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Families covered: Beresford of Bentley, Beresford of Beresford, Beresford of Fulbeck, Beresford of Kenton, Beresford of (Long) Leadenham, Beresford of Newton Grange, Beresford of Squirres (The Squires)

John de Bereford (Beresford), Staffordshire (a 10.1087)
1. Hugh de Bereford (Beresford)
  A. Aden de Beresford
  i. John de Beresford
  a. Hugh de Beresford (a 1249)
(1) John de Beresford (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  (A) Aden de Beresford of Beresford (a 1315, 1324)
  (i) John de Beresford of Beresford (a 1347)
  (a) John de Beresford of Beresford (a 1377)
  ((1)) John Beresford of Beresford (a 1411)
  m. Cicely
  ((A)) John Beresford of Beresford (d 1475) - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Basset (dau of William Basset of Blore)
  ((2)) Aden de Beresford of Altsonfield (a 1411, dsp, forester)
  (b)+ other issue - Richard (a 1385, dsp), Aden
  b. William de Beresford
  (1) Julia(na) de Beresford



John Beresford of Beresford & Enson (d 1475) - continued above
m. Elizabeth Basset (dau of William Basset of Blore)
1. John Beresford of Beresford
  m. Margaret Davenport (dau of Robert Davenport of Broomhall (Damport of Bromehall))
2. Thomas Beresford of Newton Grange & Bentley (d 23.03.1473)
  m. Agnes Hassell (d 16.03.1467, dau/heir of Robert Hassell or Hassall of Arcluyd)
  A. Aden or Adam Beresford of Bentley & Bircham
  m. Elizabeth (Anne?) Eyre (dau of Roger Eyre of Keyton)
  B. Thomas Beresford of Newton (dsp before 1512)
  m. Margaret Wolgattethorpe (dau/heir of Roger Wolgattethorp)
C. Hugh Beresford of Newton Grange (d 1516, 5th son)
  m. Agnes Longston (dau of John Longston (or Longsdore) of Longston)
  D. Robert Beresford of Hillesdale
  m. Joan Cantrell (dau of Thomas Cantrell)
  E. Humphrey Beresford of Newton Grange
  m. Margery Berdesley (dau of Edmond Berdesley or Beresley)
  i. John Beresford of Newton
  m. (1505) Elizabeth FitzHerbert (dau of Robert FitzHerbert of Tissington)
a. daughter
  Lodge & Visitation (Nottinghamshire) show this as Agnes who m. George Fitzherebrt of Tissington but he dvp 1515 after having had children by Agnes. We show her a generation earlier.
  ii. George Beresford of Newton Grange
  m. Eleanor (Helen) Greene (dau of Thomas Greene of Sussex)
  a. Michael Beresford of Otford and The Squires (Squirres, Westram, Kent) (a 1574)
The following is supported by Visitation (Kent, 1619, Berseford) although that, supported by CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p437), starts with John (m. _ FitzHerbert) father of Humphrey & George (m. Helen Greene) father of this Michael.
  m. Rose Knevitt (dau of John Knevitt)
  (1) George Beresford of Squirres had issue
  m. Elizabeth Cam (dau of Randle Cam of London, m2. Thomas Petley of Filson)
  (A) Thomas Beresford (of Clifford's Inn, 3rd son)
  m. Anne Beresford (dau of Cornelius Beresford) @@ below
  (i)+ issue - Rofe, Anne, Elizabeth, Elizabeth
(2) Richard Beresford of Ashburnham, Sussex
  m. _ Pelham (dau of Sir Edward/Edmund Pelham)
  Lodge reports that Richard left Henry, his heir, and 6 others. Visitation (Kent) shows the following children.
