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Families covered: Bruce of Annandale, Bruce of Carrick, Bruce (Brus) of Connington, Bruce (Brus) of Exton, Bruce of Scotland
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Sir Robert de Bruce, 2nd Lord of Annandale (b c1103, d 1194)
m. Euphemia shown by some web sites as 'of Aumale'
1. Robert de Bruce (dvpsp 1191)
  m. (1183) Isabel (natural dau of William 'the Lion', King of Scotland, she m2. Robert de Ros)
2. William de Bruce, 3rd Lord of Annandale (b c1142, d 1215)
  m. Christina (she m2. Patrick, Earl of Dunbar) see note below
  A. Sir Robert de Bruce, 4th Lord of Annandale (d 1245)
  m. Isabel de Huntingdon (b c1199, d c1251, dau of David, Earl of Huntingdon)
  Isabel was a niece of the Scots Kings Malcolm IV and William 'the Lion'. It was because of this connection that her great-grandson Robert became entitled to claim the throne.
  i. Sir Robert de Bruce, 'the Competitor', 5th Lord of Annandale (b c1215, d before 03.05.1294)
  m1. (1240) Isabel de Clare (b 1226, d 1254, dau of Gilbert de Clare, 1st Earl of Gloucester, 5th Earl of Hertford)
a. Sir Robert de Bruce, 'Earl of Carrick', 6th Lord of Annandale (b 07.1243, d by 04.04.1304)
  Sir Robert's 1st wife is normally recorded as Marjory, Countess of Carrick. However, as reported on RZmisc02, it seems that the Isobel who married Thomas Randolph was Robert's daughter before his marriage to Marjory. As he was about 28 at the time of that marriage, it is quite possible that he did have an earlier marriage or (perhaps more likely) 'a liaison'.
  m1. ?? (partner unknown)
  (1) ?? (possibly Isobel) Bruce
  m. Sir Thomas Randolph (d before 1306, Chamberlain)
m2. (1271) Marjory, Countess of Carrick (d 1292, dau of Neil, Earl of Carrick)
  (2) Robert 'the' Bruce, King Robert I of Scots (b 11.07.1274, d 07.06.1329)§A
  ancestors line R
  The following comes from TSP (Scotland).
  m1. (c1295) Isobel of Mar (dau of Sir Donald, 6th Earl of Mar)
(A) Marjorie Bruce
  m. Walter Stewart, 6th High Steward of Scotland (b 1292, d 1325)
  Their son became King Robert II.
  m2. (1302) Elizabeth de Burgh (d 1327, dau of Richard de Burgh, Earl of Ulster)
(B) David Bruce, King David II of Scots (b 05.03.1323-4, dsp 22.02.1370-1)
  m1. (17.07.1328) Joanna (d 14.08.1362, dau of King Edward II of England)
  m2. (c 20.02.1363-4, divorced 1369-70) Margaret Drummond (d 1375, dau of Sir Malcolm Drummond)
  (C) Matilda Bruce (d 20.07.1353)
  m. Thomas Isaac
  (i) Joan Isaac
  m. Ewen (John) MacDougall of Lorn, Chief of the Dougalls
(ii) Catherine Isaac (dsp)
  (D) Margaret Bruce (d by 11.1347) 
  m. (1343) William Sutherland, 5th Earl ('King') of Sutherland (d 1370)
  (E) John Bruce (d young)
  partner(s) unknown
(F) Margaret Bruce (a 29.02.1364)
  m. Robert Glen
  (G) Elizabeth Bruce
  m. (by 1365) Walter Oliphant of Aberdalgie, Sheriff of Stirling (a 10.1378)
  (H)+ other issue - Sir Robert (d Dupplin 12.08.1332), Nigel of Carrick (d Durham 17.10.1346), Christian of Carrick 
  (3) Edward Bruce, Earl of Carrick, King of Ireland (d 14.10.1318)
  m/p. Isabel of Strathbogie (d 1317, dau of John of Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl)
(A) Alexander Bruce, 'Earl of Carrick' (d Halidon Hill 19.07.1333)
  m. Eleanor Douglas (dau of Archibald Douglas, Regent)
  TCP (Carrick) notes that Alexander dspm and that the following daughter is often attributed to him but adds "there seems to be no evidence of her existence".
  (i) ? Eleanor Bruce
  m. Sir William de Cunynghame of Kilmaurs, 'Earl of Carrick'
  (4) Sir Thomas Bruce (d 1307)
  m. Helen of Erskine
  (5) Isobel Bruce
This Isobel is often identified as the wife of Sir Thomas Randolph and mother of Thomas, 1st Earl of Moray. We show that Isobel as this Isobel's half-sister (see above).
  m. (1292-3) Eirik II Magnusson, King of Norway (b 1268, d 15.07.1299)
  TSP (Carrick, Bruce) reports that "There is no foundation for the alleged second and third marriages of Isobel to an Earl of Atholl and an Alexander Bruce."
