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Families covered: Brandling of Alnwick Abbey, Brandling of Felling, Brandling of Gosforth, Brandling of Newcastle

William or Robert Brandling of Spytton, Northumberland called William by Commoners, Robert by Visitation (1563-4)
m. Mary Browne (dau of _ Browne of Warke, sister/coheir of the Captain of Calais)
1. Robert Brandling
  m. _ Selbie (dau of William Selbie)
  A. John Brandling, Sheriff then Mayor of Newcastle (a 1509, 1520)
  Visitation (1563-4) identifies John's wife as "Margaret doughter to Robert Cla." but Commoners identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Helye (dau of William Helye)
  i. Sir Robert (probably not Ralph) Brandling of Feiling & Gosforth, Sheriff then Mayor of Newcastle (d 1568)
  m. Anne Place (dau of John Place of Halnaby (Alnaby) (by Catherine (or Elizabeth), sister/coheir of Thomas Surtees of Dinsdale)), relict of John Ifeld)
a. Anne Brandling (dsp)
  ii. Thomas Brandling in Antwerp, later of Felling, Durham
  m. Anne (dau of William Argegon alias Amalegene of Holland) named by Visitation (1563-4)
  a. William Brandling of Felling (d 1575)
  m. Anne Helye (dau of George Helye, m2. Charles Hall)
  (1) Robert Brandling of Felling, Sheriff of Northumberland (bpt 23.01.1574-5, a 1617)
  m1. Jane Wortley (d 1606-7, dau of Francis Wortley of Wortley)
(A) Sir Francis Brandling of Alnwick Abbey (b 06.04.1595, d 1641)
  m1. Elizabeth Grey (dau of Sir Ralph Grey of Chillingham)
  (i) Charles Brandling of Alnwick Abbey (d c1665, Colonel)
  m. (1650) Anne Widdrington (dau/heir of Robert Widdrington, m2. Sir Richard Nevile)
  (a) Robert Brandling of Alnwick Abbey (dsps 1681)
  m. Mary Hodgson (dau of William Hodgson of Winlaton)
  (b) Ralph Brandling of Felling & Middleton (b 07.12.1662, dsp)
  m. Anne Legh (dau/heir of John Leghe of Middleton)
  (c) Charles Brandling of Felling
  m. Margaret Grey (dau of John Grey of Howick)
  ((1)) Ralph Brandling of Felling (d 1749)
  m. (21.08.1729) Eleanor Ogle (dau of _ Ogle of Eglingham)
  ((A)) Ralph Brandling (b c1730, d 1751)
  ((B)) Charles Brandling of Gosforth, Sheriff of Northumberland (d 1781, MP)
m. Elizabeth Thompson (dau/heir of John Thompson of Shotton in Durham)
  ((i)) Charles John Brandling of Gosforth (dsp 01.02.1826)
  m. Frances Elizabeth Hawksworth (dau of William Hawksworth of Hawksworth)
  ((ii)) Ralph Henry Brandling of Gosforth House, Middletoin Lodge & Shotton Hall (b 20.11.1771)
  m. (12.04.1796) Emma Bowles (dau of Oldfield Bowles of North Aston)
  ((a)) Charles John Brandling (b 14.11.1797)
  m. (02.11.1824) Henrietta Armytage (dau of Sir G. Armytage, Bart of Kirklees)
  ((b)) Elizabeth Brandling
m. Sir Thomas Henry Browne of Bronwylfa (Colonel)
  ((c)) Emma Brandling who apparently married ...