  (A) Michael Beresford of Squirres
  m. Jane Harfleet (dau of Sir Thomas Harfleet, widow of Christopher Toulderby)
  (B)+ other issue - Roger, Thomas of Clifford's Inn, Tristram of Londoni, Henry, Anna, Dorothea, Benetta, Rosa
  (3) Tristram Beresford of Coleraine (b 1574, to Ireland)
  m. _ Brooke of London
  (4) Thomas Beresford (vicar of St. Sepulchre's, London, 5th son?)
  m. Sarah Withers (dau of Rev. _ Withers)
  (A)+ issue - William, others
(5) Cornelius Beresford of Chilham, Kent
  m1. Elizabeth Suljard (dau of Thomas Suljard or Suliard of Delaware)
  (A)+ issue - Dorothy, Elizabeth, Anna, Rosa
  m2. Dorothy Petley (dau of Edward Petley of Chelesfield)
  (E) Henry Beresford (dsp)
  (F) Anne Beresford
m. Thomas Beresford (of Clifford's Inn, son of George of the Squirres) @@ above
  (6) Bennet (Benetta) Beresford
  m. Sir Thomas Harfleet alias Septuans of Moland in Ash, Kent
  (7) Frances Beresford
  m. Robert Leigh of Beckenham
  (8) Dorothy Beresford
  m. Thomas Petley of Filson
  (9) Anne Beresford
  m. Sir William Southland of Lee in Ickham
  (10)+ other issue - James (d unm), Henry (d infant)
  b. Nicholas Beresford of Kenton, Nottinghamshire
  m. Rose Fitzwilliam (dau of John Fitzwilliam of Knevett)
  (1) George Beresford of Kenton (b 1549) had issue
  (2)+ other issue (a 1569) - George, James, Bennett, Thomas, Richard, Thurstan, Francis
  c. Anne Beresford duplication with just below?
  m. John Savage
  (1) Sir Arthur Savage
d. Grace Beresford
  m. John Neclam of Caswick
  e. Mary Beresford (d 24.07.1576) duplication with just below?
  m. John Rowe of Uffington
  (1) Sir Francis Rowe
  iii. Anne Beresford mentioned by Visitation (Nottinghamshire) but not by Lodge, duplication with just above?
  m. John Savage
  iv. Mary Beresford mentioned by Visitation (Nottinghamshire) but not by Lodge, duplication with just above?
  m. John Read of Ossington
  v. Agnes Beresford possibly of this generation
  m. George Fitzherbert of Tissington (dvp 1515)
  F. Edward Beresford of Barnborough, Yorkshire (a 1523, Reader of Gray's Inn)
  m. Joan Cotton (dau of Pierce Cotton or Clotton)
  G. Denys Beresford of Cutthorpe ancestor of Beresford of Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire
  H. Rauff Beresford (11th/12th son)
  m. Anna Elton (dau of William Elton)
  I. William Beresford
m. Alice Parker (dau of Thomas Parker)
  i. Denys Beresford of Berseford, Carthorpe & Birchover (dsp)
  ii. Christopher Beresford of Long Ledenham, Lincolnshire (d 12.10.1590)
  m. Bridget Needham of Derbyshire
The following comes from Maddison's 'Lincolnshire Pedigrees' (1903, 'Beresford of Leadenham').
  a. William Beresford of Long Ledenham or Leadenham (d 20.07.1597, of Gray's Inn)
  m(2). Winifred Lascelles (bur 23.04.1638, dau of Sir Bryan Lascelles of Gateford, sister of Digby, m2. Henry Vaughan of St. Albans)
  (1) Christopher Beresford of Leadenham (a 01.1636-7)
  m1. Elizabeth Cartwright (b c1593, d 24.12.1635, dau of William Cartwright of Ossington)
(A) William Beresford of Leadenham (d 27.03.1659)
  m. Margaret Thorold (b c1618, d 20.11.1655, dau of Sir William Thorold of Marston)
  (i) Christopher Beresford of Leadenham, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (b 08.06.1652, d 16.01.1716-7)
m1. Jane Halford (dau of Charles Halford of Edith Weston)
  (a) William Beresford of Leadenham (b c1676, d 15.11.1729)
  m. Jane Tyringham (d 1771, dau/heir of John Tyringham of Nether Winchenden)
  ((1)) Christopher Beresford (bpt 17.02.1724-5, d unm 23.03.1740-1)
  (b)+ other issue - Chrisopher (b 1676-7, d 04.08.1738), Jane (bpt 26.04.1683)
  m2. Isabel Molyneux (d 12.04.1708, dau of Sir Francis Molyneux of Kiveton, Bart)
  (ii) William Beresford of Sudbrooke Holme (b 29.11.1653)
  The following comes from Maddison's 'Lincolnshire Pedigrees' (1903, 'Beresford of Sudbrooke Holme').
