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Families covered: Bertram of Bothal, Bertram of Eshot, Bertram of Mitford

Richard de Bertram (a 1086, 1135)
m. Sybil de Mitford (dau/heir of John de Mitford of Mitford)
1. William Bertram
  On both p39 & p 128, Hodgson identifies William as the founder of Brinkburne Priory. However, on p39 he is identified as son of Richard, "a son of the lord of Dignam", whilst on p125 he is identified as a son of Guy de Balliol and brother of Bernard Balliol of Bernard Castle, Bywell, etc.. Hodgson & BE1883 report that William's wife (and mother of Roger) was Hawise (or Alice), dau of Sir William Merley or Merlay of Morpeth, but TCP identifies her as Hawise, dau of Guy de Balliol.
  m. Hawise de Balliol (dau of Guy de Balliol)
  A. Roger Bertram of Mitford, Northumberland (a 1157, 1172)
  m. Ada
  i. William Bertram of Mitford & Greatham (d c1199)
  Hodgson & BE1883 suggest that William's wife Alice was dau of Robert Umfreville/de Umfravil but TCP suggests that she was his sister.
  m. Alice Umfreville (dau/sister of Robert Umfreville of Prudhoe, Redesdale, etc. )
  a. Roger Bertram of Mitford (d 1241-2)
m. Agnes
  (1) Roger Bertram of Mitford, Lord (b 05.12.1224, d before 04.1273)
  m. Joan (a 05.1315, m2. Sir Robert de Nevill of Raby, m3. Sir John FitzMarmaduke of Horden & Ravensholm)
  Hodgson shows Roger & Joan as having 2 sons, Roger (father of Agnes) & Thomas (father of John) with the sisters Agnes + Isabella + Christian + Ada being sisters of the younger Roger. This is supported by BE1883 (though that does not mention Thomas). TCP reports that Roger dspml, mentions the illegimitate son Thomas of Throphill, and reports that the alleged son Roger was "invented" by "Dugdale, or one of his predecessors".
  (A) Agnes Bertram (a 1282, dsp before 29.01.1310/1)
partner unknown
  (B) Thomas Bertram of Throphill
  (i) John Bertram
  (2) Agnes Bertram
  m. Thomas Fitzwilliam of Elmeley & Sprotborough
  (3) Isabella Bertram
  m. Philip Darcy
  (4) Christian Bertram
  m1. (Robert) Ross (d before 11.1270)
  m2. (Robert) de Penbury or Pendlebury
  (5) Ada Bertram
  m. Sir Simon de Veer (Vere) of Goxhill & Sproatley (m1. ??)
  (A) Isabella de Vere
  m. William d'Aton or de Ayton
  ii. Agnes Bertram, heiress of Stainton
  m. Thomas Emmelay (son of Sir William)
  B. Richard Bertram of Bothal (a 1196, youngest son)
  i. Robert Bertram of Bothal (d 1203)
  a. Richard Bertram of Bothal
(1) Robert Bertram of Bothal, Wentworth, etc. (d 1265)
  (A) Sir Robert Bertram (a 1296)
  (i) Sir Roger Bertram of Bothal (a 1250)
  (a) Robert Bertram of Bothal (b c1287, d 1334)
  ((1)) Robert Bertram of Bothal, Sheriff of Northumberland (b c1322, d 1363)
  This looks to be the Robert (d 11.1363) who is shown by TCP (Poynings) as one of the husbands of Blanche de Mowbray. Provisionally we ignore that and follow Hodgson who identifies the wife of Robert and mother of Helen as the following Margaret but we will review this in due course.
  m. Margaret (dau/coheir of Constance, wife of William de Felton)
  ((A)) Helen Bertram
  m1. Robert de Ogle (dvp 11.1355)
  m2. John de Ogle
  m3. John Hatfield of London
  m4. David Holgrave
  C.+ other issue - Guy, William
2. Alexander Bertram



Grandson of the above Helen Bertram by Robert de Ogle was ...
Sir John Ogle, later Bertram of Bothal, Sheriff of Northumberland (d 24.04.1450)
m1. (by 10.1404) Isabel Heron (dau of Sir William Heron of Cornhill)
1. Sir William Bertram of Bothal (d by 1466)
  m. _ Kempston (dau of Sir Thomas Kempston)
  A. William Ogle, alias Bertram, Sheriff of Northumberland (a 1458, dsp)
  B. Robert Ogle, alias Bertram
  m. _ Fenwick (dau of Sir John Fenwick)
  i. Robert Ogle, alias Bertram (d young)
2.+ other issue - Thomas (Robert?), daughter
m2. (by 06.1425) Joan Loudham (a 01.1451, dau of Sir John Loudham, widow of Sir John Swillington of Burston)
partner unknown
4. Edward Bertram of Eshot, Sheriff of Newcastle (a 1435, MP)
  The following comes from 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 7, John Crawford Hodgson, 1904, 'Bertram, Conyers, Cresswell, and Bates of Eshot', p341).
  A. Edward Bertram of Eshot (d Towton 29.03.1460/1)
i. Jane Bertram (b c1452, d 30.11.1479)
  m. Edward Conyers of Kirkby Fletham
  a. Margery Conyers
  m. William Mansfeld
  (1) daughter
  m. Matthew Metcalfe
  (A) Roger Metcalfe
  (2) daughter
  m. Christopher Thomlingson
  (A) George Thomlingson
  b. Jane Conyers
  m. Robert Cresswell 'of Newbiggin'
  (1) Jane Cresswell
  m. Thomas Bates

Main source(s): 'A History of Northumberland' (Rev. John Hodgson, Part 2 vol 2, 1832, 'Pedigree of Bertram of Mitford' (p39+) & ''Pedigree of Bertram, Barons of Bothal' (p125+)) with support/input for the upper section from BE1883 ('Bertram of Mitford'), TCP ('Bertram') and for the lower section from HoP ("John Bertram of Bothal") and as reported above
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