  m. (1834) Charles Markham (b 1803, d 1842)
  ((d)) Mary Brandling (dsp)
  m. Charles Bell (Captain RN)
  ((iii)) Robert William Brandling of Low Gosforth (4th son)
m. Mary Jacques (dau of Thomas Jacques of Leeds)
  ((a)) Frances Sarah Brandling (d 1887) probably of this generation
  m. (1858) Henry Armytage (b 1796, d 1861)
  ((b)) Mary Brandling probably of this generation
  m. (25.04.1854) William Williamson (d 1884)
  ((c))+ 4 sons and 3 daughters
  ((iv)) Eleanor Brandling (d 1818)
  m1. William Ord of Fenham
  m2. Thomas Creevey (MP)
  ((v)) Margaret Brandling
  m. Rowland Burdon of Castle Eden
  ((vi)) Elizabeth Brandling
  m. Ralph William Grey of Backworth
  ((vii)) Barbara Brandling
  m. Rev. James Ord of Langton
  ((viii)) Anna Brandling
  m. F. Griffiths (Colonel)
  ((ix)) Sarah Brandling
  m. Matt. Bell of Wolsington
  ((x))+ other issue - John, Mary (d unm)
  ((2)) Margaret Brandling (d unm)
  (d) Mary Brandling
  m1. Alexander Amcotes of Pencher
  m2. John Lambe of West Herrington
  (ii) Ralph Brandling (d Marston Moor)
  (iii) Robert Brandling of Whitehouse in Alnwick (d 1664-5) had issue
  m. Margaret Forster
  (iv) Francis Brandling (d 1667)
  m. Mary Armorer of Ellingham
  (a) Ralph Brandling of Hoppen
  ((1)) Frances Brandling
  m. Nicholas Forster
  ((2)) Mary Brandling
  m. (1713) Edward Cook of Togston
((3))+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Margaret
  (b) Francis Brandling of Little Eden, Durham
  m. Abigail Wilkinson
  ((1)) daughter
  m. Thomas Ilderton of Ilderton
  ((2))+ 2 daughters
  (c) William Brandling (d unm)
(d) Frances Brandling
  m. Henry Bowes of Ellingham
  (e) daughter (possibly Frances?)
  m. Bryan Gray of Kyloe
  ((1)) Philadephia Gray (Grey) apparently of this generation
  m. (c1726) Rev. William Burrell of Broomepark (b 1687, bur 14.01.1751-2)
(f) daughter
  m. John Wilky of Broomhouse
  (v) Thomas Brandling of Hoppen, Northumberland (dsp 1700)
  m. Eleanor Fenwick
  m2. Elizabeth Pitt (dau of Sir William Pitt of Strathfieldsay, relict of Richard Wheeler)
  (B) John Brandling of Newcastle (d 1635, 4th son) had issue
  m. Troth (Bulmer) (m2. Richard Vincent of Great Smeaton)
  (C) Elizabeth Brandling
  m. George Wray of Beamish
(D)+ other issue - Thomas (b 24.02.1595-6), Richard (a 1633), Ralph (d unm), William (d young), Mary
  m2. Mary Hilton (dau of Thomas Hilton, Lord of Hilton)
  (I) Roger Brandling (captain)
  (J) Robert Brandling of Leathley, Yorkshire (b c1620, a 08.1665, Colonel)
  m. Helen Lindley (dau of Arthur Lindley of Leathley, widow of Sir Ingram Hopton of Armley)
  (i) Alathea Brandling (b c1656)
  m. Henry Hitch (son of Robert, Dean of York)
  (ii)+ other issue - Anne (b c1650), Jane (b c1652), Helen (b c1654)
named in Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1665, Brandling of Leathley)
  (2) Jane Brandling
  m. John Hedworth of Chester Deanery
  b. Cornelius Brandling of Newcastle-on-Tyne (d 06.1590)
  m. Mary
  The following comes from Visitation (Durham, 1575+1615, Brandling of Felling).
  (1) Robert Brandling
  (A)+ issue (a 1651) - Cornelius, Robert
  (2) Cornelius Brandling
  (A) Robert Brandling
  iii. Henry Brandling 'of Newcastle' (d 1578)
  m1. Margaret Midford (dau of Christopher Midford, alderman of Newcastle)
  a. Robert Brandling had issue
  b. daughter probably the Margaret mentioned by Visitation (1563-4)
  m. _ Selby
m2. Ursula Buckton (dau/heir of William Buckton of Buckton)
  c. Richard Brandling of Buckton, Yorkshire (d 1606) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Byrde (dau of Anthony Byrde of Thornope)
  d. William Brandling (d 1595)
  m. Katherine Fermor
  e. Ursula Brandling
  m. William Carre of Forde
  f. Anne Brandling shown by Visitation (1563-4) as daughter of Margaret Midford
  m. Ninyan Shafto of Newcastle (d 1581)
  iv. Dorothy Brandling
  m. Peter Riddell of Newcastle
  v. Katherine Brandling
  m. _ Burtfield
  vi. Margaret Brandling
  m. Edward Taylor of Newcastle
  vii. Eleanor Brandling
  m. _ Forster
  B. William Brandling
2. William Brandling

Main source(s): Commoners (vol II, Brandling of Gosforth) with a little support/input from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Brandling)
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