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Families covered: Brockhull of Aldington, Brockhull of Brockhull, Braytoft of Braytoft, Blackstone of Priory Place (Castle Priory), Boxwell of Butlerstown, Boxwell of Lingstown Castle, Boxwell of Sarshill

Sir Warren de Brockull of Brockull in Saltwood, Kent (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307
1. Sir William de Brockhull of Brockhull
  A. Sir Thomas de Brockhull of Brockhull, Sheriff of Kent (a 1332, 1343)
  i. Sir John de Brockhull, Sheriff of Kent (a 1368)
  m. Ida Kyrill (dau of Sir John Kyrill)
  a. William de Brockhull (d c1396)
  m. Margaret
  (1) Nicholas de Brockhull of Aldington in Thurnham (d before 27.04.1461)
  m. Catharine Wood (dau of Adam Wood)
(A) William de Brockhull of Aldington (d 1512)
  m. Elizabeth Hever (dau of Thomas Hever)
  (i) Edward Brockhull of Aldington
  m. Mildred Ellis of Kennington
  (a) Henry Brockhull of Aldington (b c1533, d 1596)
  m. Margaret Catlyn (dau of Hugh Catlyn)
  ((1)) Ann Brockhull
  m. John Taylor of Thurnham
  ((2)) Martha Brockhull
  m. William Comber of Shermanbury
(b) Marion Brockhill (d 27.06.1604) possibly of this generation
  m1. Sir Thomas Hartfleet of Molland
  m2. (after 1559) Vincent St. Nicholas of Ashe (b c1531, d 08.1589)
  (2) Thomas de Brockhull of Brockhull (d 1437)
  (A) Elizabeth Brockhull
  m. Richard Sellinge of Brockhull (d 1468, ambassador)
  (i) John Sellinge of Brockhull (b 1440)
  m. Ann (d 1496, m2. Sir William Muston)
  (a) Joan Sellinge
  m. (1498) John Tornay of Calais (d before 1520)
  ii. Thomas de Brockhull of Calehill
  m. Joan



Allen Braytofte
m. Margery Pulford (dau of Sir Thomas Pulford)
1. Hugh Braytofte
  m. Julian Towthby (dau of Sir John Towthby)
  A. Sir William Braytofte
  m. Eleanor Langton (dau of Richard Langton)
  i. Henry Braytofte
  m. Nicola Rochford (dau of Sir Ralphe Rochford)
  a. William Braytofte
  (1) Sir William Braytoft
  m. Maude FitzRalphe (dau of Simon FitzRalphe of Ormesby)
  (A) Hugh Braytoft
  m. Jennett Caltoft (dau of Sir John de Caltoft)
  (i) John Braytoft
  m. Jennett Haydon (dau of John Haydon of Hatton)
  (a) John Braytoft
m. Katherine Hussey (dau of John Hussey of Flinchwins)
  ((1)) Richard Braytoft
  m. Margaret Jakes (dau of John Jakes of Glemsford)
  ((A)) John Braytoft 'of Braytoft'
  m. Alice Cawood (dau of William Cawood)
((i)) Anne Braytoft (nun)
  ((ii)) Jane Braytoft
  m. Sir Thomas Massingbeard 'of Braytoft Hall' (d 1552)
  ((B)) Hugh Braytoft 'of Braytoft Hall'
  m. Marie Bellingham (dau of John Bellingham)
  ((i)) Margaret Braytoft
  m. Roger Comberworth 'of Comberworth Hall', Lincolnshire
  The following connection is given in 'The Gentleman's Magazine' (NS vol3, 1835 (Jan-Jun), p468).
  ((a)) Anne Comberworth (Cumberworth)
  m. Thomas Wilson of Strubby (d 1551)
  ((C)) Thomas Braytoft
  (ii) Alice Braytoft
  m. Richard Skinner
  (iii) Margaret Braytoft
  m. _ Schnister (Silvester?)
  (2) daughter
  m. _ Brittaine



