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Families covered: Brocket (Brockett) of Brocket Hall, Brocket of Codicot, Brocket of Markeatsell, Brocket of Whethampsted, Brocket of Willingale

The Visitations spell the family name with 2 Ts at the end (Brockett) but on this page we use what appears to be the more widely recognised spelling with just one T although we are not consistent with that elsewhere in the database.
Thomas Brocket of Brocket Hall
m. Dionice
1. Thomas Brocket of Brocket Hall (b c1393) the first mentioned by Visitation (Essex)
  m. Elizabeth Ashe (dau of William Ashe)
  A. Thomas Brocket (dvp?)
  B. Edward Brocket of Brocket Hall (b c1445, d 14.07.1488)
  m. Elizabeth Thwaytes
  i. John Brocket of Brocket Hall, Sheriff of Herfordshire (b c1460)
  m. Lucy Poulter or Pulter
  a. John Brocket of Brocket Hall, Sheriff of Herfordshire (b c1500)
  m. Dorothy Hughson or Huson of Hewson ("d. & heire to Hulse & Mamond")
(1) Sir John Brocket of Brocket Hall
  m. Margaret Bensted or Bensell
  (A) Sir John Brocket of Brocket Hall
  m1. Helen Litton (dau of Sir Robert Litton)
  (i) Margaret Brocket
  m1. (div) Sir John Cutts
m2. Sir Francis Leigh of Kings Mundham
  m3. Roger Dale of Tolthorpe & Tixover (d 12.1623)
  m4. Thomas Levett, Sheriff of Rutland (a 1651)
  (ii) Anne Brocket
  m. Sir Alexander Cave
  (iii) Elizabeth Brocket
  Visitation reports that Elizabeth married Sir John Carlton but the Carleton records show her son as Sir John and her husband as ...
  m. George Carleton of Holcombe (d 1627)
(iv) Helen Brocket
  m. Sir Richard Spencer (d 11.1624)
  (v) Mary Brocket (bur 20.04.1654)
  m. (03.1597-8) Sir Thomas Reade (b 1575, bur 20.12.1654)
  Brocket Hall passed into the Reade family.
Visitation identifies Sir John's 2nd wife as a (Miss) Fowler but TCP (North) identifies her as ...
  m2. Elizabeth Moore (dau of Roger Moore of Burcester)
  (vi) Frances Brocket (bur 28.02.1676/7)
  m. (11.1600) Dudley North, Lord North (b 18.09.1582, d 16.01.1666)
  (B) Edward Brocket of Whethampsted
  m. Etheldred Frodsham (dau of ?? Frodsham of Elton)
  (i) John Brocket of Whethampsted
  m1. Mary Garaway (dau of Sir Paul Garaway of Lewes)
  (a)+ issue - Edward, Charles, Judith
m2. Mary Banister (dau of George Banister)
  (d)+ other issue - George, Thomas, John, William, Banister, Henry
  (ii) Ursula Brocket
  m. Sir Edward Salter
  (iii) Isabel Brocket
  m. Sir Jerom Horsey
  (C) Thomas Brocket
  (D) Susan Brocket
  m. Edward Boughton
(E) Elizabeth Brocket
  m. John Pope of Wroxton (d 1583)
  (2) Nicholas Brocket of Markeatsell
  m. Margaret Hoo (dau of Thomas Hoo of Hoo)
  (A) Sir John Brocket of Markeatsell (bpt 14.01.1562)
  m. Mary Snagg (dau of Thomas Snagg of Mackery End, sergeant-at-law)
  (i) John Brocket of Caywell (bpt 24.07.1583, a 1634)
  m1. (c1608) Jane Lacon (d 1621, dau of Edward Lacon of Willy)
  (a) John Brocket (bpt 29.07.1612, d 12.03.1690 in Wallingford, Connecticut) had issue
  Visitation ends with this generation. Madsen reports that John "sailed to the American colonies to throw his lot with the Reverend John Davenport and Theophilus Eaton, Puritans from England" having married ...
  m. (14.08.1635) Mary Blackwell
  (b) Lacon Brocket (b 1609)
  m2. (08.07.1624) Elizabeth Mordaunt (dau of Edmond Mordaunt of Oakley)
(c)+ other issue - Edward (b 1625), Elizabeth (b 1626)
  (B) Johanna Brocket (bur 15.02.1566)
  (3) Robert Brocket
  m1. Margaret Farrow (dau of Henry Farrow of Bromfeild)
  (A)+ issue - Reignald, Alice
  m2. Margaret Gilbert
  (4) Edward Brocket of Willingalle, Essex
  m. Elizabeth Barley
(A) Nicholas Brocket of Willingale
  m. Jane Wiseman (dau of John Wiseman of Canfeild)
  (i) John Brocket of Willingale
  m. Elizabeth Taverner (dau of Thomas Taverner of Lamborne)
  (ii) Jane Brocket
  m. John Gray (brother of Thomas of Langley)
  (iii)+ other issue - Thomas, Edward, Anthony
  (5) Lucy Brocket
  m. Thomas Hoo of Hoo
  (6) Elizabeth Brocket probably of this generation
  m1. Sir Nicholas Barrington of Hatfield (d before 10.1521)
  m2. William Boughton
  (7)+ other issue - Jane, Alice
  b. Edward Brocket of Letchworth, Hertfordshire
  m. Margaret Micklefeld or Mikleford
  Madsen identifies Edward as ancestor of the Brockets of Codicot (Hertfordshire) & Dunton (Bedfordshire). The following came from Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1634, Brockett of Codicot).
  (1) William Brocket of Wyndhill, Hertfordshire
  m. Anne Bardolph (dau of Edmond Bardolph)
  (A) Edward Brocket
  (B) John Brocket of Codicot (a 1634, 3rd son)
  m. Dorothy Penne (dau/heir of Robert Penne of Codicote)
  (i) William Brocket
  m. Mary Combes (dau of Francis Combes of Hertfordshire)
  (ii) Margaret Brocket
  m. Richard Perkins
  (iii) Anne Brocket
  m. John Empe
  (iv)+ other issue - John of London, Edward, Charles, Richard, Thomas, Dorothy, Ellin
  c. Lucy Brocket (dsp)
  d. Elizabeth Brocket
  m. _ Barington
  e. Alice Brocket
  m. _ Hill
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas, Robert, William, Elizabeth, Alice
  C. Elizabeth Brocket
  m. _ Dalisonne

Main source(s):
(1) An article titled 'Brockett Family of England' by Raymond W. Madsen (1999), apparently reporting extracts from an article produced in 1983, shown on http://www.realtime.net/~edowdavd/Brockettpap.html
(2) Visitation (Essex, 1558, Brokett), Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1623, Brockett of Whethamstead)
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