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Families covered: Bellew of Bellewstown, Bellew of Castle Martyr, Bellew of Duleek, Bellew of the Roche, Bellew of Rogerstown

This is a branch of the Anglo-Norman family that was based in Yorkshire in 1100. We hope to source information on the early generations of the family in due course. BP1934 mentions ...
Sir Adam de Bella Aqua (Bellew) (a 1210)
1. ?? de Bella Aqua or de Bellew
  (1) BE1883 suggests that "the common ancestor of the various families of the name" in Ireland was a Roger de Bellew and that "The intermediate Lords of Bellewstown and Duleek inter-married with the D'Arcys, Fitzgeralds (Earls of Kildare), St. Lawrence, Flemings, Gernons, and Prestons."
(2) Uncertain on the number of intervening generations.
  A. ?? de Bellew
  i. ?? de Bellew
  a. John Bellew of Bellewstown
(1) ?? Bellew
  (A) ?? Bellew
  Fourth in descent from John Bellow was ...
  (i) Sir John Bellew of Castle Roche (a 1402)
  m. Rosyn Byrt (or de Verdon)
  (a) John Bellew of the Roche
  ((1)) Sir Richard Bellew of the Roche and Bellewstown, Sheriff of Uriel (a 1474)
  m. Maud Plunkett of Beaulieu
  ((A)) Sir Walter Bellew of the Roche and Bellewstown (d 1542) - continued below
  ((2)) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Walter Plunkett of Bewley (Beaulieu)
  (b) John Bellew of Bellewstown (2nd John, twin with above John)



Sir Walter Bellew of the Roche and Bellewstown (d 1542) - continued above
1. ?? Bellew (dvp)
  BP1934 says the following Sir John succeeded his grandfather without providing any information on the intervening generation. BE1883 names the person who succeeded in 1542 as father of the following Sir John, being another Sir John who married Margaret Plunkett, dau of Sir Oliver Plunkett of Beaulieu. BE1883 appears to have confused the generations.
  A. Sir John Bellew of Bellewstown
  m1. (1599) Margaret Plunkett (dau of Oliver Plunkett, 1st Lord Louth)
  i. Sir Christopher Bellew of Bellewstown
  m1. Alice Cussack (dau of Sir Thomas Cussack, Lord Chancellor of Ireland)
a. Sir John Bellew of Bellewstown
  m. Aminet or Aminetta Barnewall (dau of John Barnewall of Drogheda)
  (1) Sir Christopher Bellew of Bellewstown, Governor of Louth (d by 1660)
  m. Frances Plunkett (dau of Mathew Plunkett, 5th Lord Louth)
  (A) Sir John Bellew of Bellewstown, 1st Lord of Duleek (d 12.01.1692/3)
  m. (c1663) Mary Bermingham (d 1694, dau of Walter Bermingham of Dunfert)
  (i) Walter Bellew, 2nd Lord of Duleek (d 1694)
  m. (09.1686) Frances Arabella Wentworth (d 16.03.1723, dau of Sir William Wentworth of Northgatehead)
(a) Mary Bellew
  m. (1702) Denis Kelly of Aughrim
  (b) Frances Arabella Bellew (d 1732)
  m. _ Horncastle
  (ii) Richard Bellew, 3rd Lord of Duleek (d 22.03.1714)
  m. (05.1695) Frances Brudenell (d 23.02.1735, dau of Lord Francis Brudenell)
  (a) John Bellew, 4th Lord of Duleek (b 1702, d 18.08.1770)
  m1. (13.09.1731) Anne Maxwell (d 03.05.1735, dau of William Maxwell, 5th Earl of Nithsdale)
((1)) Mary Frances Bellew (b 1733, dsp)
  m2. (1737) Mary Fitzgerald (d 19.03.1741/2, dau of Maurice Fitzgerald of Castle Ishen)
  ((2)) Emilia Bellew
  m. General Count Taafe of Bohemia
  ((3)) Anne or Mary Bellew
  m. Robert Butler of Ballyraggett (dsp 06.1788)
  m3. (05.1749) Henrietta Lee (b 1726, d 30.04.1752, dau of George Henry Lee, 2nd Earl of Lichfield)
((4))+ issue (d infant)
  (b) Walter Bermingham Bellew (b 1707, d young)
  (c) Dorothea Bellew (b 1696)
  m1. (01.1717) Gustavus Hamilton of Red Wood (d 26.02.1734-5)
  m2. William Cockburn of Redford
  m3. _ Dixon (Captain)
  (iii) Margaret Bellew (d 1700)
  m. (1684) Thomas Nugent, 4th Earl of Westmeath (b 1669, d d 30.06.1752)
  (iv) Jane Bellew probably of this generation
  m. (1688) Thomas D'Arcy of Lisnabin (dvp 1713)
  (B) Matthew Bellew of Rogerstown (d Boyne)
  m. Frances
  (i) Matthew Bellew of Rogerstown
  (a) daughter
  m. Dominick Trant
  (ii) Patrick Bellew
  m. Honor Neville (dau of G. Neville)
  (a) Roger Bellew of Castle Martyr
  m. Bryanna Wright of Cork
  ((1)) Patrick Bellew of Bellendines, Castle Martyr
  m. Sarah Pratt (sister of Gen. John Pratt)
  ((A)) Robert Bellew
  m. Sophia Fowke (dau of Joseph Fowke)
  ((i)) Francis John Bellew (b 19.01.1799, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (11.1819) Ann Temple (dau of Simon Temple of Hylton Castle)
  ((ii)) Henry Walter Bellew had issue
  m. (1830) Anna Jeremie (dau of Capt. Jeremie)
  ((iii)) Louisa Bellew
  m. John Baker Graves of Fort William
((iv))+ other issue - Patrick Edward (dsp), Christopher, Frances (d unm), Sarah Margaret (d unm)
  ((B)) Patrick Bellew (dsp, Major)
  ((C)) Bryanna Bellew
  m. Richard Fitton of Gawsworth
  ((2))+ 2 daughters
  (iii)+ other issue - Robert of Ballydonell (had issue), Thomas of Gaffney
  b. Ismay Bellew (d by 1631) probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. Sir William Taaffe of Harleston & Smarmore (d 09.02.1630/1)
  m2. Catherine Sarsfield (dau of Sir William Sarsfield of Lucan)
  ii. John Bellew of Lisrany and Graftonstown
  m. Joan Lynam of Adamstown
  iii. Richard Bellew of Stameen
  m. Margaret Alcock (dau of Nicholas Alcock of Drogheda)
  a. John Bellew
  m. Mary
  (1) Richard Bellew
  m2. Janet Sarsfield (of Lucan family)
  m3. Ismay Nugent

Main source(s): BP1934 (Bellew), BE1883 (Bellew of Duleek)
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