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Families covered: Calthorp of Barsham, Calthorp (Calthorpe or Calthrop) of Cockthorp(e), Calthorp of Hickling

As mentioned at the top of 'Calthorp1', the spelling of the family name of this family appears in various forms, in particular Calthrop or Calthorp(e).
John Calthrop or Calthorpe of Cockthorp or Cockthorpe
m. _ Ermingland
1. Christopher Calthorp or Calthorpe of Cockthorpe
  A. John Calthorp of Cockthorp
  m. Catherine Astley (dau of John Astley of Melton)
  i. Christopher Calthorp of Cockthorpe
  m. _ Antingham
a. James Calthorp of Cockthorpe (bur 22.04.1559)
  m. Elizabeth Garnish (dau of (Robert) Garnish (Garneys) of Kenton)
  (1) Christopher Calthorpe of Cockthorpe
  m. Jane Rokewood (dau of Roger Rokewood) ## see here ##
  (A) Sir James Calthorpe of Cockthorpe
The Visitation records show Sir James's wife as an unnamed daughter of John Bacon. Le Neve's record, which starts with this Sir James, identifies her as ...
  m. Barbara Bacon (dau of Francis Bacon of Hegeset)
  (i) Christhoper Calthorpe of Cockthorpe Blakney
  m. (1602) Maud Thurton (dau of John Thurton of Brome Hall, Cockthorpe)
  (a) James Calthorp of East Barsham
  m1. Mary Farmer (dau of William Farmer of East Barsham)
  ((1))+ issue (d young)
m2. (30.07.1641) Katherine Lewknor (d 1677, dau of Sir Edward Lewknor of Denham)
  ((2)) Sir Christopher Calthorp of East Barsham (d 07.02.1717-8)
  m. Dorothy Spring (d 1716, dau of Sir William Spring, Bart of Lanham)
  ((A)) Christopher Calthorp (dvp?, 2nd son)
  m. Hanna Maria Grey (dau of Thomas Grey of Merton)
  ((i)) Christopher Calthorp (b 05.11.1707, dsp?)
  ((ii)) James Calthorp (d young)
  ((B)) Anne Calthorp (a 1718)
Possibly the Anne who died in 1743 having married her cousin ...
  m. (27.07.1721) Sir Thomas L'Estrange, 5th Bart of Hunstanton (dsp 08.11.1751)
  ((C))+ other issue - James (d unm c1696), Katherine, Elizabeth (d unm 1715), Dorothy (d unm)
  ((3))+ other issue - James (a 1698), Charles (dsp 1677), Edward (dsp), Katherine (dsp), Mary (dsp)
  (b) Grace Calthorp
  m. Robert Strutt of Suffolk
  (c) Barbara Calthorp
  m. Henry Mordaunt
  (d) Maud Calthorp
  m. _ Corbett (minister)
  (e)+ other issue - Christopher (had issue, to Virginia), Edward (had issue), Charles (dsp), Philip, Oliver (dsp), Ellen
  (ii) Philip Calthorp of Gressenhall
  m. _ Wade
(a) Sir Lestrange Calthorp
  m. Anne Turner (dau of Arthur Turner)
  ((1)) James Calthorp of West Barsham (d 1691)
  m. Elizabeth Cooper (dau of James Cooper of Drury Lane)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Calthorp (b c1685, a 1698)
  ((B))+ other issue (dsp by 1698) - James, Anne
  ((2))+ other issue (dsp) - Arthur, Lestrange
  (iii) Sir Henry Calthorp had issue
  (iv) Anne Calthorpe probably of this generation
  m. Sir William de Grey of Merton (d 1632)
(v) Jane Calthorpe probably of this generation
  m. Sir Edward Peyton of Great Bradley, 2nd Bart of Iselham (d 04.1657)
  (vi) Barbara Calthorpe (b 1590-1, d 14.02.1667) probably of this generation
  m. (1616) Sir Valentine Pell of Dersingham (b 05.03.1586, d before 02.03.1658)
  (B) Anne Calthorp
  m. Senolphus Bell (son of Sir Robert)
  (2) Thomas Calthorp
  m. Ann Holdich
  (3) John Calthorp
  (4) Anne or Janet Calthorp
  m. Michael (not John) Penneston
  (5) Mary Calthorp
  m. Thomas Mordaunt
  b.+ other issue (dsp) - William, Bridget
  ii. Richard Calthorp of Antingham
  m. Ann Hastings (dau of Edmund Hastings)
  a. Anthony Calthorp of London (d 19.07.1594, 2nd son)
m. (?) Jone Harris (dau of Nicholas Harris of Kent)
  (1) Judith Calthorp
  m. William Higges of London
  (2) Joane Calthorp
  m. Richard Dilkes of Leicester
(3)+ other issue - Clement, Henry
  b. Sir Martyn Calthorp, Lord Mayor of London (5th son)
  m. Joan Heath (dau of John Heath of Limspfield by Thomasine, dau of Thomas Selyard of Delaware, widow of William Freeson of London) wife of Sir Martyn, possibly mother of ...
