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Families covered: Berkeley of Bruton, Berkeley of FitzHardinge, Berkeley of Pylle, Berkeley of Stoke Gifford, Berkeley of Stratton, Berkeley of Uley, Portman of Orchard Portman

Sir Maurice de Berkeley of Uley (d c1348)
m. Margaret
BE1883 ('Berkeley of Botetourt') identified Sir Maurice's wife merely as Margaret but BE1883 ('Berkeley of Berkeley, ...') identified her as dau/heir of Sir Maurice Berkeley of Uley. [If that was so, it is not known how her father fitted into the larger family.] Thanks to a contibutor (AH, 12.02.221) for pointing out that she is identified in 'Plantagenet Ancestry' (Douglas Richardson, 2004, p260) as Margery de Vere, possibly dau of Alfonso de Vere of Aston Sandford & Great Hormead by Joan, dau of Jordan Foliot.
1. Thomas or Maurice de Berkeley of Uley (d c1361)
  m. Catherine de Botetourt (dau of John de Botetourt, 2nd Lord)
A. Maurice de Berkeley (d 1400)
  m. Johanna Dinham (dau of Sir John Dinham)
  i. Maurice Berkeley of Stoke Gifford (b c1401, d 26.11.1464)
  m. Ellen Montfort (dau of William Montfort)
  a. Sir William Berkeley of Stoke Gifford (d 1501)
  m. Anne Stafford (dau of Sir Humphrey Stafford)
  (1) Richard Berkeley of Stoke Gifford (d 1514)
  m. Elizabeth Coningsby (dau of Humphrey Coningsby)
(A) Sir John Berkeley of Stoke Gifford (d 1546)
  m. Isabella Dennys (dau of William Dennys)
  (i) Sir Richard Berkeley of Stoke Gifford (d 1604)
  m1. Elizabeth Reade (dau of William Read of Melton)
  BE1883 identifies Richard's 2nd wife, Elizabeth Jermy, as mother of his children but Elizabeth Reade is shown as their mother in 'Abstracts of Records and Manuscripts respecting the County of Gloucester' (vol 2, 1807, p86) by Thomas Dudley Fosbrooke. Provisionally, we follow the latter which also supports the identification of the children of this and close generations.
(a) Sir Henry Berkeley of Stoke Gifford
  m. Meriel (probably not Mary) Throckmorton (dau of Thomas Throckmorton of Caughton)
  ((1)) Richard Berkeley of Stoke and Rendcombe (b c1578, d 12.05.1661)
  m1. Mary Roe (dau of Robert Roe by Elizabeth Jermy)
  ((A)) Sir Maurice Berkeley of Stoke (dvp bur 03.01.1654)
  m1. Elizabeth Coke (dau of Sir Edward Coke, lord chief justice)
  ((i)) Frances Berkeley
  m2. Mary Tipping (dau of Sir George Tipping of Oxfordshire)
  ((ii)) Richard Berkeley of Stoke (d 01.1670/1)
  m. Elizabeth Symms (dau of Henry Symms of Frampton Cotterell)
  ((a)) George Berkeley of Stoke Gifford (dsp 1685)
((b)) John Symms Berkeley of Stoke Gifford (b 01.02.1662, d 13.12.1736)
  m. Elizabeth Narborne (d 17.11.1742, dau of Walter Narborne of Calne)
  (((1))) Narborne Berkeley, Governor of Virginia, Baron Botetourt (dsp 15.10.1770)
  Narborne succesfully claimed the barony of Botetourt which had been in abeyance since 1406.
  (((2))) Elizabeth Berkeley (b 17.01.1718-9, d 08.04.1799)
  m. (01.05.1740) Charles Noel Somerset, 4th Duke of Beaufort (b 12.09.1709, d 28.10.1756)
  ((B)) Robert Berkeley of Eycotts (6th son)
  m. Rebecca Stretton (dau of Henry Stretton of Wiltshire)
  ((i))+ issue (Richard, Robert, John, Rebecca, Mary, Muriel, Frances)
  ((C)) Helena Berkeley
  m. George Elliott of Godalming
  ((D)) Muriel Berkeley
  m. John Abington (son/heir of Anthony of Dowdeswell)
((E))+ other issue - John, Thomas, Giles, Richard (dsp),Robert, Elizabeth, Catherine, Mary, Margaret
  m2. Jane Murcott (dau of Thomas Murcott of Remnam, m1. _ Molins, m2. _ Molins)
  ((2)) Margaret Berkeley
  m. John Tomlinson of Bristol
  (b) Elizabeth Berkeley
  m. Sir Thomas Throckmorton of Tortworth (d 1607)
  (c) Catharine Berkeley
  m. Rowland Leigh of Adlestrop and Longborough (a 1596)
  (d) Mary Berkeley
  m. Sir John Hungerford
  (e)+ other issue - William, Anne, Dorothy
  m2. Elizabeth Jermy (dau of Robert Jermy of Antingham, widow of Sir Robert Roe)
  (ii) Mary Berkeley
  m1. Nicholas Walsh
  m2. William Herbert of Swansey
(iii) Elizabeth Berkeley
  m. Henry Lison of Upton St. Leonard
  (B) Sir Maurice Berkeley of Bruton
  m1. Catherine Blount (d 25.02.1559, dau of William Blount, 4th Lord Mountjoy)
  (i) Sir Henry Berkeley of Bruton (d 1601)
  m. Margaret Lygon (dau of William Lygon of Madresfield)
  (a) Sir Maurice Berkeley of Bruton (d 01.05.1617)
  Maurice's wife is widely identified as Elizabeth Killigrew, dau of Sir Henry Killigrew of Hanworth. However, we suspect that she was in fact ...
