lord of the Isle of Wight (d 08/10.09.1217)
(iii) Agnes de Beaumont of Meulan (a 05.1204)
  m. Guy of La Roche-Guyon
  (iv)+ other issue (dvp) - Piers, Henry
  The following connection was found on a web site.
  (B) Isabel de Beaumont
  m. Maurice de Craon (d 1215)
(i) Amaury de Craon (d 1226)
  m. Jeanne des Roches (dau of William des Roches, Snr de Maine)
  (a) Isabel de Craon Y
  m. Raoul III , Sn de Fougeres (d 1256) Y
(2) Robert de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Leicester, Viceroy of England (b 1104, d 05.04.1168)
  m. (c1120) Amicie de Waer (dau/granddau of Ralph de Waer, Earl of Norfolk and Suffolk)
  (A) Robert 'Blanchmaines' de Beaumont, 3rd Earl of Leicester (d 1190)
  m. (before 1155) Patronil or Pernel de Grentemesnil (d 01.04.1212, dau of ?? de Grentemesnil)
  (i) Robert de Beaumont, 4th Earl of Leicester, Steward of England (dsp 10.1204)
m. Loretta de Braose (dau of William de Braose of Brecknock, Lord of Bramber)
  (ii) Roger de Breteuil, Chancellor of Scotland, Bishop of St. Andrews (d 1202)
  (iii) William 'de Breteuil' or 'de Hambledon, Buckinghamshire'
  William's identification as a possible ancestor of the Hamilton family is reported on Hamilton01. TCP & GenEU suggest that he dvpsp, being an elder brother of the 4th Earl. 'HamiltonHistory' (p1) reports the story that William de Hamledon followed his elder brother, Roger (the Chancellor), into Scotland but later "was obliged to return to England". That source reports the suggestion that he married ...
  m. Mary (dau of Gilbert, Earl of Strathern)
  'HamiltonHistory' (p2) reports the story that William & Mary had the following son who moved (back) to Scotland and married as shown. However, it refutes the idea that this Gilbert was the same person as the Gilbert at the top of Hamilton01.
(a) Sir Gilbert de Hambleton
  m. Isabella Randolph (sister of Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray)
  (iv) Amicie de Beaumont (d 03.09.1215) H
  m1. (before 1175) Simon de Montfort, Count of Rochefort, 'Earl of Leicester' (b c1153, d before 01.1188) H
  m2. (before 13.01.1188) Guillaume III des Barres (d 1234)
  (v) Margaret de Beaumont (d 02.1235) HJY
  m. Saier de Quincy, 1st Earl of Winchester (d 1219) HJY
  (vi)+ other issue - Hawise (nun), Pernelle
(B) Isabelle de Beaumont (d after 1188)
  m1. Simon de St. Liz, Earl of Northampton, later of Huntingdon (d 1153)
  m2. (after 08.1153) Gervase Paynel of Dudley (d before 25.12.1194)
  (C) Hawise de Beaumont (d 24.04.1197) JRY
  m. (c1150) William FitzRobert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester (d 1183) JRY
  (D) Margaret de Beaumont (b c1125, d after 1185) HY
  m. (after 1155) Ralph de Toeni of Conches and Flamsted (b c1130, d 1162) HY
  (3) Hugh de Beaumont, Earl of Bedford
  m. daughter of Simon de Beauchamp
(4) Adeline de Beaumont Y
  m1. (c1120) Hugues IV, Sire de Montfort Y
  m2. Richard de Granville of Bideford (d 1147)
  (5) Aubree de Beaumont
  m. (c1120) Hugues II, Sire de Chateauneuf (Novo Castello)
  Aubree is shown by some sources as wife of William 'Lupellus' de Perceval, 'Earl of Yvery'.