  m. Anne Ayscough (d 24.08.1678, dau of Sir Edward Ayscough of South Kelsey)
(a) Edward Beresford (bur 12.02.1735-6)
  m. Isabella (d 16.12.1759)
  ((1)) Margery Beresford (a 1778)
  m. Valentine Pyne (d by 1778)
  ((2)) Catherine Beresford (b c1704)
  m. (c03.1729-30) John Russell (b c1699, rector of Fiskerton)
  ((A)) Mary Russell
  m. Baptist Proby (Dean of Lichfield)
  ((3))+ other issue - Edward of Lincoln (d before 10.8.1778), Roger (a 1764), Ann, Isabella of Lincoln (bur 28.05.1774)
  (iii)+ other issue - Anne (b 16.04.1649), Elizabeth (b 12.05.1651, a 05.1682)
  (B) Edmund Beresford (bpt 08.02.1629-30, bur 07.12.1657, younger son)
  (i) Christopher Beresford (bpt 05.07.1658)
  (C)+ other issue - Peregrine (bpt 30.03.1618, bur 27.03.1618-9), Christopher (bpt 30.03.1618), George (bpt 10.12.1621, bur 19.02.1653-4), Christopher (bpt 29.01.1623-4), Christopher (bpt 06.02.1629-30, a 06.1655), Francis (bpt 08.04.1631), Brian (bpt 12.07.1631)
  m2. Elizabeth Welby (d before 15.06.1657, dau of Sir William Welby of Gedney, widow of Bevill Wimberley of Pinchbeck
  (2) Bryan Beresford of Boothby (a 01.1636-7, cleric)
  m. Frances (a 01.1636-7)
  (A)+ issue (a 01.1636-7) - William, Bryan, Edward, Alice, Frances
  (3) Mary Beresford
  m. (05.10.1620) Anthony Holland of Swineshead
  (4) Isabella Beresford
  m. (before 30.01.1636-7) Nicholas Rowel of Broughton
  b. Francis Beresford of Rowston
  m. Prudence Thornhill of Owston
  (1) Christopher Beresford of Fulbeck, Lincolnshire (a 1638, of Gray's Inn)
  m. Jane Riggs (dau/heir of Thomas Riggs)
  (A) Christopher Beresford of Fulbeck (b c1625)
m. (c10.1647) Mary Morgan (dau of Thomas Morgan of Skendleby)
  (B) Jane Beresford (a 01.1636-7)
  (C) Elizabeth Beresford
  m. (13.09.1663) William Skipwith of Ketsby
  (D) Mary Beresford
  m. (c10.1648) John Holland of Swineshead
  (2) William Beresford of Minting Park (a 08.1626)
  m. Catherine Riggs (dau/heir of Thomas Riggs)
c. John Bereseford (a 07.1603-4, rector of Scopwick, of Gray's Inn, 4th son)
  m. (11.01.1618-9?) Elizabeth Clinton (b 1591-2, bur 20.07.1624, dau of Thomas, Earl of Lincoln)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas, Fynes, Mary
  d.+ other issue - George (of Gray's Inn), Edward
  J. Lawrence Beresford of Lea Hall (dsp before 1520)
  m. Anne Cockaine (dau of Thomas Cockaine of Lee)
  K. Alice Beresford
  m. John Shalcross of Shalcross
  L. Agnes Beresford
  m. Ralph Walker of Castern
  M. Cicely Beresford
  m. Thomas Chetwoode (son/heir of Roger Chetwoode of Oakley)
  N. Johanna Beresford
  m. William Ferne of Parwich
  O.+ other issue - John of Bradley Ash/Hall (had issue), Hugh (d young), Rauff (d young), Roger (dsp, Sheriff of London), Godfrey, James (canon/prebendary of Litchfield), Joan (d unm)
3.+ other issue (dsp) - Henry, William

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 27.09.13) : Lodge's 'Peerage of Ireland' (Archdall, vol 2 (1789), 'Beresford, Earl of Tyrone', pp289-290)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 12.04.05, redone 27.09.13) : BP1934 (Waterford), Lodge's 'Peerage of Ireland' (Archdall, vol 2 (1789), 'Beresford, Earl of Tyrone', p290+) with a little support/input from Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569, Bereseford) and with input as reported above
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