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Families covered: Burley of Bromcroft Castle, Burley of Burley, Burley of Worrall, Busk of Leeds

This family is reported to have derived its name from Burley in Herefordshire.
Hugh de Burley name found on a web site, Visitation starts with ...
1. Sir John Burley de Burley (Knight of the Garter)
  A. William Burley of Burley mentioned in Commoners (Gatacre)
  B. Sir Richard Burley (Knight of the Garter) mentioned in Commoners (Gatacre)
C. Sir Roger Burley
  m. Lucy Gilford (dau of William Gilford, relict of _ Browne)
  i. Sir Richard Burley (dsp, Knight of the Garter)
  ii. Sir John Burley of Bromcroft Castle, Sheriff of Shropshire (a 1409)
Visitation identifies him as just 'Sir John Burley Knt.', the extended description coming from Commoners (Gatacre).
  m. Alice (or Amy) Pembridge (dau of Richard Pembridge, sister/heir of Walter)
  a. Sir William (probably not Sir John) Burley of Bromcroft
(1) Visitation names him Sir John but:
- BP1934 (Cobham) shows Thomas Lyttleton's wife's father as Sir William Burley of Bromscroft Castle;
- BE1883 (Lyttleton of Frankley) names him as William Burley of Broomscroft Castle, Speaker of the House of Commons (1436-1443);
- BP1934 (Viscount Chetwynd) names him Sir William Burley of Bromsgrove; and
- Commoners (Gatacre) names him William Burley of Bromcroft, Sheriff in 1426, Speaker of the House of Commons.
It appears that each of 'Bromscroft', 'Broomscroft' and 'Bromsgrove' are wrong. They should read 'Bromcroft'.
(2) We are suspicious about Visitation's use of the name John and are concerned that there may be some confusion here, with Sir John and Sir William of Bromcroft having been different people. Each of BP1934 (Cobham), BP1934 (Chetwynd) and BE1883 (Lyttleton) describe Joan/Johanna as Sir William's co-heir, implying that she had a sister who also survived her father, but there may have been more than one Elizabeth Burley around at this time, one daughter of a Sir John and the other daughter of Sir William. None of the sources that name him as Sir William identify his wife so her identity cannot be used to support his.
  m. Alice Grey (dau of Richard, Lord Grey or Gray of Wilton) named in Visitation as wife of Sir John
  (1) Johanna or Joan Burley (d 22.03.1505)
  m1. (1442) Sir Philip Chetwynd of Ingestrie (dsp 1444)
  This marriage to Sir Philip reported by BP1934 (Cobham), BE1883 (Lyttleton of Frankley), BP1934 (Viscount Chetwynd) and Commoners (Gatacre) but not by Visitation (Hopton).
  m2. Sir Thomas Littleton (d 23.08.1481)
  (2) Elizabeth Burley
  Commoners (Gatacre) shows Elizabeth as married (only) to Thomas Trussel of Billesley but Visitation (Hopton) shows her as married first to Sir John Hopton and then to John Trussell.
  m1. Sir John Hopton
  m2. John or Thomas Trussel of Billesley ## see here ##
  b. William Burley
  (1) Richard Burley
  (A) John Burley
  (i) Hugh Burley
  m. Elizabeth (dau of William Fowler??)
  (a) Thomas Burley
  m. Jane Eyton (dau of Thomas or Henry Eyton)
  ((1)) Thomas Burley of Pansbury (a 1592)
  m. Jane Clough (dau of Robert Clough by Elizabeth Lingen)
  ((A)) Thomas Burley (a 1592)
  m. Sara Witcombe (dau of William Witcombe)
  ((B))+ other issue - Robert (dsp), Richard, Katherine, Anne
  ((2)) Sibilla Burley
  m. Thomas Dawes of Mothey
  ((3)) Katherine Burley
  m. Richard Porter
((4)) Alice Burley
  m. Thomas Cooke
  ((5))+ other issue - William, Edward
  c. Anna Burley
  m. Roland Wynesbury
  d. Margaret Burley
  m. _ Mitton of Weston
  e. Joyce Burley
  m. John Gattacre or Gatacre of Gatacre (b 1389, d 1426-7)
  f. Elizabeth Burley
  m. Reginald Corbet of Lee
  g. Katherine Burley
  m. Godfrey Harley of Brompton
  h. Maud Burley
  m. _ Playdon of Playdon
  i. Ellianora Burley
  m. John Corbet of Lee
Shown by Visitation as son of Sir John but by Commoners, which provides some details on him, as John's brother was ...
2. Sir Symon Burley, Constable of Dover Castle (dsp 05.05.1388, Knight of the Garter)
3. Sir Richard Burley (a 1366) mentioned in Commoners (Gatacre) as brother of Sir Simon and Sir John



