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Families covered: Bisset (Byset) of Aboyne, Bisset of the Aird, Bisset of Glenalbert, Bisset (Byset) of Lessendrum, Bisset of Lovat, Bisset in Logieraith
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?? Byset
1. Walter Byset of Aboyne (b c1185, d 1251)
  m. (1233) Ada of Galloway (dau of Roland of Galloway)
2. ??
  A nephew of Walter of Aboyne was ...
  A. Sir John Byset or Bisset of the Aird (of Lovat and Beaufort)
  A contributor (JB, 02.09.06) kindly provided us with some details about this John including advice that it was this John's son John who was father of the 3 daughters mentioned below rather than, as we had previously shown, this John himself.
m1. ??
  i. John Bisset (d 1259)
  a. John Bisset (dsp c1268)
  b. Cecilia Bisset
  m. William Fentoun of Beaufort
  c. Elizabeth Bisset
  m. Sir Andrew de Bosco of Redcastle ## see here ##
  (1) Mary de Bosco
  m. Hugh Rose of Geddes, 1st of Kilravock (d 1306)
  d. Mary or Muriel Bisset --
  m. Sir David de Graham of Lovat (d 1297) --
ii. ? Mary Bisset
  m. Gregory le Grant
  m2. Agatha
  iii.+ ?? Byset or Bisset ancestor of Clan Eoin or Bysets of Glens of Antrim
  B. William Bisset brother of the above Sir John
  A nephew of Walter of Aboyne was ...
  C. Thomas Byset of Aboyne probably father of ...
  i. Walter Byset of Aboyne and Lessendrum (a 1304) succeeded by ...
  a. Thomas Byset of Aboyne and Lessendrum probably father of ...
  (1) Walter Byset of Lessendrum (a 1379) probably father of ...
  (A) Patrick Byset of Lessendrum (a 1411)
  (i) ?? Byset
  (a) Patrick Byset of Lessendrum (d 1503) - continued below --



Patrick Byset of Lessendrum (d 1503) - continued above
m. Isabel Lindsay
1. Patrick Byset of Lessendrum (a 1505)
  m. Catharine Gordon (dau of William Gordon of Tillytarmont)
  A. Patrick Byset of Lessendrum (d Pinkie 1547)
  m. _ Murray (dau of Murray of Cowbairdie)
i. Patrick Byset of Lessendrum (d Corrichie 28.10.1562)
  a. George Bisset of Lessendrum (b 1549/50, d 25.01.1623)
  (1) Robert Bisset of Lessendrum (d c1646)
  m. _ Gordon (dau of George Gordon of Cocklarachie)
  (A) Alexander Bisset of Lessendrum (d 1693)
  m. (1650) Anne Gordon (d 1714, dau of Robert Gordon of Straloch)
  (i) Robert Bisset of Lessendrum (b 1651)
  m. (1681) Agnes Abercrombie (dau of ?? Abercrombie of Birkenbog)
  (a) James Bisset of Lessendrum (d 1748)
  m. Anne Dun (d 1782, dau of _ Dun of Tarty)
  ((1)) Alexander Bisset of Lessendrum (bpt 27.01.1734, d unm 1795)
  ((2)) Ann Bisset of Lessendrum (d unm?)
  ((3)) Agnes Bisset of Lessendrum (bpt 22.11.1726, d unm?)
  ((4)) Mary Bisset of Lessendrum
  m. Rev. _ Abel of Drumblade
  ((5)) Margaret Bisset of Lessendrum (bpt 24.12.1730)
  ((6))+ other issue - Robert (bpt 14.10.1723, dvp?), Jean (bpt 04.1728), Elizabeth (bpt 20.06.1732)
  (ii) William Bisset (Major)
(a) Alexander Bisset 'of Knighton House, Isle of Wight' (Dr. Rev.)
  m. Jane Bockland (dau of General _ Bockland of Knighton, Isle of Wight)
  ((1)) Maurice George Bisset of Lessendrum (b 1757, d 26.12.1821)
  BLG1952 identifies Maurice's wife Harriet as "eldest dau. of John Mordaunt, Earl of Peterborough". It appears that there was no such Earl at this time.
  m. Harriet (Mordaunt)
  ((A)) Jane Harriot Bisset of Lessendrum (d 1866)
  m. (03.1824) Maurice George Fenwick, later Bisset of Lessendrum (d 06.08.1879, archdeacon of Raphoe, cousin)
  When her cousin William (below) had no male issue, Lessendrum reverted to Jane.
((B)) Ann Bisset (d unm1879)
  ((2)) William Bisset, Bishop of Raphoe, later of Lessendrum (dsp 04.09.1834)
  m. Jane Erle (dau of Rev. Christopher Erle)
  ((3)) Alexander Bisset
  m. Catherina Bagenal
  ((A)) William Bisset of Lessendrum (b 1797, d 08.01.1858) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (11.05.1830) Alicia Howard (d 08.05.1836, dau of 3rd Earl of Wicklow)
  ((4)) George Bisset (dsp 11.1828, Rev.)
  m. Catherine Howard (d 1850, dau of John Howard, 15th Earl of Suffolk, 8th Earl of Berkshire)
  ((5)) Henry Bisset
  ((6)) Elizabeth Bisset
  m. William Fenwick of Lemmington
  ((7)) Sophia Bisset (dsp 25.04.1837)
  m. (27.06.1810) Sir Robert Brownrigg, 1st Bart (d 27.05.1833)
The following connection is highly speculative. The coat of arms of Bisset of Glenalbert (who were of this suggested line) was the same as that of the Bissets of Lessandrum except for the differencing of "a bordure engrailed Gules". The bordure and the engrailment indicate that Bisset of Glenalbert was 2 levels away from the main line, i.e. (descended from a) younger son of a younger son.
  b. ?? Bisset
  (1) ?? Bisset
  (A) James Bisset (a 1720, 'Clerk of the Regality Court of Athol')
  The following comes from a book, found online (here - it appears to have been mistitled when it was archived), with a little support from 'Scottish Notes and Queries' Second Series,  vol 5  (07.1903-06.1904, Editor: John Bulloch) (see here).
