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Families covered: Chen of Arnage, Chen of Duffus, Chen of Essilmont, Chesney of Grafham, Chen of Inverugie, Chen or Cheyne of Straloch

William le Chen
1. Bernard le Chen of Inverugie
  A. Sir Reginald le Chen of Inverugie (d by 1293)
  m1. ?? Comyn (dau of William de Comyn, 1st Earl of Buchan, Justiciar)
  i. Sir Reginald le Chen of Inverugie, Duffus & Straloch (d by 1312)
  m. Mary de Moravia (dau of Freskin de Moravia of Duffus)
  a. Sir Reginald le Chen of Inverugie, Duffus & Straloch, Sheriff of Inverness, etc§D
m. Helen of Strathearn (dau of Malise, Earl of Strathearn)
  (1) Mariot le Chen --
  m1. John de Douglas (dsp before 1366, of Landon/Dalkeith family)
  m2. (c1368) John Keith, 1st of Inverugie --
  (2) Marjory or Mary le Chen --
  m. Nicholas Sutherland of Duffus --
  b. Francis le Chen of Straloch
  m. Isabel Comyn (dau of John Comyn, 3rd Earl of Buchan)
  (1) Sir Henry le Chen, 2nd of Straloch (a 1350)
  (2) Reginald le Chen, 3rd of Straloch, 1st of Essilmont & Arnage
  m1. ??
m2. Janet Marshall (dau of William Marescalle of Essilmont & Arnage)
  (A) John le Chen, 4th of Straloch, 2nd of Essilmont & Arnage (d before 1450)
  m. Katherine Fenton (dau of Fenton of Fenton)
  (i) Ranald Cheyne, 5th of Straloch
  m. ?? Leslie (dau of Sir Andrew Leslie, 3rd of Balquhain)
  (a) John Cheyne, 6th of Straloch, Sheriff of Elgin, etc (d c1503)
  m. ?? Leslie (dau of Sir William Leslie, 4th of Balquhain)
  ((1)) James Cheyne, 7th of Straloch
m. ?? Leslie (dau of George Leslie of New Leslie)
  ((A)) Alexander Cheyne, 8th of Straloch (a 1548)
  m. Katherine Meldrum (of Fyvie)
  ((i)) William Cheyne, 9th of Straloch (a 1569)
  ((a)) John Cheyne, 10th of Straloch (d before 1590)
m. Mary or Margaret Forbes (dau of Alexander Forbes, 6th of Pitsligo)
  (((1))) John Cheyne, 11th of Straloch (dsp)
  m. Barbara Keith
  (((2))) Mary or Marjorie Cheyne
  m. Walter Cheyne, 9th of Arnage
  ((b)) Alexander Cheyne
  ((ii)) George Cheyne of Bethelny
  m. Catherine Leslie (natural dau of John Leslie, 2nd of Wardes)
  ((a)) William Cheyne of Baybasle
  m. Elizabeth Troup of Begishill
  (((1))) John Cheyne in Masovia, Poland
((iii)) Clare Cheyne
  m. William Gordon, 4th of Craig
  ((iv)) Elizabeth Cheyne
  m. George Stirling
  ((B)) Jean Cheyne
  m. Alexander Con of Auchry (grandson of Donald of the Isles)
  ((2)) daughter
  m. James Gordon of Cairnbannoch
(ii) Henry Cheyne, 3rd of Essilmont and Arnage (d 1494)
  m. _ Ogston
  (iii) Isabel Chene
  m. John Rose, 6th of Kilravock (d c1454)
  (3) Francis le Chen
  (4) Christian le Chen --
  m. Sir Alexander de Seton (d c1350) --
  c. Elene le Chen
  m. Sir William de Moubray
  d. Beatrix le Chen possibly fits here --
  m. Sir Andrew Fraser, younger of Touchfraser, Sheriff of Stirling (dvp by 1306) --
  ii. Henry le Chen, Bishop of Aberdeen
  m2. Eustacia Colville (dau of Sir William Colville of Ochiltree)



Roger de Chesney of Grafham & Milton (a 1109)
m. Alice de Langtot (a 1142, dau of Ralph de Langtot of Compton Giffard)
1. Hugh de Chesney (d c1165)
  m. Dionisia
  A. Ralph de Chesney (d c1195)
  i. Lucy de Chesney
  m. Guy de Dive (d 1218)
  a. William de Dive (a 1240)
  (1)+ issue - Henry (a 1273), John in Grafham
  ii. Matilda de Chesney
  m. Henry FitzGerald
  a.+ issue (a 1185) - Warine (b c1167), son (b c1173)
  B. William de Chesney
  i. Agnes de Chesney (a 1242)
  m. Simon de Maidwell (d before 1242)
C. Alice de Chesney (a 1204)
  m1. Warin de Plaiz
  m2. Robert de Eston (a 1204)
2. William de Chesney (d by 1170, 4th son?)
  A. Roger de Chesney (dsp)
3. Robert de Chesney, Bishop of Lincoln (d 27.12.1166, younger son)
4. Beatrice de Chesney
  m. Ralph Murdac
5. Hawise de Chesney "perhaps the wife of" ...
m. Roger d'Oilly
6. Agnes de Chesney
  MGH reports that one of the daughters married a Foliot and was mother of Gilbert Foliot, Bishop of Hereford. Wikipedia ("Gilbert Foliot") names her Agnes and provides the following as 'probable'. Note that Wikipedia ("Bishop of Hereford") shows that Gilbert was Bishop of Hereford from 1148 to 1632 and that there were 2 other Foliot Bishops of Hereford shortly after him: Robert (1171-1186) and Hugh (1219-1234, ## see here ##).
  m. Robert Foliot
  A. Gilbert Foliot, Bishop of Hereford then London (b c1110, d 18.02.1187)
7.+ other issue - Roger (dsp c1142-7), Ralph (dsp before 1154), Isabel, other daughters
  MGH reports that one of the daughters married ...
  m. Hugh FitzGocelin
  A. Walter de Chesney

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(2) For lower section (uploaded 14.02.22) : MGH (NS5 vol 5 (1925), 'Chart of the Chesney Family ...', p160)
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