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Families covered: Cockburn of Chouslie, Cockburn ('of that ilk') of Cockburn, Cockburn of Ryslaw

There is (or at least was) much confusion regarding the ancestry of the later baronets 'of that ilk' (of Cockburn). As reported at the top of Cockburn1, we follow what is reported in BP1934 on the grounds that what it said is still being reported in BP1999 but we are nervous about rejecting the pedigree given in TCB which is normally reliable and which appears to have taken trouble investigating this family. The difference centres on the ancestry of John Cockburn of Kilkenny who BP1934 and BP1999 show was of the family 'of that ilk' whereas BP1870 & TCB show him as of the family of Ryslaw. Because of this disagreement, TCB shows that the line of the baronets 'of that ilk' failed but the line of the baronets of Ryslaw did not whereas BP1934 shows it the other way around. A complication is that one of the baronets, presumably not being aware of his true pedigree, believed that his baronetcy arose from his succession to the baronetcy of Ryslaw (when that line failed) on the grounds that he was "heir male collateral" of that line whereas in fact (we think, if BP1934 is right) it was because he was a normal successor to the baronetcy 'of that ilk'. Such confusion may have been exacerbated by the apparent facts that the limitations (the succession) of the Ryslaw baronetcy are unknown - indeed, it is not certain that it was ever created - so, assuming that it was created, it is not clear whether or not claims to the succession of that baronetcy would have been valid if that line had in fact died out. Research into this family would not have been helped by the fact that some of the Ryslaw baronets (the last ones?) lived mostly in the Low Countries rather than in Britain.
William Cockburn 'of that ilk' of Cockburn
m. (before 30.12.1530) Isobel Home (dau of Sir David Home of Wedderburn)
TCB suggests that there was another generation, another William, between the above William and ...
1. Alexander Cockburn 'of that ilk' of Cockburn (d before 09.07.1583)
  m. Helena Hepburn (dau of Sir Patrick Hepburn of Bolton)
  A. William Cockburn 'of that ilk' of Cockburn (a 1583)
m. Helen Renton (dau of John Renton of Billie)
  i. William Cockburn 'of that ilk' of Cockburn
  m. (03.05.1596) Elizabeth Kincade (dau of John Kincade of Warriston)
  a. John Cockburn 'of that ilk' of Cockburn (b 1598, d 1652)
  m. (10.1626) Elspeth Oliphant (dau of Sir William Oliphant of Newtown)
  (1) William Cockburn 'of that ilk' of Cockburn (dsp 03.1663)
  (2) Sir James Cockburn 'of that ilk', 1st Bart (b 07.11.1628, bur 03.01.1704)
  m. (08.01.1658) Grissel Hay (dau of Alexander Hay of Barra)
  (A) Sir William Cockburn 'of that ilk', 2nd Bart (b 11.09.1662, bur 10.01.1751, 2nd son)
  m. Helen Lermonth (d 28.11.1764, dau of Mark Lermonth)
  (i) Sir James Cockburn 'of that ilk', 3rd Bart (d 13.03.1780, Lt. Colonel)
  m(1). (08.04.1764) Mary Rochead (d 05.09.1766, dau of Robert Rochead of Masterton)
  (a) Sir William James Cockburn 'of that ilk', 4th Bart (d unm 09.01.1800, Lt. Colonel)
  p/(m2). Phoebe Sharman of Cork (d 1798)
  (b) Sir James Cockburn, '5th Bart' (dsp)
  Sir James assumed the title but there were doubts about his legitimacy.
