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Families covered: Cooke of Doncaster, Cooke of Owston, Cooke of Sandall, Cooke of Wheatley, Cooke-Yarborough of Campsmount

Edward Cooke of Arksey, Mayor of Doncaster (a 1504)
1. Lawrence Cooke (d 1540, Prior of Doncaster)
2. William Cooke of Doncaster
  A. Bryan Cooke of Sandall
  i. Bryan Cooke of Sandall, Mayor of Doncaster (b c1570, d 26.12.1653)
  m. Sarah Ryley (dau of Henry Ryley of Doncaster)
  a. Bryan Cooke of Wheatley (d unm 050.01.1660-1)
b. Sir George Cooke, 1st Bart (d unm 16.10.1683)
  c. Sir Henry Cooke, 2nd Bart of Wheatley (b 29.10.1633, bur 16.07.1689)
  m1. (29.08.1659) Diana Butler (d 05.01.1668, dau of Anthony Butler of Coats)
(1) Sir George Cooke, 3rd Bart of Wheatley (b 16.05.1662, d 05.10.1732)
  m. (19.06.1683) Catherine Copley (bur 09.04.1703, dau of Sir Godfrey Copley, Bart)
  (A) Sir Bryan Cooke, 4th Bart of Wheatley (bpt 16.121684, d 25.10.1734)
  m. Priscilla Squire (bur 22.06.1731, dau of Robert Squire MP)
(i) Sir George Cooke, 5th Bart of Wheatley, Sheriff (d 16.08.1756)
  m. Catherine Sunderland (dau of John Sunderland of Doncaster)
  (a) Priscilla Cooke (d unm 1800)
  (b) Catherine Cooke
  m. John Cooke (of Peak)
  (ii) Sir Bryan Cooke, 6th Bart of Wheatley (d 1769)
  m. Mary Foley (dau of Col. _ Foley)
(a) Sir George Cooke, 7th Bart of Wheatley (d 02.06.1823, Colonel)
  m1. (1770) Frances Jory Middleton (d 1796, dau of Sir John Lambert Middleton, Bart of Belsay Castle)
  ((1)) George Augustus Cooke (b 1780, dvpsp 1808)
  m. (1807) Elizabeth Mellish (dau of Charles Mellish of Blythe)
  ((2)) Sir William Bryan Cooke, 8th Bart of Wheatley (b 03.03.1782, d 24.12.1851) had issue
m. (08.04.1823) Isabella Cecilia Viviana Middleton (dau of Sir William Middleton, 5th Bart of Belsay Castle)
  ((3)) Frances Elizabeth Cooke (d 13.12.1843)
  m. Rev. John Ramsden (d 1807)
  ((4)) Harriet Cooke
  m. John Cooke of Bedford Square (and Maltby) (d 1827)
  ((5)) Charlotte Bulstrode Cooke (d 16.10.1850)
  m. (17.04.1821) Bryan Cooke of Owston (b 08.06.1756, d 08.11.1821) @1@ below
((6)) Louisa Lucy Cooke (d 1824)
  m. Sir Charles Miles Lambart Middleton, later Monk,Bart (d 1866)
  ((7)) Georgiana Cooke
  m. (01.11.1800) Sir George Eyre (b 23.04.1769, d 15.02.1839, Vice Admiral)
  ((8))+ other issue - Catherine (d unm 1824), Julia, Sophia Anne Eliza (d unm 15.09.1838)
  m2. _ Farrer (dau of James Farrer, Mrs. Hewett)
(B) George Cooke (b 28.12.1687, d 12.09.1763)
  m. (28.10.1736) Mary Harvey (d 05.11.1742, dau of Tobias Harvey)
  (i) George Cooke of Streeththorpe, later Cooke-Yarborough of Campsmount (b 23.11.1737, d 19.01.1818)
  George inherited Campsmount from his maternal cousins, Ann & Elizabeth Yarborough.