  (6) Mary Bruce (d 22.09.1323)
  m1. (c1312) Sir Neil Campbell of Lochow
  m2. (1316) Sir Alexander Fraser of Touchfraser & Cowie (d Dupplin 1332)
  (7) Christina Bruce (d 1357)
  m1. Gartney / Gratney, 7th Earl of Mar (d by 09.1305)
  m2. Sir Christopher Seton (d by 1307)
  m3. (c10.1325) Sir Andrew Moray of Bothwell, Regent (b 1298, d 1338)
  (8) Matilda/Maud Bruce (d by 1329)
  m. (c1308) Sir Hugh, 4th Earl of Ross (d Halidon Hill 19.07.1333)
  (9) Margaret Bruce
  m. Sir William de Carlyle (d before 03.1329)
  (10)+ other issue - Alexander (d 1307, Dean of Glasgow), Sir Nigel (d 1306)
  Possibly of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage/relationship is not known, was ...
  (12) Elizabeth Bruce
  m. Sir William Dishington (d c1360)
m3. Alianora (a 1306, she m2. Richard de Waleys)
  b. William de Bruce
  m. Elizabeth de Sully (dau of Raymond de Sully)
  c. Sir Bernard de Bruce or Brus of Connington (Huntingdonshire) & Exton (Rutland) (d by 08.1266)
  m1. Alicia de Clare 
  TSP identifies Bernard's 2nd wife as Constance de Morleyn but does not follow his line. The following comes from 'The Herald and Genealogist' (John Gough Nichols, vol VIII, 1874, 'Sir Bernard Bruce of Connington and Exton and his descendants', p336) which, apart from correcting sources such as BE1883, identifies his (only) wife and mother of his children as ...
  m2. Constance de Morteyn 
  (1) Bernard de Brus of Connington & Exton (d 23.11.1300)
  m. Agatha
  (A) Bernard de Brus of Connington & Exton (d 1329)
  m. Agnes (d c1337)
(i) Bernard de Brus of Connington & Exton (b 24.07.1311, dsp 1330-1)
  m. Matilda Crophill (d 12.1350, dau of Sir Ralph Crophill, m2. Benedict de Fulsham)
  (ii) John de Brus of Connington & Exton (b 13.06.1317, d c1344-5)
  m. Margaret Hardreshule
  (a) Agnes de Brus of Connington (b c1339)
  m1. Sir Hugh Wessenham (d 11.1375)
  m2. Robert Lovetot (d 09.1393)
  (b) Jane de Brus of Exton (b c1341, d 28.06.1421)
  m. Sir Nicholas Grene (Green)
(c)+ other issue - Bernard (b 1345, d 1346), Elizabeth (nun), Elen (nun)
  (2) John de Brus
  (A) Bernard de Brus of Thrapston (a 1321)
  (i) Elen de Brus
  d. Richard de Bruce (d by 01.1286-7)
  e. Sir John de Bruce not mentioned by TSP (Carrick)
  (1) Sir Robert de Bruce (d Dupplin 1332)
  As noted on Bruce03, the ancestry of Thomas, 1st of Clackmannan, is unclear. This is just one of several possibilities.
  m. Helena Vipont (dau of Allan Vipont of Lochleven)
  (A) Thomas Bruce, 1st of Clackmannan (d by 1384)
  m. Marjory Charteris
  f. Isabel de Bruce probably of this generation
  m. John FitzMarmaduke of Stranton
(1) Richard FitzMarmaduke (dsp?)
  m. Eleanor
  (2) Mary FitzMarmaduke
  m. Robert de Lumley (b by 1272, d before 13.07.1308)
  m2. (by 11.1275) Cristiana de Ireby (d 1305, dau of Sir William de Ireby)
  g. ?? Christina (Christian) de Bruce
  Although shown by various web sites, we doubt that this Christina ever existed because:
(1) TSP specifically reports that her alleged mother Cristiana, widow of Thomas Lascelles and Adam de Gesemuth, "had no issue by her third husband".
(2) She is identified by some of those web sites as being her own great-grandmother, the Christina, widow of William de Bruce of Annandale (above), who married Patrick, Earl of Dunbar, before 1218.
  ii. Beatrice de Bruce
  m. (by 1221) Hugo de Neville
  B.+ other issue - William, John
3. Euphemia de Bruce possibly of this generation
  m. Ivo(ne) de Kirkpatrick (a 1232)

Main source(s): TSP (Bruce of Carrick) with some support from BE1883 (Bruce of Annandale)
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