  (c)+ other issue (dsp) - George (d 25.10.1800), Robert (d 07.1800)
  (ii) Grissell Cockburn
  m. John Greenfield (Captain)
  (iii)+ other issue - Jean, Helen, Elizabeth, Isobelle
  (B) John Cockburn of Kilkenny (b 22.04.1675, d 12.12.1758, surgeon, 4th son)
  Alternative ancestries for John or his sons William & James, as suggested by TCB (Cockburn of Ryslaw) and BP1870 respectively, are reported below.
  m. (1720) Martha Rich of Kilkenny (d 14.01.1756)
  (i) William Cockburn (b 1721, d 07.06.1776, Archdeacon of Ossory)
  m. (10.12.1763) Susanna Savage
  (a) Frances Cockburn
  m. E. Pidgeon (vicar of St. John's, Kilkenny)
  (b) Mary Cockburn
m. _ Proctor (Maj. General)
  (c)+ other issue (d unm) - William (d infant), Susanna (bpt 22.11.1462), Elizabeth
  (ii) Sir James Cockburn 'of that ilk', 5th Bart (b 1723, d 09.06.1809, Quartermaster General in North America)
BP1870 (Cockburn of Cockburn and Ryslaw) suggests that Sir James was not a baronet but that his son inherited the baronetcy of Ryslaw. We follow BP1934 which makes no mention of the claim in respect of Ryslaw.
  m. Laetitia Little (d 11.11.1804, dau of Luke Little of Carlow)
  (a) Sir William Cockburn 'of that ilk', 6th Bart (b 1769, d 19.03.1835, Lt. General)
  m1. (01.06.1791) Eliza Anne Creutzer (d 30.06.1829, dau of Col. Henry Frederick Creutzer of Mannheim by Eliza Jacob)
  ((1)) Sir William Sarsfield Rossiter Cockburn 'of that ilk', 7th Bart (b 11.06.1796, d 12.04.1858) had issue
  m. (15.10.1823) Ann Coke (d 12.04.1879, dau of Rev. Francis Coke of Lemore)
((2)) Katherine Cockburn
  m. (06.05.1828) Edward Cludde of Orleton
  m2. (02.07.1834, sp) Martha Honora Georgina Ricketts-Jervis (d 26.02.1865, dau of Capt. William Henry Ricketts-Jervis of Longwood)
  (b) Lucy Cockburn (d young)
  (c) Mary Cockburn
  m. John Cockburn (Colonel)
  (d) Margaret Cockburn
  m. _ Cole of Kilkenny (Major)
  (iii) Mary Cockburn (d unm before 04.07.1793)
  (C) Barbara Cockburn (b 22.07.1660)
  m. (30.12.1680) Henry Sinclair, 10th Lord (bpt 03.06.1660, bur 14.03.1723)
  (D) Grissell Cockburn (b 29.01.1674)
  m. George Waddell
  (E)+ other issue - Alexander (b 31.12.1658, dvp unm), James (b 02.09.1668, d unm 1686), Anna (b 1661), Agnes (b 11.06.1664, d infant), Christine (b 11.05.1665, bur 15.11.1703), Grissell (b 03.04.1666, d infant), Agnes (b 23.06.1667, d 27.04.1719), Grissell (b 24.09.1669, d infant), Elizabeth (b 25.02.1672, d 09.1731), Issobell (b 21.07.1678, bur 21.06.1739), Bethia (b 12.08.1681, d 23.09.1731)
  B. Jean Cockburn probably of this generation
  m. John Renton of Billie & Lamberton (b by 1547, d before 28.05.1584?)



