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Families covered: Barnard of South Cave, Brandreth of Lees, Brandreth of Shenston, Brandreth of Weeford, Bulteel of Flete, Bulteel of Lyneham, Bexwell (Shordich) of Bexwell, Boyd of Danson Hill

John Brandreth of Weeford, Staffordshire
m. Jane Weston (dau of Ralph Weston of Rugeley, sister of Sir Richard)
1. Richard Brandreth of Shenston, Staffordshire (a 1663)
  m. Elizabeth Biddulph (dau of Michaell Biddulph of Elmhurst)
  A. John Brandreth (b 1636-7, a 1663)
  m. _ Fisher of Wincote
  i. Michael Brandreth (b c1665, 3rd son?) probably the Michael of Shenston who married ...
  m. Mary Staunton (dau of Harvey Staunton of Staunton)
  ii.+ other issue including John
  B. Lettice Brandreth
  m. William Vicars of London
  C. Mary Brandreth
  m. _ Rogers of Coventry
  D.+ other isssue - Richard, Theophilus
2. Roger Brandreth of Nottinghamshire, later of Upper Stonall in Stafforshire (d c1683) had issue
3. John Brandreth of Weeford & Lees probably of this generation
  John is not mentioned by Visitation. Showing him here is presumptuous as he could be (say) cousin rather than brother of Richard, Roger, etc.. The following comes from Commoners (vol 4, Brandreth of Stublach).
  A. Edward Brandreth (b 1645, d 1702, 2nd son)
  i. Obadiah Brandreth (b 1678, d unm 1750)
  ii. Thomas Brandreth of Lees, Cheshire (b 1686, d 1730)
a. Thomas Brandreth of Lees
  m. Mary Robinson
  (1) Joseph Brandreth 'of Broad Green Hall, Liverpool'
  m. (1780) Catharine Pilkington (dau of John Pilkington of Anderton)
  (A) Joseph Pilkington Brandreth of Stublach, Cheshire (b 08.09.1781) had issue
  m. (28.06.1810) Alice Harper (dau/coheir of William Harper of Davenham Hall)
  (B) Thomas Shaw Brandreth (b 24.07.1788) had issue
  m. (04.02.1822) Harriet Byrom (dau of Ashton Byrom of Fairview, Toxteth)
(C) Mary Brandreth
  m. (1807) Benjamin Gaskell of Thornes House
  (D) Catharine Brandreth
  m. Edward Rowe Lyall (Archdeacon of Colchester)
4. Elizabeth Brandreth
  m. Thomas Whadcock of Fillongley
5. Anne Brandreth (bpt 14.01.1612, bur 29.04.1690)
  m. (1632) John Swinfen of Swinfen
6. Sarah Brandreth
  m. William Heathe of Hamerwich
7. Jane Brandreth
  m. John Noble of Chorley
8. daughter
  m. _ Andrews



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John Bulteel of Flete, Devon
Mary Crocker (dau/heir of Courtenay Croker or Crocker of Lyneham)
1. John Bulteel of Lyneham & Flete (& Membland)
  m. Diana Bellenden (b 1731, d 1759, dau of John, Lord Bellenden)
  A. John Bulteel of Lyneham & Flete
  m. Elizabeth Perring (dau of Thomas Perring of Modbury)
  i. John Crocker Bulteel of Flete & Lyneham, Sheriff of Devon (d 10.09.1843)§R§
  m. (13.05.1826) Elizabeth Grey (d 08.11.1880, dau of Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey)



John Bexwell of Bexwell, Norfolk (a 1423)
Since it appears that this family was sometimes known as Shordich, it is likely that either an early member of the family married a Shordich heiress or it was originally named Shordich and changed its name to Bexwell when an early member married a Bexwell heiress.
1. Thomas Bexwell alias Shordich of Bexwell (a 1464)
  m. Elizabeth Tey (dau of Sir Henry Tey of Essex)
  A. Richard Bexwell alias Shordich of Bexwell (a 1488)
  m. Elizabeth Sharington (dau of Thomas Sharington or Sherington, sister of Thomas of Cranworth)
  i. John Bexwell alias Shordich of Bexwell (a 05.1546)
  m1. Margaret Carvile (dau of Humphry Carvile or Kyrvill of Wigenhall)
  a. John Bexwell alias Shordich (dsp?)
  b. Humphrey Bexwell alias Shordich
  (1) Gregory Bexwell alias Shordich
  c. Ann Bexwell alias Shordich
m. Robert Wright of Wigenhall
  m2. Elizabeth Bokenham (dau of George Bokenham of Snetterton (Bucknam of Sutherton))
  d. Francis Bexwell alias Shordich of Bexwell
  m. Ann Batchcroft (dau of Richard Batchcroft of Bexwell)
  (1) Henry Bexwell alias Shordich of Bexwell
  m. Ursula Pratt of Riston
  (A) Frances Bexwell (d 04.02.1699)
  m. Robert Aprice of Washingley
  (B)+ ither ussye (dsp) - Gregory, Susanna
  e. Robert Bexwell alias Shordich of Bexwell
  f. Ann Bexwell alias Shordich of Bexwell
  m. Leonard Spencer of Rendlesham
  ii. Jane Bexwell of Shordich
  m. _ Wentworth of Steeple Bumpsted
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas/Richard, Edmund, Elizabeth/Jone



John Augustus Boyd of London
m. (03.01.1717) Lucy Peters (dau of Judge _ Peters of St. Christopher Island)
1. Sir John Boyd of Danson Hill (Kent), 1st Bart (b 29.12.1718, d 24.01.1800)
  m1. (27.06.1749) Mary Bumsted (dau of William Bumsted of Upton)
  A. Sir John Boyd of Danson Hill, 2nd Bart (b 27.10.1750, d 30.05.1815)
  m. (26.02.1784) Margaret Harley (d 20.11.1830, dau of Thomas Harley (son of Edward, 3rd Earl of Oxford) by Anne, dau of Edward Bangham
  i. Sir John Boyd of Danson Hill, 3rd Bart (b 05.06.1786, d 19.01.1855) had issue
  m. (22.09.1818) Harriet Boyd (b 1792-3, d 27.04.1864, dau of Hugh Boyd of Bally Castle by Rose, dau/coheir of Alexander Boyd of Ballycastle by Anna Maria, dau of Archibald Acheson, 1st Viscount Gosford)
  ii. George Boyd (b 10.03.1793) had issue (2 daughters)
  m. (10.02.1828) Mary Elizabeth Blackshaw (dau of George Blackshaw)
  iii. Margaret Boyd
  B. Elizabeth Boyd
  m. John Trevanion (MP)
  C.+ other issue
  m2. (01.08.1766) Catherine Chapone (d 08.03.1813, dau of Rev. John Chapone of Charlton)
  D.+ other issue (dsp) - James, Sarah

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