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Families covered: Conyers of Bowlby, Conyers of Copt Hall (Copped Hall), Conyers of Northallerton, Conyers of Scarborough, Conyers of Walthamstow, Conyers of Whitby

Thomas Conyers of Whitby, Yorkshire (d 1449)
m. Alice
1. Thomas Conyers (d 1481)
  m. Alice Danby
  A. Christopher Conyers of Scarborough, Yorkshire (d 04-5.1506)
  Berry provides the above connection but, other than to show that Christopher m. Barbara, does not follow Christopher's line any futher, instead following his brother Thomas. Walker starts with a Christopher of Scarborough (d 1506) m. Margaret. We presume that this was the same Christopher as the arms shown by Walker are the same as those shown by Berry and the dates are right.
  m1. Barbara
  m2. Margaret (d by 05.1509)
  i. Christopher Conyers of Scarborough (d before 20.06.1566)
  m. Maude (d 10.1570)
  a. James Conyers of Scarborough (d before 07.09.1599)
  (1) James Conyers of Scarborough & Northallerton (a 1612)
  The following is supported by FMG (vol 3, MS392, 'Conyers-Burton', p932+).
  (A) Richard Conyers of York & Northallerton (a 1644, grocer & apothecary)
  m. _ Redman (dau of Gabriel Redman of Irby)
  (i) James Conyers
  (a)+ issue - James of Pickering, Mary, Jane
  (ii) Francis Conyers in York (druggist)
  m. _ Northorp or Nelthorp
  (a) Magdaline Conyers
  m. John Jackson in York (printer)
((1)) Francis Jackson in York (a 1782, printer)
  (b)+ other issue - Mary, Anne
  (iii) Richard Conyers of Northallerton (b 22.05.1669, d 28.11.1741, apothecary)
  m. Francis Ellis (b 26.02.1666, d 29.10.1743, dau of John Ellis of Bransburton (by Margaret Pennygether), son of Major Robert of Bransburton)
  (a) Richard Conyers of Northallerton (d 20.02.1742, MD)
  (b) Mary Conyers
  m. David Burton of Yarm
  (c)+ other issue - John, Thomas in London (a 1743, apothecary), Frances (a 11.1741)
  (iv) Mary Conyers
  m. Joel Savile of York
  (a) Thomas Savile
  m. _ Ashingdon
  ((1)) Anne Savile (heir)
  (v)+ other issue - Anne (d unm 06.05.1740), daughter (m. ?? of Newcastle)
  (2) William Conyers (d before 27.11.1631, youngest son?)
  (A) George Conyers of Scarborough (d before 11.11.1641)
  m. Eleanor (d before 03.07.1667)
  (B) William Conyers of Scarborough
  m. Mary (d before 01.09.1671)
  (3)+ other issue - John of Scarborough (d before 18.05.1612), Richard of Scarborough (d before 26.03.1624)
  ii. Gregory Conyers of Whitby
  m. Ann Reade of Oxfordshire
  a. Gregory Conyers of Whitby
  m. Jane Gower of Stainsby
  Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1612, Conyers of Bowlby) supports the connections over the next few generations.
(1) Nicholas Conyers of Whitby (dsp)
  m. Anne Beckwith (dau of Ambrose Beckwith)
  (2) Leonard Conyers of Whitby
  m. Isabel Beckwith (dau of Ambrose Beckwith)
  (A) Nicholas Conyers of Bowlby, Yorkshire (d c1636)
m. Catherine Trotter (dau of Robert Trotter of Skelton Castle)
  (i) Robert Conyers of Bowlby (b c1601, d c1640)
  m. Anne Conyers (dau of Sir Raphe Conyers of Layton)
  (a) Nicholas Conyers of Bowlby (b c1629, a 09.1666)
  m1. (sp) Elizabeth Norcliffe (dau of Marmaduke Norcliffe of Nunnington)
  m2. Jane Lambton (dau of Sir William Lambton of Lambton)
  ((1)) Catherine Conyers ('heir') who apparently married ...
  m. Richard Middleton of Offerton
  ((2))+ other issue (a 09.1664, dsp?) - Nicholas (b c1655), William (b c1657), Robert (b c1659), Raphe (b c1661)
  m3. Margaret Frevile (dau of Nicholas Frevile of Hardwick)
  ((6)) Mary Conyers
  (b) Anne Conyers
  m. William Hodshon of Mannour House
  (c) Margaret Conyers
  m. Roger Reade of Northumbria
  (d)+ other issue - Raphe (d young), Thomas (d unm), Catherine (d unm), Mary
  (ii) Nicholas Conyers of Cleasby, Yorkshire
  m. Grace Smithson of Moulton
  (a) Nicholas Conyers
  (iii) Margaret Conyers
  m. Robert Lakin of Yedingham
  (iv) Mary Conyers
  m. William Conyers of Scarsborough
  (v)+ other issue - Henry (d unm), Anthony (d unm), Leonard (d Newarke, Captain), Edmund
  (B) Jane Conyers
  m. Christopher Blencaine of Whitby
(C) Elizabeth Conyers
  m. Henry Wells of York
  (D) Susan Conyers
  m. James Sergeant of Guisborough
  (E)+ other issue - George of Filingdale, Robert of Gisborough (dsp), James (d young), Francis (d unm), Ralph (d unm), Margaret
  b. Leonard Conyers of Whitby (d before 27.05.1595)
  c. Elizabeth Conyers possibly of this generation
  m. Bryan Lacy of Folketon
  iii. Anthony Conyers of Scarborough (d before 30.11.1567)
  m. Grace (d before 12.04.1567)
  iv. James Conyers of Whitby (d before 01.09.1542, Sergeant-at-arms to King Henry VIII)
  m. Margery (d before 21.07.1547)
  B. Thomas Conyers (d 1514)
  m. Anne
  i. Gregory Conyers (a 1540, bailiff of Whitby)
m. Anne Read (d 1557)
  a. Anthony Conyers (d before 1566, 2nd son)
  m. Grace (d 1566-7)
  The following was reviewed 21.03.23 using 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John NichoÏs, vol 2, part 2, 1798, 'Pedigree of Conyers of Walthamstow and Blaston', p457).