Quite apart from differences on the later generations, our sources disagree on the way that the Ryslaw branch connected to the main Cockburn line. The following shows what is reported by BP1870 (Cockburn of Cockburn and Ryslaw) but is given in italics to show that we do not support it. BP1870 starts with Sir William Cockburn of Langton (d Flodden) who is shown on Cockburn1 as father of 3 sons: Alexander (d Flodden but ancestor of later Cockburns of Langton), William (shown at the top of this page as ancestor of the Cockburns 'of that ilk'), and Christopher (shown below as ancestor of the Cockburns of Ryslaw). BP1870 reports that the 2nd son was called John (not William) and that he was the ancestor of the Cockburns of Ryslaw as follows:
John Cockburn
1. Alexander Cockburn (eldest son)
  A. William Cockburn of Cockburn and Ryslaw (eldest son)
  m. Margaret Spottiswood (dau of John Spottiswood of Spottiswood)
  i. Sir John Cockburn, 1st Bart of Ryslaw (only son)
  m. Mary Scott (dau of William Scott of Harden)
  a. Sir James Cockburn, 2nd Bart of Ryslaw (eldest of 3 sons)
  m. Jean Swinton (dau of Alexander Swinton of that ilk)
(1) Sir William Cockburn, 3rd Bart of Ryslaw (only son)
  (A) Sir James Cockburn, 4th Bart of Ryslaw (dsp)
  (B) William Cockburn (physician general)
  (i) James Cockburn (2nd son, doctor)
  BP1870 suggests that James had 2 sons: William, archdeacon of Ossory, and Quartermaster-General James, but both of them are shown above as of the family 'of that ilk' (though BP1934 shows James as the 5th Bart 'of that ilk' whereas BP1870 shows him as father of William, 5th Bart of Ryslaw).

TCB (vol ii, Cockburn of Langton) provides the following connection between the Cockburns of Langton and those of Ryslaw.
Christopher Cockburn of Chouslie (son of Sir William of Langton who was killed at Flodden)
1. William Cockburn of Chouslie
A. James Cockburn of Chouslie (d 22.07.1586)
  TCB (vol ii, Cockburn of Ryslaw) continues the connection as follows:
  m. Marion Douglas (dau of John Douglas)
  ii. William Cockburn of Chouslie (d 1628)
  m. Sybilla Sinclair (dau of Matthew Sinclair of Longformacus)
  a. Sir James Cockburn, 2nd Bart of Ryslaw (d by 04.1666)
  TCB reports that Sir James inherited the (alleged) baronetcy from his uncle Sir James (below).
  m1. Jane Swinton (dau of Alexander Swinton of Swinton by Margaret Home)
  (1) Sir James Cockburn, 3rd Bart of Ryslaw (b c1646, d 1711)
  m1. Alison Sinclair (bur 14.02.1669, dau of Sir Robert Sinclair, 1st Bart of Longformacus, by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Robert Douglas of Blackerstoun)
  m2. (c1675) ??
  (A) Sir James Cockburn, 4th Bart of Ryslaw (b 27.03.1677, d 1720, Colonel)
  m. Catherine Van Offle of Friesland
(i) Sir William Cockburn, 5th Bart of Ryslaw (dsp 1782, Lt. Colonel)
  m. _ Van Akersdyck of Utrecht
  (B) John Cockburn of Kilkenny (b 12.11.1683, d 12.12.1758)
  m. Martha Rich of Kilkenny
  TCB suggests that James & Martha had 2 sons: William, archdeacon of Ossory, and Quartermaster-General James, but both of them are shown above as of the family 'of that ilk' . TCB identifies James as the 6th Bart of Ryslaw.
  m2. Jane Ker (dau of Andrew Ker of Lintoun)
  (2) Jean Cockburn possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Sir William Kerr, 3rd Bart of Greenhead (d by 03.1718)
  ii. Sir James Cockburn, 1st Bart of Ryslaw (b c1576, d 1643)
  m. Mary Edmonstone (dau of Sir Andrew Edmonstone of that ilk by Mary Gordon)
  TCB reports that, although the creation of this baronetcy was reported in Playfair's Baronetage (1811), it does not appear in various other records. Also: "There is, however, no record of any grant of land in Nova Scotia to any such person", which would have been expected given the baronetcy is alleged to have been a baronetcy of Nova Scotia, as reported without qualification in BP1870. BP1934 reports of Sir James that he "is said to have been created a baronet of Scotland" whilst BP1999 says "allegedly cr a Bt (NS)1628".

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BP1934 (Cockburn of that ilk) with support from TCB (vol iv, Cockburn 'of that ilk')
(2) For lower section : BP1870 (Cockburn of Cockburn and Ryslaw), TCB (vol ii, Cockburn of Ryslaw)
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