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Families covered: Boone of Dipford, Boone of Lee Place, Boone of Mount Boone, Boone of Rooks Nest, Boone of Taunton

Burke reports that "This branch of the family of Bohun or Boone was settled in Somerset before 1420" and starts the pedigree with ...
Andrew Boone of Dipford in Taunton, Somerset (a 1420)
1. Andrew Boone of Dipford
  m1. ??
  A. William Boone of Dipford (a 1523)
  m. Alice
  i. Thomas Boone of Dipford (d before 1514)
  ii. William Boone of Pyrland in Taunton (d 1557)
  m. Agnes
  a. Robert Boone of Pyrland
  m. Margery
  (1) John Boone of Taunton & North Trendle
  m. Alice Wheeler
  (A) Christopher Boone of Poolemead in Taunton
  m. (1612) Ann Pising (dau of Robert Pising of Hay)
  (i) Christopher Boone of London & Lee in Kent) (b 1615, d 1686)
  m. Mary Brewer (d 1721, dau of John Brewer of London)
  (B) Robert Boone of Taunton
  (i) John Boone of London & Greenwich (b 1604, d 1658)
  m. (14.04.1629) Mary Handley (d 1656)
  (a) Thomas Boone of London (b 1643, d 23.02.1694)
  m. (15.01.1672) Sarah Finch of London (d 1719)
((1)) Charles Boone of Rooks Nest in Tandridge, Surrey (d 08.10.1735, Governor of Bombay, Director of the East India Co., Director of the Bank of England, MP)
  Burke identifies Charles's 1st wife (m. 1718) as Joan Blakesley but HoP ("Charles Boone (d 1735)") identifies her as follows. Burke shows that he was father of Thomas & Daniel by his 1st wife and Charles by his 2nd. HoP suggests as follows.
  m1. Jane Chardin (d 28.11.1710, dau of Daniel Chardin of Fort St. George & France)
  ((A)) Daniel Boone of Rooks Nest & Lee Place (b 10.1710, d 20.05.1770, MP)
  m. (27.06.1736) Anne Evelyn (d 21.08.1781, dau/coheir of George Evelyn of Rook's Nest, widow of Thomas Gregg)
  ((i))+ issue (d unm) - Ann Elizabeth (b 1745, bur 26.09.1787), Frances (bur 13.06.1751)
  m2. (08.08.1727) Mary Garth (dau of Colonel Thomas Garth of Rook's Nest & Godstone), widow of George Evelyn of Nutfield/Godstone)
  ((B)) Thomas Boone of Lee Place
((i))+ issue - Thomas (dsp 17.08.1798, Lt. Colonel), 2 daughters
  ((C)) Charles Boone of Barking Hall & Lee Place (b c1729, d 03.03.1819, MP)
  Burke does not name Charles's wife/wives but reports that his surviving issue were Harriett & Elizabeth. HoP ("Charles Boone (d 1819)") identifies his wives as follows and reports that he had 1 dau by each plus 1 son (dvp) by the 2nd.
  m1. (22.10.1762) Theodosia Crowley (d 09.01.1765, dau of John Crowley MP)
  ((i)) Harriett Boone (b 1768)
  m. Sir William Drummond (d 29.03.1828, Ambassador)
  m2. (16.01.1768) Harriet Wright of Roehampton
  ((ii))+ other issue - son (dvp), Elizabeth (b 11.04.1770, d 03.04.1799)
  ((D)) son
  ((2)) Thomas Boone of Lee Place (b 1685, dsps 28.12.1748)
m. Mary Comfort (d 1722, dau/heir of Charles Comfort)
  ((3))+ other issue
  (b) John Boone ofThe Cliffes, Calvert Co., Maryland, North America (b 27.12.1645, d 1725) had issue in North America
  m. Grace (d 1725, m2. Robert Brooke of Calvert Co.)
  (c)+ 3 daughters
(ii) Thomas Boone of Mount Boone in Townstall, Devon (b 1610, d 25.01.1679, Ambassador to Sweden)
  m. Dorothy Upton (d 09.12.1657, dau of John Upton of Lupton by Dorothy, dau of Sir Anthony Rous of Halton)
  (a) John Boone of Mount Boone (dsp 1683)
  (b) Elizabeth Boone
  m. (1685) William Ivatt of London
  (c) Mary Boone (b 1651)
  m. John Oldbury of London
  (d) Dorothy Boone
  m1. (1680) Robert Boddington of London (dsp 1701)
  m2. (1702) Alexander Pitfield (d 1727, Treasurer of the Royal Society)
  (e) Jane Boone
  m1. Thomas Martin of Greenway & Cockington
  m2. Sir John Foche of London (d 1701)
  (f) Anna Boone (dsp bur 22.12.1685)
  m. (1680) Sir Francis Drake of Buckland, Bart (d 1718)
  (g)+ other issue - Robert (b 1647), Nathaniel (b 1649, dsp 1673), Christopher (b 1650, d 1682), Charles (bpt 18.04.1652, d unm 12.08.1689, MP)
  (iii)+ 5 daughters
  (C) Robert Boone of Leytonstone, Essex (b 1589, d 1657)
  (D) Willmot Boone (b 1578)
  m. (15.05.1597) Daniel Nicholas
  b.+ other issue - Thomas of Taunton, Christian
  iii.+ other issue - Robert (d 1554, Rector), Joan, Alice
  m2. Agnes (widow of John Goodere of Hulle in Taunton)

Main source(s): Burke's 'Distinguished Families of America' (1939?, 'Boone formerly of Dipford') and HoP (various) with thanks to a regular contributor (CV, 16.05.21) for bringing these to our attention
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