  (i) Thomas Bisset of Glenalbert, Perthshire (commissary of Dunkeld)
  m. (31.05.1713) Margaret Steuart (dau of Alexander Steuart, son of Patrick of Ballechin)
  (a) Charles Bisset of Glenalbert, later of Skelton in Cleveland (b 1717, d 05.1791, physician, military engineer, 2nd son)
  Some details on Charles come from various web sites.
  ((1)) Penelope Bisset
m. Rev. _ Addison of Thirsk
  ((2)) daughter
  m. William Walker
  (b) Thomas Bisset (b 06.1722)
  ((1))+ issue - Thomas, Charles, James (b 1760, d 1824, Rear Admiral)
  (c) Robert Bisset (b 07.1729, d 27.08.1811?, Captain)
  ((1)) Robert Bisset (dsp, Major)
  (d) Margaret Bisset --
  m1. (James or William) Dick (d 1743) --
  m2. _ Duncan of Tippermalloch
  ((1)) Bessie Duncan
  m. _ Fleming of Moness
  (e) daughter
  m. Robert Stewart in Strath Tay
  (f)+ other issue - James of Glenalbert (commissary), David (dsp)
(ii) Patrick Bisset in Logierait, Perthshire
  (a) Thomas Bisset (b 1722, d 1788, commissary of Dunkeld)
  m. Janet (Mrs. Mack)
  ((1)) John Bisset (d 1814, Major)
  ((A)) Caroline Bisset
  m. John Mackenzie
  ((B))+ other issue - John James Patrick (d 1816), Daniel (Colonel)
  ((2)) Thomas Bisset
  ((3)) Jean Bisset
  m. (30.12.1787) Alexander Stewart of Bonskied
  (b) Patrick Bisset in Perth
  ((1)) Margaret Bisset
  m. David Ford
  ((2))+ other issue - Sir John of Rickup (d 1854), James, Thomas of Demerara, Patrick in Dunkeld (b 1779, d unm 1855), Helen, Marjory, Isobel, Elizabeth
  (c) Margaret Bisset
  m. _ Campbell
  (d) Mary Bisset
  m. _ Blackie of Aberdeen
  (e) Isobel Bisset
m. _ Thomas
  (f) Jean Bisset
  m. _ Duff
  (iii) Robert Bisset (b 1696, d 17.02.1739, minister at Kirkmichael then Blair Atholl)
  m. Elizabeth Crichton (d 06.04.1780)
  (a) Thomas Bisset (b 1731, d 10.1800, minister of Logierait)
  m1. (04.1758) Ann Fergusson (d 08.06.1759, dau of Rev. Adam Fergusson (Moderator of the General Assembly) (by Amelia, dau of Captain James Menzies of Comry & niece of Sir Robert Menzies of Weem, Bart), sister of Neil of Pitcullo)
  ((1)) Robert Bisset (author)
  m. Mary Robinson (dau of Robert Robinson by dau of David Gavine of Langton Park)
  ((A))+ issue - Catharine (pianist), Elizabeth (harpist & composer)
  m2. (04.1767) Mary Tullideph (d 1785, dau of Rev. Thomas Tullideph (Moderator of the General Assembly, Principal of St. Andrew's University) son of Rev. John of Drumbarnie (by Jean, dau of Rev. John Knox of North Leith) son of William of St. Andrew's)
  ((2)) Adam Bisset in Leith (b 08.1770, wine merchant, younger son)
  ((A)) Alexander Bisset
  m. Frances Thom (cousin)
  ((B)) Ellen Bisset
  m. Robert Stewart McGregor
  ((C))+ other issue including James Somerville of Jamaica (d 1826)
  ((3)) Thomas Bisset of Leith (b 03.1783, youngest son)
  m. (1812) _ Young of Hull
  ((4)) Eliza Bisset (b 05.1773)
  m. Andrew Thom of Brechin
  ((5))+ other issue including David (b 12.1779, d 01.11.1780), Charles (b 07.1781), Alison (b 12.1771), Anne (b 10.1774), Margaret (b 07.1776, d 04.1779), Jean (b 06.1778, d 03.1893)
  (b) Henry Bisset
  (c) Margaret Bisset
  m. _ Thomson
  ((1)) Janet Thomson
  m. Peter Anderson in Inverness
  (d) Isabel Bisset
  m. _ Scott of Bogmill
  (e) Elizabeth Bisset
  m. _ Young of Perthshire
The following comes from the web site used for the upper section.
ii. Janet Byset
  m. John Byset of Aberdeen
  iii. Margaret Byset
  m. Thomas Baird
  B. William Byset
  m. _ Leslie (dau of Patrick Leslie of Craigtoun)
  i. John Byset
  C. Bessie Byset
  m. Robert Forbes of Balinghame
  D. Elizabeth Byset
  m. Alexander Thomson of Disblair
2. daughter
  m. Alexander Gordon of Tillytarmont (d Pinkie 1547)
3. Beatrice Byset
  m. Walter Leslie, 2nd of New Leslie
4. daughter
  m. William Leslie, 1st of Crichie

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~rowerowe/Thanage.htm
(2) For lower section : BLG1952 (Bisset of Lessendrum) with input as reported above
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