  (1) Tristram Conyers of Walthamstow (Essex), Scarborough & Clayton (dsp 19.11.1619)
  (2) William Conyers of Walthamstow (b c1543, dsp 1619)
(3) Robert Conyers of London
  m. Blanch Ducke (sister/heir of Dunstan Ducke of Putney)
  (A) William Conyers of Walthamstow (b c1586, d 1639 (1659?), sergeant-at-law)
  m1. Mary Harvey (dau of Sir Francis Harvey of Northamptonshire)
Sundry details in the following come from the MPs section in HoP.
  (i) Tristram Conyers of Walthamstow (b 05.09.1619, d 06.08.1684, sergeant-at-law, MP)
  m. Winifred (not Mary) Gerard (dau of Sir Gilbert Gerard of Flambards)
  (a) John Conyers of Walthamstow (b 06.03.1650, d 10.03.1725, MP)
  m. (c01.1681) Mary Lee (b c1663, d 07.03.1701, dau/heir of George Lee of Stoke Milborough)
  ((1)) Edward Conyers of Walthamstow & Copped Hall (Essex) & Blaston (b 1693, d 22/23.04.1742, MP)
m. (before 12.1717) Matilda Fermor (d 01.01.1741, dau of William, Lord Lempster)
  ((A)) John Conyers of Copped Hall (Copt Hall), Campions & Blaston (b 13.12.1717, d 08.09.1775, MP)
  The following is partly supported by VCH (Essex, vol 5, 'Epping: Introduction and manors').
m1. Hannah Warner (dsp 04.04.1745, dau of Richard Warner of North Elmham)
  m2. (01/13.01.1746-7) Henrietta Frances Fermor (b c1726, d 06.11.1793, dau of Thomas Fermor, 1st Earl of Pomfret)
  ((i)) John Conyers of Copt Hall (b 1755, d 1818)
  m. Julia (Martha?) Mathew (dau of William Mathew of Baddow)
  ((a)) Henry John Conyers of Copt Hall (d 1853)
  (((1))) Julia Conyers (b 1808, dsp 1867, eldest dau)
  m. (1840) John Ashley-Cooper
  ((b)) Julia Conyers (d 29.09.1860) apparently of this generation
m1. (27.08.1811) John Astley Bennett (d 1812)
  m2. (19.05.1819, sp) John Wrottesley, 1st Lord (d 1841)
  ((ii)) Edward Conyers (b 1753-4, dsp 21.03.1822, vicar of Epping & Waltamstow)
  m. Frances Turvin/Turven
  ((iii)) Matilda Conyers (b 1752-3, d 13.04.1803) possibly the Matilda who married ...
  m. John Lockwood
  ((iv)) Sophia Conyers probably of this generation
  m. (07.10.1775) William Baker of Bayfordbury
((v))+ other issue - George (RN), Julian (b 1766-7, dsp 09.01.1795), 7 others (dvp)
  ((B)) Sophia Conyers (d 09.07.1774) probably of this generation
  m. (1743) Sir Roger Newdigate, Bart (dsp 1806)
  ((2)) Cecilia Conyers
  m. Henry Brabant
((3)) Elizabeth Conyers (d 07.1758)
  m. (06.1721) Sir Herbert Perrot Pakington, Bart (d 24.09.1748)
  ((4)) Dorothy Conyers
  m. Sir Charles Mordant of Little Massingham, Bart
  ((5))+ 12 others (dvp)
  (b) Sir Gerard Conyers, Lord Mayor of London (b 1648-9, d 20.07.1737)
  m. Ann Letieullier (d 1728, dau of Sir Christopher Letieullier (Lethieullier))
  (c) Mary Conyers
  m. Sir Strange Joscelyn of Hide Hall, Bart
  (d)+ other issue - William, Tristram, Francis, Ann, 4 others
  (ii)+ other issue - William, Elizabeth, Mary, "several others" (dvp)
  m2. Dorothy Beecher (dau of Sir William Beecher of Bedfordshire)
  (vi)+ other issue - Oliver, Dorothy, Judith, Margaret, 3/4 other sons (dvp), 2 other daughters (dvp)
  ii. John Conyers
2. Elizabeth (or Alice) Conyers possibly of this generation
  m. Peter Anlaby of Etton

Main source(s): Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Conyers of Scarborough, Whitby and Northallerton), Berry's Essex Pedigrees (1838, Conyers, in Appendix) with input/support as reported above
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