  m. Elizabeth Killigrew (d 04-5.1626, dau of Sir William Killigrew who was father of Sir Robert of Hanworth and brother of Sir Henry of Laroch)
((1)) Sir Charles Berkeley of Bruton, 2nd Viscount FitzHardinge (d 12.06.1688)
  m. Penelope Godolphin (dau of Sir William Godolphin of Godolphin)
  ((A)) Sir Maurice Berkeley, Bart of Bruton, 3rd Viscount FitzHardinge (dsp)
  m. Anne Lee (dau of Sir Henry Lee)
  ((B)) Charles Berkeley, 1st Viscount FitzHardinge, Earl of Falmouth (d 03.06.1665)
  m. (18.12.1664) Mary Bagot (dau of Col. Hervey Bagot of Blithfield family)
  ((i)) Mary Berkeley (d 1693)
m. (div 1684) Gilbert Cosyn Gerrard, younger of Feskerton
  ((C)) Sir William Berkeley, Governor of Portsmouth (d 1666, Vice Admiral) who married ...
  m. Elizabeth Uvedale (d 1696, dau/coheir of Sir William Uvedale of Wickham, m2. Edward, 2nd Earl of Carlisle)
  ((D)) John Berkeley, 4th Viscount FitzHardinge (d 19.12.1712)
  m. Barbara Villiers (d 19.09.1708, dau of Sir Edward Villiers)
  ((i)) Mary Berkeley (d 28.02.1736-7)
  m. (27.05.1703) Walter Chetwynd of Ingestre, Viscount Chetwynd (b c1678, dsp 21.02.1735-6)
((ii)) Frances or Barbara Berkeley
  m. Sir Thomas Clarges, Bart
  ((2)) Sir John Berkeley, 1st Lord of Stratton (bpt 01.02.1606/7, d 28.08.1678, 5th son)
  m. Christian Riccard (bpt 19.03.1638/9, d 27.08.1698, dau of Sir Andrew Riccard of St. Olave's, widow of John Gayer of Stoke Pogis then Henry Rich, Lord Kensington)
  ((A)) Charles Berkeley, 2nd Lord of Stratton (b c1658, d unm 06.03.1682)
  ((B)) John Berkeley, 3rd Lord of Stratton (b c1660, dsp 27.02.1697)
  m. (1691/2) Jane Martha Temple (b 1672, d 26.06.1751, dau of Sir John Temple of East Sheen)
  ((i)) Mary Berkeley (dvp?)
  ((C)) Morris Berkeley (d young?)
  ((D)) William Berkeley, 4th Lord of Stratton (d 24.03.1740)
m. Frances Temple (d 16.07.1707, dau of Sir John Temple of East Sheen)
  ((i)) John Berkeley, 5th Lord of Stratton (b c1697, dsp 1773, Constable of the Tower of London)
  m. Elizabeth (d c12.1776)
  ((ii)) William Berkeley (dsp 25.03.1733, Captain)
  ((iii)) Charles Berkeley of Bruton Abbey (b 21.06.1701, d 1755)
  m. Frances West (dau of Col. John West of Bury St. Edmunds)
  ((a)) Sophia Berkeley (d 16.04.1825)
m. (30.03.1769) John Wodehouse, 1st Lord of Kimberley (b 04.04.1741, d 29.05.1834)
  ((iv)) Jane Berkeley (d unm)
  ((v)) Frances Berkeley (bur 21.09.1757)
  m1. (03.12.1720) William Byron, 4th Lord (b 04.01.1669, d 08.08.1736)
  m2. (31.07.1740) Sir Thomas Hay, Bart of Alderston (dsp 26.11.1769)
  ((vi)) Barbara Berkeley
  m. (1726) John Trevanion of Caerhayes
((vii)) Anne Berkeley (d 1739)
  m. (1737) James Cocks
  ((E)) Anne Berkeley
  m. Sir Dudley Cullum, Bart of Hawsted
  ((3)) other issue - Sir Henry, Sir Maurice, Sir William, Margaret, Jane
  Mentioned in Visitation (Somerset, 1623, Berkley) were ...
