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Families covered: Bolebec of Whitchurch, Bindlosse of Borwick Hall, Beconsaw of Borrow Cleare, Beconsaw of Moyle's Court, Buck of Blythe, Broadbent of Sheffield, Broadbent of Wortley

Hugh de Bolebec probably father of ...
1. Hugh de Bolebec (d before 1165)
A. Walter de Bolebec of Whitchurch (d c1175)
  i. Isabella de Bolebec (b 1175, dsp 1206/7)
  m. Aubrey de Vere, 2nd Earl of Oxford (b after 1162, dspl 1214)
  B. Constance de Bolebec (dsp)
  m. Elias de Beauchamp
  C. Isabella de Bolebec (d 03.02.1245) HJY
  m1. Henry de Nonant
  m2. Robert de Vere, 3rd Earl of Oxford (b after 1163, d before 25.10.1221) HJY
2. Walter de Bolebec (d c1187)
  m. Sibyl (dau of William de Vercy of Alnwick - sb Percy ?)
  A. Walter de Bolebec (dsp 1206)
  m. Margaret (dau of Henry FitzHervey)
  B. Sir Hugh de Bolebec (d c1240)
  m. Margaret de Montfichet (sister of Richard de Montfichet of Stanstead Manor)
i. Sir Hugh de Bolebec of Angerton, Doddington, Heddon, etc. (d 1262)
  m. Tiphaine or Theoponia de Baliol
  a. Hugh de Bolebec (dvp)
  b. Walter de Bolebec (dsp 1256)
  m. Mary de Merlay (dau of Roger de Merlay of Morpeth)
  c. Philippa de Bolebec (d before 01.09.1294)
  m. (before 23.10.1262) Sir Roger de Lancaster de Rydal, etc, Sheriff of Lancaster (d before 22.02.1290/1)
  d. Margery de Bolebec
  m1. Sir Nicholas Corbet of Staunton (d before 25.12.1280)
  m2. Ralph FitzWilliam of Grimsthorp, Lord FitzWilliam (d 11.02.1316/7)
  e. Alice de Bolebec (d by 1284)
  m. Walter de Huntercombe, Governor of Edinburgh Castle, Lord Huntercombe (dsp 1312/3)
  f. Matilda de Bolebec
  m1. Robert de Beumys
  m2. Hugh Delaval



Sir Robert Bindlosse, 1st of Borwick Hall, Lancashire (d c1629)
m1. Alice Dockwray (dau/coheir of Lancelot Dockwray of Dockwray Hall)
1. Anne Bindlosse
  m. Henry Denton
2. Alice Bindlosse
  m. Henry Bank of Bank Newton
m2. Mary Eltoft (dau of Edmund Eltoft of Thornhill (Farnhill?))
3. Sir Francis Bindlosse of Borwick Hall (bpt 09.04.1603, dvp 25.07.1629)
  m1. (Dorothy) Charnoke (dau of Thomas (sb Robert?) Charnoke of Charnoke)
A. Mary Bindlosse
  m. _ Dene of Mansfield
  m2. Cecilia West (d 02.1638, dau of Thomas West, Lord Delaware, m2. Sir John Byron)
  B. Sir Robert Bindlosse, Sheriff of Lancashire, Bart of Borwick Hall (bpt 08.05.1624, bur 15.11.1698, MP)
  m. Rebecca Perry (bur 17.06.1708, dau/coheir of Sir Hugh Perry, Sheriff of London, by Catharine, dau of Richard Fenne of London)
  i. Cecilia Bindlosse (d 19.01.1729-30)
  m. William Standish of Standish (b c1638, d 08.06.1705)
  C. Dorothy Bindlosse
  m. Sir Charles Wheler, Bart
  D.+ other issue - Deleware (d unm before 1664), Francis of Brock Hall (dsp)
4. Dorothy Bindlosse
  m. Charles Middleton of Belsey
5. Mary Bindlosse
  m. Robert Holt of Castleton
6. Jane Bindlosse
  m. Sir William Carnaby of Bothall