  (1) Sir Martin Calthorp 'of Antingham' of Hickling, Norfolk
  Le Neve does not follow this line. This Martin is identified by Visitation (Sussex, 1634, 'Crump') as son of the Lord Mayor and father of Joan by ...
  m. Elizabeth Smith (dau of Amb(rose) Smith of London) mother of Joan, probably also of ...
(A) Martin Calthorp of Hickling
  The following was given by Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, 'Calthorpe of Hickling') which identifies this Martin as a grandson of Lord Mayor Martin.
m. (1608) Elizabeth Richers (dau of John Richers of Swaningtonhall)
  (i) John Calthorp of Hickling (b c1611, d 1658)
  m. (1637) Katherine Pell (b c1618, d 1681, dau of Sir Valentine Pell of Darsingham)
  (a) John Calthorp of Hickling (b c1652, d before 22.04.1689)
  m. (1670) Elizabeth Cuddon (d 1701, dau of Francis Cuddon of Shaddingfield)
  ((1)) Martin Calthorp of Hickling (b 1672, a 1717) had issue
  m. (1694) Elizabeth Wicks (a 1717, dau/heir of William Wicks or Wilkes of London)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Calthorp
  ((3)) Katherine Calthorp
  m. Thomas Blofeld
  (b) Barbara Calthorp
  m1. (1661) Peter Whitaker
  m2. (1668) Matthew Markham
  (c) Katherine Calthorp
m. (1665) John Husbands
  (d) Elizabeth Calthorp
  m. (1682) John Thomson of Waxham
  (e) Margaret Calthorp
  (B) Joan Calthorpe
  m. John Crump of Stonesinke
  (2) Anne Calthorpe
  m. Sir Thomas Peyton of Knowlton (d 1611)
  (3) Judith Calthorp probably of this generation
m. Sir Martin Barnham of Hollingborne (d 1610)
  c. Bertram Calthorp of Thorpe Mallett
  m. Margaret Tychbourne (dau of Richard Tychbourne by Margaret Martyn)
  (1)+ issue - Mary, Margaret, Anne, Elizabeth, Audrey, Dorothy
  d. Edmund Calthorp (youngest son)
  (1) Dinoysia Calthorp (heir, 'niece of Sir Martin, Lord Mayor in 1588') probably of this generation
  m. Robert Woodroffe of London
  e. Ann Calthorp probably of this generation
  m. Robert Jermy of Antingham
  f.+ other issue - John, Thomas
  iii. Jane Calthorp
  m. _ Yelverton
  iv. Ann Calthorp
  m. Thomas Brome
  v. Mary Calthorp
  m. John Symonds of Suffolk
2. Oliver Calthrop

Main source(s): Visitation (Norfolk, 1563/1589/1613, Calthrop), Le Neve's 'Pedigrees of the Knights' (1696, edited by George Marshall 1873)
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