  m. (26.01.1764) Mary Newsome (d 03.12.1778, dau of Richard Sare Newsome)
  (a) John Cooke, later Cooke-Yarborough of Campsmount (b 1765, Lt.Colonel)
  m. Mary Cooke (d 04.11.1824, dau of Rev. George Cooke) @2@ below
  ((1)) George Cooke-Yarborough of Campsmount (b 19.07.1794, d 02.02.1870) had issue
m1. Emily Sarah Cooke (dsp 31.12.1840, dau of George Cooke of Carr House) @3@ below
  m2. (09.06.1842) Mary Louisa Heathfield (d 23.11.1906, dau of Richard Heathfield of Green Lanes)
((2))+ other issue - Richard (b 19.08.1805, d 1889, had issue), Charles of Woodlands (b25.06.1807, d 1891, had issue), Maria (d unm), Harriet (dsp 1888), Louisa (d unm), Emma (dsp 1877), Anna (dsp 13.07.1877), Fanny (dsp)
  (b) Alexander Cooke (b 12.01.1767, d 14.06.1849, rector of Warmsworth) had issue
  m. (10.09.1811) Catherine Esther Buck (d 21.09.1870, dau of Samuel Buck of New Grange)
  (c) George Cooke of Carr House (d 14.10.1842)
  m. (26.05.1803) Mary Hamilton (d 17.05.1840, dau of William Hamilton of London)
  ((1)) Emily Sarah Cooke (dsp 31.12.1840
  m. George Cooke-Yarborough of Campsmount (b 19.07.1794, d 02.02.1870) @3@ above
  ((2))+ 2 daughters
  (d) Mary Cooke
  m. Ralph Sneyd (b 18.09.1769, d 07.0.1805, RN)
  (C) John Cooke of Doncaster (bur 20.01.1767, 7th son)
  m. Margaret Mosley (bur 24.06.1771, dau of Rev. Francis Mosley)
(i) George Cooke (rector of Darfield)
  m. Mary Hollings (dau of Henry Hollings of Horton Hall)
  (a) Henry Cooke (d 1842, rector of Darfield)
  m1. Mary Bowen (dau of John Bowen of Woodbridge Hall)
  ((1)) Henry Bowen Cooke (b 29.03.1797, d 27.02.1879, rector of Darfield) had issue
m1. (27.06.1822) Juliana Mary Serjeantson (d 01.09.1859, dau of William R.L. Serjeantson)
  m2. (29.09.1864) Georgina Helena Elizabeth Whigham (dsp 24.03.1915, dau of George Whigham of Allanton & Halliday Hill)
  m2. Elizabeth Cope
  ((2)) Emily Elizabeth Cooke (d 1905)
  m. Rev. Thomas R. Laugharne (d 1891)
  (b) Mary Cooke (d 04.11.1824)
  m. John Cooke, later Cooke-Yarborough of Campsmount (b 1765, Lt.Colonel) @2@ above
(ii) Brian Cooke of Doncaster (d 29.03.1786)
  m. Elizabeth Darwin (dau of W.M. Darwin MD)
  (a) Brian William Darwin Cooke of Alverley Grange (b 07.1764, d 26.04.1823) had issue
  m. (10.1794) Catherine Griffith (dau of John Griffith)
  (D)+ other issue - Henry, Godfrey, William, Alexander, Diana, Elizabeth
  (2) Henry Cooke of Owston (b 26.05.1665, d 02.05.1717)
  m. Anne Eaton (dau of Rev. Ralph Eaton)
(A) Bryan Cooke of Owston (b c1702, d unm 1754)
  (B) Anthony Cooke of Owston (b 1710, d 1761)
  m. (26.10.1752) Mary Eyre (dau of Anthony Eyre of Rampton)
  (i) Bryan Cooke of Owston, Sheriff of Denbighshire (b 08.06.1756, d 08.11.1821, Colonel)
  m1. (18.12.1786) Frances Puleston (d 01.01.1818, dau of Philip Puleston of Hefod-y-wern by Mary Davies)
  (a) Philip Cooke of Owston, later Davies-Cooke of Hefod-y-wern (b 11.08.1793, d 20.11.1853) had issue
  m. (08.12.1829) Helena Caroline King (d 09.05.1871, dau of George King, 3rd Earl of Kingston)
  (b) Robert Bryan Cooke (b 26.08.1800, d 17.10.1884, prebendary of York) had issue
m. (15.01.1824) Emily Carteret Webb (b c1800, d 16.08.1880, dau of Philip Smith Webb of Milford House)
  (c) Mary Francis Cooke (b 1788)
  m. (1818) Rev. William Margesson of Van and Oakhurst (d 1871)
  (d)+ other issue - Anthony Henry (b 16.06.1801, d 11.02.1823, RN), William Bryan (b 08.06.1805, d 15.03.1868)
  m2. (17.04.1821, sp) Charlotte Bulstrode Cooke (d 16.10.1850, dau of Sir George Cooke, 7th Bart of Wheatley) @1@ above
  (ii) Anne Cooke
  m. St. (not Sir) Andrew Warde of Hooton Pagnell
(3) Catherine Cooke (d 07.11.1704)
  m. (before 28.05.1689) Gervas Eyre of Rampton (bpt 20.08.1669, d 16.02.1703)
  (4)+ other issue - Anthony (dsp), Sarah (d young)
  m2. Anne Stanhope (dsp bur 16.01.1686)
  d. Susan Cooke
  m. Charles Butler of Coates
  e. Sarah Cooke (bpt 07.05.1621)
  m1. John Copley of Batley (dsp)
  m2. Thomas Nevile of Thornley (bpt 1604, bur 23.04.1653)
  m3. (18.02.1665-6) Christopher Ayscough of Kelsey
  f. Margaret Cooke
  m. Acton Burnell of Winkburne

Main source(s): BP1934 (Cooke)
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