  (6) Matilda (Maud) de Beaumont
  m. William Louvel, Sire d'Ivry (d before 1170)
  (7) Elizabeth de Beaumont (Isabel de Meulan) (d c1147) HJRY
  m1. (by 1130) Gilbert de Clare, 1st Earl of Pembroke (b 21.09.1100, d 1149) HJRY
  m2. Herve de Montmorency, Constable of Ireland
  p. Henry I 'Beauclerc', King of England (b 1068, d 01.12.1135) HJY
  (8) Agnes de Beaumont
  m. Guillaume, Sire de Say
b. Henry (de Beaumont) de Newburgh, 1st Earl of Warwick (d 1119)
  m. Marguerite de Mortagne (dau of Geoffroy, Count de Mortagne et du Perche)
  (1) Roger de Newburgh, 2nd Earl of Warwick (b 1102, d 12.06.1153)
  m. (by 1130) Gundred de Warrenne (d after 1166, dau of William de Warrenne, Earl of Warrenne, 2nd Earl of Surrey)
  (A) William de Newburgh, 3rd Earl of Warwick (dsp 15.11.1184)
  m1. Margery d'Eiville (dau of John d'Eiville)
  m2. (before 13.04.1175) Maud de Percy (d 1204-5, dau of William de Percy)
(B) Waleran de Newburgh, 4th Earl of Warwick (d c1204)
  m1. Margaret de Bohun (dau of Henry de Bohun, 1st Earl of Hereford, Constable of England)
  (i) Henry de Newburgh, 5th Earl of Warwick (d 10.1229)
  m1. (after 1205) Margery de Oilly (dau of Henry de Oilly of Hocknorton)
  (a) Thomas de Newburgh, 6th Earl of Warwick (dsp 06.1242)
  m. Ela Longespee (dau of William Longespee, Earl of Salisbury)
  (b) Margery, (7th) Countess of Warwick (d 03.06.1253)
  m1. (before 23.08.1242) John Marshal, 'Earl of Warwick' (dsp 10.1242)
  m2. (before 14.09.1243, sp) John du Plessis, 'Earl of Warwick' (d 02.1263)
  m2. (before 01.05.1220) Philippa Basset (dau of Thomas Basset of Hedendon)
(ii)+ other issue - Waleran of Gretham & Cotismore (dsp), Gundred (nun)
  m2. (c1196) Alice Harcourt (d after 09.1212, dau of Sir Robert Harcourt of Stanton)
  (vi) Alice de Newburgh HJY
  m. William Mauduit of Hanslope & Hartley Mauditt HJY
  Their son William became Earl of Warwick but dsp. Their daughter Isabel carried the Earldom into the Beauchamp family.
  (C) Agnes de Beaumont
  m. Geoffrey de Clinton
  (D) Gundred de Beaumont (d before 1208)
  m1. Hugh Bigod of Framlingham, 1st Earl of Norfolk (b c1095, d before 09.03.1176-7)
  m2. Roger de Glanville (d by 1196)
(E)+ other issue - Henry (dsp), Margaret
  (2) Robert de Newburgh (d 1159)
  m. Godehilda de Tosny
  (3)+ other issue - Rotrou (d 25.11.1183, Archbishop of Rouen), Geoffroy, Henri
  c. Alberee de Beaumont, Abbess of Eton (d 1112)
  ii. Robert de Beaumont shown by some web sites as father of Hugh de Beauchamp
  iii. Albreda de Beaumont probably of this generation Y
  m. Hubert de Rye (a 1066) Y
  iv.+ other issue - Guillaume, Dunelme
  B. Josceline de Bolbec possibly fits here, see note here EHGJRSWY
  m. Roger de Montgomery (a 1028) EHGJRSWY
2. Turchetil, Sn de Turqueville (b c960, d after 1024)
  m. Anceline de Montfort-sur-Risle
  A. Anchetil, Sire d'Harcourt (d after 1024) HJY
  m. Eve de Boissey HJY
  B. Wauthier
  C. Lanceline de Turqueville (d 1058) HJY
  m. William, Count d'Hiemois et d'Eu (b c972, d 26.01.1057/58) HJY

Main source(s):
(1) GenEU (Beaumont5)
(2) BE1883 (Bellomont of Leicester), BE1883 (Newburgh of Warwick), TCP (Leicester)
(3) 'The House of Hamilton' by John Anderson
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