  (b) Sir Henry Berkeley of Yarlington (d 1667)
  m. Elizabeth Nevill (dau of Sir Henry Nevill of Berkshire)
  The following comes from VCH (Somerset, vol 7, Yarlington).
  ((1)) Maurice Berkeley of Yarlington (d unm 1674)
((2)) Dorothy Berkeley (d 11.1668)
  m. Sir Francis Godolphin of Godolphin (d 1666)
  ((3)) Frances Berkeley
  m. Peter Roynon (b c1616, a 1672)
  ((4)) Jael Berkeley
  (c) Sir Edward Berkeley of Pull (Pylle), Somerset (d 1654)
  The following comes from BP1934 (Portman).
  m. Margaret Holland (dau of John Holland of Steyning)
  ((1)) Edward Berkeley of Pylle (b c1618, d 1669)
m. Philippa Speke (dau of George Speke of Whitelackington by Joan, dau of Sir John Portman, 1st Bart of Orchard Portman)
  ((A)) Edward Berkeley of Pylle (d 1707)
  BP1934 identifies Edward's wife as Elizabeth (d 1724), dau of John Ryves of Ranston, but that seems wrong. She may have been ...
  m. Elizabeth Ryves (dau of Sir William Ryves)
  ((i)) Edward Berkeley (d infant)
  ((ii)) Maurice Berkeley of Pylle (dsp 1717)
  ((iii)) William Berkeley of Pylle, later Portman of Orchard Portman (d 1737)
  m. (08.01.1708) Anne Seymour (d 10.05.1752, dau of Sir Edward Seymour, Bart of Berry Pomeroy)
  ((a)) Henry William Berkeley Portman of Orchard Portman & Bryanston (d 1761)
  m. Anne Fitch (dau of William Fitch)
(((1))) Henry William Portman of Orchard Portman & Bryanston
  m. Anne Wyndham (dau of William Wyndham of Dinton)
  (((A))) Henry Berkeley Portman of Bryanston (d 1804)
m. (1793) Lucy Elizabeth Dormer (d 13.08.1822, dau of Charles Dormer, 8th Lord)
(((i))) Charlotte Fanny Portman (d 27.03.1877)
m. (28.08.1820) John Poulett, 5th Earl Poulett (b 05.07.1783, d 20.06.1864)
  (((B))) Edward Berkeley Portman of Orchard Portman and Bryanston (b 1771, d 19.01.1823) had issue
  m1. (28.08.1798) Lucy Whitby (d 25.03.1812, dau of Rev. Thomas Whitby of Creswell Hall)
m2. (22.03.1816) Mary Hulse (dsp 31.10.1852, dau of Sir Edward Hulse, Bart)
  (((C))) Henrietta Portman
  m. (1800) D(imoke) Tregonwell of Cranborne
  (((D)))+ other issue - Anne Mary, Wyndham
  ((2)) Margaret Berkeley (b c1619)
  (c) Margaret Berkeley apparently of this generation
  m. Sir Lewis Pollard, 1st Bart of King's Nympton (b c1578, a 1641)
  (ii) Sir Francis Berkeley (of Askeyton or Askeaton?)
  (iii) Gertrude Berkeley
  m. (02.04.1577) Edward Horner
(iv) Elizabeth Berkeley
  m. James Percival of Weston
  (v) Anne Berkeley (bur 26.05.1625)
  m. (16.06.1583) Nicholas Poynings of Adderley
  (vi)+ other issue - Edward, Frances (d unm)
  m2. Elizabeth Sandes (d 16.06.1585, dau of Anthony Sandes)
  (viii) Robert Berkeley apparently of this generation, of this marriage
  (a) Michael Berkeley of Baycourt, Kent brother of Ann
  (b) Ann Berkeley (b c1601, d 1624, eldest dau, heir to Michael)
  m. (c1617) Henry King, Bishop of Chichester
  (ix)+ other issue - 1 son (ancestor of Berkeleys of Boycot?) + 1 daughter
  (C) Anne or Alice Berkeley (d by 1550)
  m. Sir Thomas Speke of White Lackington (b 1507, d 1551)
  (D) daughter ("Ma." = Mary?)
  m. William Francis of Combe Flore
  (E) Dorothy Berkeley
  m1. Nicholas Wadham ('probably son of Sir Nicholas by Margaret Seymour')
  m2. (William) Gibbes
  (2) John Berkeley of Bradley
  ii. Agnes Berkeley possibly of this generation
  m. Sir John de Gyse of Asple Gise (a 1453)
  B.+ other issue (dsp) - Edmund, John
2. Isabel de Berkeley

Main source(s): BE1883 ('Berkeley of Botetourt'), TCP ('Botetourt'), BE1883 ('Berkeley of Stratton'), TCP ('Berkeley of Stratton') with input as reported above
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