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Families covered: Clifford of Frampton

Richard de Clifford of Frampton, Gloucestershire (d 1213)
m. Letitia de Berkeley (dau of Roger de Berkeley of Berkeley)
1. Sir Hugh de Clifford of Frampton (d 1254)
  m. Margery
  A. Sir John de Clifford of Frampton (d 1292)
  m. Margery Hereward
  i. Richard de Clifford of Frampton (dsp?)
  ii. Isabella de Clifford (a 1319)
  Isabella is identifed by TCP (FitzPayn) as dau of Sir John and sister/coheir of Richard.
  m. Robert FitzPayn, 1st Lord (d 22.08.1315)
  iii. daughter



Possibly connected to the above, but (if so) exactly how is not known, was the undermentioned Henry. VCH indicates that the Frampton Court which was owned by the following family was different from the Frampton Manor referred to above, although the estate of Frampton Court was later referred to as a manor. Visitation starts with ...
Henry Clfford
m. Mawde
1. William Clifford of Frampton, Gloucestershire
  m. Mawde Seymor (dau of Sir John Seymor)
  A. William Clifford of Frampton (d 1321) apparently the first mentioned by VCH
  m. Katheren
  i. John Clifford of Frampton this generation omitted by Visitation
  a. James Clifford of Frampton (d by 1426)
  m1. Margaret Hedley
  (1) Henry Clifford of Frampton (d 1452)
  m. _ Hoore
(A) James Clifford of Frampton (d 1468)
  m. _ Folliott
  (i) Henry Clifford of Frampton (d 1485)
  m. Anne Trye (dau of Thomas Trye, sister/heir of Sir William, m2. Alexander Baynham)
  (a) James Clifford of Frampton (d 1544)
m. Anne Harewell (dau/heir of John Harewell of Wootton)
  ((1)) Henry Clifford of Frampton (d 1559) the first mentioned by Visitation (1682-3)
  m. Mabell Walshe (dau of Sir John Walshe or Welshe of Liddle Sodbury)
  ((A)) James Clifford of Frampton (d 1613)
  m. Elizabeth or Dorothy Fox (dau of Charles Fox of Bromhill)
  ((i)) Mary Clifford (dsp 1640)
  m1. Henry Clifford of Borscombe
  m2. John Cage (d 1643)
  ((B)) George Clifford
  m. Alice Bower (dau of Henry Bower)
  ((i)) Anthony Clifford of Frampton (dsp 1650)
  ((C) John Clifford
  m. Dorothy Grey (dau of _ Grey (or Guye) of Upton)
  ((i)) Henry Clifford (d c1640)
  m. (Susanna?) Bland of Northampton Town
  ((a)) Richard Clifford of Frampton (b c1598, d 1658)
  m. Anne Lands (b c1592, a 1682, dau of William Lands of Sandwich)
  (((1))) Edmund Clifford of Wickin, Northamptonshire (d c1661)
  m. Christian Robbins (d 1681, dau of Samuel Robbins of Banbury)
  (((A))) Edmund Clifford of Frampton (b 14.10.1661, a 1682)
  (((2))) Susanna Clifford
  m. Edward Chamberlaine
  (((A)))+ issue - Peregrine, John, Edward
  ((b)) John Clifford (a 1682)
  m. (sp?) _ Gibbes
  ((c))+ other issue - Thomas (d young), Henry (d unm), Maria (d young)
  ((ii)) Richard Clifford (d young)
  ((D)) William Clifford
  m. Joan Beard (dau of Thomas Beard of Salte)
  ((i)) James Clifford of Swindon, Gloucestershire (b c1564, d c1638)
  m1. ??
  ((a)) William Clifford
  m. _ Bifield
  ((b)) Joseph Clifford
  m. _ Pennington
  ((c)) Sarah Clifford
  m. Gilbert Perratz
  ((d)) Abigail Clifford
  m. _ Dubberley
  ((e)) Hesther Clifford
m. Edward Watkins
  m2. Blanch Hopkins (Dau of Thomas Hopkins of Huelsfield)
  ((f)) John Clifford of Frampton (d 1684)
  m1. Mary Shepheard (d c1594, dau of William Shepheard of Horsley)
  (((1))) Mary Clifford
  m. Nathaniel Clutterbuck of Eastington
  Parts of the Frampton estate passed to a descendant of this marriage who took the name Clifford.
  (((2))) Anne Clifford (d young)
  (((3))) Rosamund Clifford
  m1. Edward Haynes of Frampton
  (((A)))+ issue - Rosamond, Mary
  m2. John Symens
  (((C)))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Joan
  m3. Zachariah Wintle
  (((E)))+ other issue - John, William, Zachariah (d infant), Sarah, Anne
  m2. Joan Selfe (dau of Isaac Selfe of Melsham)
  ((g)) Daniel Clifford (d infant)
((h)) Hannah Clifford
  m. John Fowler of Westbiry
  ((i)) Mary Clifford
  m. George Webley of Leonards Stanley
  ((ii))+ other issue - Charles (dsp), Henry, John, Thomas (dsp), Charles (dsp), Mathias, Dorothy, Rosamund
  ((E)) Thomas Clifford
  m. Anne Rolles (dau of Richard Rolles of Frampton)
  ((i)) Mabell Clifford (bur 01.04.1657)
  m. (26.01.168-9) John Huxley
  ((F)) Ferdinando Clifford
  ((G)) Anne Clifford (dsp)
  m. William Watson
  ((G)) Jane Clifford
  m. Stephen Wilcox
  ((i)) Rowland Wilcox
  ((2)) Margaret Clifford
m. Robert Bradston of Winterborne
  ((3)) Avia Clifford
  m. Mahew Madocks of Lydney
  ((4)) Katherine Clifford
  m. Edward Wykes of Tom'ton
((5)) Alice Clifford (dsp)
  m. Anselm Gyse of Elmor
  ((6)) Frances Clifford
  m. Edward Barrowe
  ((A)) James Barrowe
  ((7)) Janet Clifford possibly of this generation
  m. John Yate of Arlingham
(b) daughter
  m. _ Hatheway
  (2) Katherine Clfford possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Giles Bruges of Cubberley (b 21.12.1396, d 13.04.1467)
  m2. Joane
  b. Henry Clfford (4th son)
  m. Mawde
  (1) John Clifford of Frampton
  (A) Alice Clifford
  m. William Teste
  (i) Lawrence Teste (d 1507-8)
  m. Joane
  (a) Mary (or Margaret) Teste
  m. William Codrington or Cordington
  (b)+ other issue - Gyles (dsp 1542), John (dsp 1507-8), Grace, Margaret
  c.+ other issue - William, Peter, Stephen, Thomas, Margaret

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