Charles Blackstone of Cheapside, London
m. (1718) Mary Bigg (dau of Lovelace Bigg of Chilton Follyatt by Dorothy, dau of William Wither of Manydown)
1. Henry Blackstone (d 1776, vicar of Adderbury)
  m. Jane Dymock Brereton (dau of John Brereton of Winchester)
  A.+ 2 daughters
2. Charles Blackstone
  m. Sarah Cooke (dau of Rev. Edmund Cooke)
  A. Charles Blackstone (vicar of Andover)
  m. (1792) Margaret Bigg-Wither (dau of Lovelace Bigg-Wither of Manydown)
i.+ issue - Frederick (cleric), Margaret
3. Sir William Blackstone of Priory Place, Wallingford (b 1723, d 14.02.1780, MP, judge)
  m. Sarah Clitheroe (dau of James Clitheroe of Boston House)
  A. Henry Blackstone of Priory Place (b 1763, dsp 1826)
  B. James Blackstone (b 1764, d 07.07.1830)
  m. (1804) Elizabeth Hamank (sb Flamank?) Jenkyns (dau of Richard Jenkyns of Cornwall)
  i. William Seymour Blackstone of Castle Priory (b 30.10.1809, d 1881, MP)
  C. Sarah Blackstone (d 1830)
  m. Thomas Rennell (Dean of Winchester)
  i. Sarah Rennell
  m. (1825) William (Coleridge), Bishop of Barbadoes
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp 1824, vicar of Kennington), William Blackstone (cleric), Charles John, Elizabeth
  D. Mary Blackstone (dsp 1830)
  m. William Cole (prebendary of Westminster)
  E. Philippa Blackstone
  m. (1790) Harry Lee
  F.+ other issue - William (d unm 1814), Charles (d unm 1835, rector of Worting)



John Boxwell of Wootton Bassett (Wiltshire), later of Wexford (b 1639)
m. (10.10.1672) Mary Ouseley (dau of Richard Ouseley by Anne, dau of William Ness (widow of Capt. Henry Gibbon))
1. John Boxwell of Lingstown Castle, co. Wexford
  m. (1700) Elizabeth Harvey (dau of Ambrose Harvey of Bargy)
  A. John Boxwell of Lingstown Castle (b 1701, d 06.02.1768)
  m. Elizabeth Harvey (dau of Rev. William Harvey of Bargy)
  i. John Boxwell of Lingstown Castle (b 1734, d 1814)
  m. (1764) Elizabeth Cullimore
  a. Francis Boxwell of Lingstown Castle (d 1823) had issue
  m. (18.05.1802) Mary Jamieson
  ii. Samuel Boxwell of Sarshill, co. Wexford (b 1743, d 10.01.1782)
  m. (1768) Mary Harvey (b c1727, d 08.01.1830, dau of Rev. Ambrose Harvey of Bargy)
  a. John Boxwell of Sarshill (b 1769, d 1798)
  m. (1790) Susanna Berry (dau of Joseph Berry (by Elizabeth Heath), m2. John Boxwell of Butlerstown)
  (1) Samuel Boxwell of Sarshill had issue
  m. (26.12.1829) Susan Richards (dau of Christopher Richards by Anne Berry)
  b. Ambrose Boxwell
  (1) Henry Boxwell of Wexford
  c.+ other issue - William (d unm in Jamaica), Samuel (dsp 02.1852), Henry (dsp), Elizabeth (d unm)
  iii. William Boxwell "whose male issue is extinct"
  iv. Ambrose Boxwell of Butlerstown, co. Wexford (b 1768, d 1825)
  m. Catherine Tanner of Linziestown
  a. John Boxwell of Butlerstown (d 1859) had issue
  m. (1802) Susanna Berry (dau of Joseph Berry (by Elizabeth Heath), widow of John Boxwell of Sarshill)
  v. Frances Boxwell (d unm)
  vi. Dorothea Boxwell
  m. John Atkin
  B.+ other issue - Ambrose, Sophia, Christina

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