Possibly brother-in-law of Laurence Eyre & Ralph Richardson was ...
Nicholas Burley of Worrall, Wadsey, etc. (a 1588, yeoman)
1. Henry Burley (a 1588)
  A. Nicholas Burley of the Yews in Ecclesfield (Bradfield?) (a 1588, 07.1642)
  m. (02.08.1592) Elizabeth Bright (dau of Anthony Bright of Dore)
  i. Edward Burley (dvp c1643)
  a. daughter
b. Mary Burley
  m. (1660) Joseph Marriott
  ii. Nicholas Burley (a 1653)
  a. issue (a 1643) - 2 sons + 2 daughters
  iii. John Burley 'of Middlewood House' (a 1653)
  a. Elizabeth Burley
  m. William Longsden
  iv. Elizabeth Burley (a 11.1668)
  m. Thomas Taylor of Wadsley
  v. Ellen Burley (a 1653)
  m. Richard Wainwright (d by 1653)
  vi. Anne Burley (b c1604, d 15.04.1685_
  m. George Shaw of Storrs
  vii. Diones Burley
  m. _ Fernley
  B.+ other issue - Christopher, Diones
2. Thomas Burley
  A. Nicholas Burley
  m. (?) _ Prince (sister of John Prince of Woolley)
3. Margaret Burley
  m. _ Hoyland
4. Elizabeth Burley
5. Mary or Margaret Burley
  m. _ Creswick
Possibly another daughter of Nicholas, possibly illegitimate?, was ...
6. Elizabeth Birley alias Sampson



Hans Hansson Buske in Sweden
m. Barbara
1. Jacob Hans Busk of Gottenburg, later of Leeds (b c1688, d 26.10.1755)
  m. (02.02.1715/6-16/7) Rachel Wadsworth of Wadsworth Hall (b 11.03.1688, d 04.10.1760-6, dau/coheir of John Wadsworth of Horbury)
  A. Hans Busk of Bull House, Leeds (b 02.04.1718, d 12.02.1792)
  m1. Ann Nesbit (dau of _ Nesbit of York by niece of _ Garforth)
  i. Rachel Ann Busk (d infant)
  m2. Martha Rodes (d 29.06.1802, dau/heir of Richard Rodes of Long Houghton)
  ii. Mary Anne Busk (b 10.02.1756, dsp 10.11.1802)
  m. (24.02.1778) James Milnes of Wakefield (dsp before 10.1805)
  iii. Rachael Busk (b 31.01.1760, d 16.06.1835)
  m. Richard Slater Milnes of Fryston
iv.+ other issue - William (b 10.12.1759, d infant), Martha (b 01.03.1757, d unm 17.05.1777)
  B. Sir Wadsworth Busk (b 03.01.1730, d 1811, Attorney General of the Isle of Man, youngest son)
  m1. (08.01.1765) Alice Parish (dau/coheir of Edward Clark Parish of Ipswich & Walthamstow)
  i. Edward Busk (b 1765, d 20.09.1838, bencher of the Middle Temple) had issue
  m. Sarah Thomasine Teshmaker (dau/coheir of Thomas Teshmaker of Ford's Grove (son of Merry & nephew/heir of James Gould of Ford's Grove))
  ii. Jacob Hans Busk (b 1767, d 1844)
  m. Martha Dawson (d 06.1821, dau of Joseph Dawson of Idel then Roydshall)
  iii. Hans Busk of London and/or Glenalder, Sheriff of Radnorshire (b 28.05.1772, d 08.02.1862, 5th son) had issue
  m. (07.05.1814) Maria Green (dau of Joseph Green of Paris)
  iv.+ other issue - Robert (b 1768, d 1835), William (b 1769, d 1849, MP)
  m2. (1787) Sara Birch (d 1819, dau of James Birch, widow of ?? Vane of Twyford Lodge)
  C. Rachael Busk (b 27.07.1729,dsp)
  m. _ Hawksworth of York
  D.+ other issue (d unm) - John (b 1720), Jacob (b 1722), Thomas (b 1725), Phoebe (b 1724), Barbara (b 1726), Mary (b 27.12.1727, d 20.06.1802)

Main source(s):
(1) For Burley-1 (uploaded 12.01.06) : Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Hopton of Stanton) with some support from Commoners (vol iii, Gatacre of Gatacre)
(2) For Burley-2 (uploaded 13.04.16) : FMG (vol 2, MS270, 'Taylor-Burley', p657)
(3) For Busk (uploaded 15.01.10) : BLG1886 (Busk of Ford's Grove), FMG (vol 1, MS5, Wadsworth - Priestley, Halstead, Busk)
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