John Beconsaw of Beconsaw, Lancashire
1. John Beconsaw ("Came into Southton." (Southamptonshire))
  A. Edward Beconsaw
  i. John Beconsaw
  m. _ Peece
a. John Beconsaw of Borrow Cleare, Southamptonshire
  m. Anne Tichborne (dau of Nicholas Tichborne of Tichborne)
  (1) Peter Beconsaw of Barrow Cleare (a 1622)
  (2) Benjamin Beconsaw
  (3) Mary Beconsaw
  m. William Cornwallis of Suffolk
B. Walter Beconsaw of Hartley Westpall, Southamptonshire
  i. Richard Beconshaw
  m. Mary Wilmot (dau of Edward Wilmot of Newent)
  a. William Beconsaw of Moyle's Court in Elingham, Southamptonshire
  m. Alice White (dau/heir of William White of Moyles Court)
  (1) White Beconsaw of Moyle's Court
  m. (1613) Edith Bond (dau/coheir of William Bond of Blakenstone)
  (A) Alice Beconsaw (d 02.09.1685)
  m. (1636) John Lisle (b c1608, d 11.08.1664/7, Lord Chief Justice )
  (B) Elizabeth Beconsaw presumably the Elizabeth who married ...
  m. Sir Thomas Tipping of Wheatfield
  (2) Catherine Beconsaw
  m. William Jenkins of Avon
  (3) Dorothy Beconsaw
  m. David Budden of the Isle of Wight
  (4) Elizabeth Beconsaw possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Goodlake of Letcomb Regis (b 1580)



Thomas Buck of Blythe (bur 12.04.1703)
m. Anne
1. Thomas Buck of Sheffield (b 06.02.1687)
  m. Sarah
  A. Sarah Buck (b 09.05.1715, d 05.1803)
  m. Joseph Broadbent of Sheffield (b 1706, d 1761) @@ below
  B Ann Buck (b 18.06/8.1718)
  m. (01.07.1739) John Bland of London
  C.+ other issue - Edward (b 10.07.1710, d 1734?), Thomas (b c10.1720, d 26.12.1722), John (d 14.01.1723), Mary (d young)
  m2. (06.04.1721) Mary Wilson of Blythe (widow)
2. Edward Buck of Blythe probably fits here (connected by dotted line)
  m1. Ruth
  A. Anne Buck
  m. (17.05.1720) William Gulson (son of William of Coventry)
  B.+ other issue - Isaac (b 08.04.1698), Edward (b 1700)
3. Mary Buck
  m. (31.05.1701) William Kellan (son of John of Balby)
4. Susanna Buck
  m. (26.05.1709) John Adlam
  A. Ann Adlam
  m. Thomas Smith
5. Elizaabeth Buck (b 06.08.1680)
  m. (08.09.702) William Morley of Mattersay



Joseph Broadbent of Sheffield (b 12.03.1706, d 13.10.1761)
m. Sarah Buck (b 1715, d 1803, dau of Thomas Buck of Sheffield) @@ above
1. Thomas Broadbent of Sheffield (b 1749-50, d 13.01.1813)
  m. _ Wheeler
  A. Sarah Broadbent
  m. _ Routh
  B.+ other issue - Thomas, Edward (d young), Joseph (d c1796), Eliza (d young)
2. Rebecca Broadbent (d c11.1754)
  m. (14.09.1754) William Hird of Leeds
3. Sarah Broadbent (dsp)
  m. (03.05.1765) Thomas Pemberton of Birmingham
4. Ann Broadbent (b 1741-2, d 01.05.1823)
  m. Thomas Bland (b 1743, d 1807, cousin)
5. Elizabeth Broadbent (dsp)
  m. _ Routh of Wakefield
6.+ other issue - Joseph of Sheffield & Leeds (b 1741-2, dsp 25.02.1813), Susanna (d unm 1764), Mary (d young), 2 others (d young)



Francis Broadbent of Wortley (b 1624-5, d 15.09.1684)
m. Amm (b c1634, d 20.02.1711, m2. Richard Turner of Smithy Fold)
1. Francis Broadbent of Wortley (b 1660-1, d 11.06.1741)
  m1. Martha (b 1661-2, d 02.06.1698)
  A.+ issue - John (b 1689-90, d 21.09.1717), William (bpt 13.01.1682-3), George of Dodworth (bpt 14.05.1695, d unm), Martha (bpt 01.01.1697-8)
  m2. Mary Bramhall (dau/heir of George Bramhall of Norton Lees Hall (bur 09.06.1724) by Ann)
  E. Thomas Broadbent of Bramley Hall (bpt 24.02.1702-3, d unm)
  F. Francis Broadbent (bpt 26.06.1706)
  G. Elizabeth Broadbent (bpt 19.03.1699-1700)
  m. Paul Parkyn

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