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Families covered: Cornwallis of Albemarle (Abermarles), Cornwallis of Brome (Broome), Cornwallis of Cornwallis, Cornwallis of Eye, Cornwallis of Oakely

Thomas Cornwalleys, Sheriff of London (d 1384)
m. Jane Hansard (dau of William Hansard)
1. John Cornwallis of Broome and Oakley (d 1436)
  m. Philippe Bucton (dau of Robert Bucton)
  A. Thomas Cornwallis of Broome and Oakley (d 1447)
  m. Philippe Tyrrell (dau of Edward Tyrrel of Downham)
  i. Thomas Cornwallis of Broome (a 1450-1) generation omitted by Visitation
  a. John Cornwallis of Brome and Oakley (dsp 1506)
  m. Elizabeth Baude (a 1519, dau of Ralph Baude of Bedfordshire)
  b. Edward Cornwallis of Brome (d unm 03.09.1510)
c. Robert Cornwallis of Surrey, later of Brome (dsp by 1510)
  m. Anne or Elizabeth Mounteney (dau of William Mounteney of Mountnessing)
  d. Sir William Cornwallis of Brome and Oakley (b c1470, d 11.1519)
  m. Elizabeth Stanford (dau of John Stanford or Stamford of Bedfordshire)
(1) Sir John Cornwallis of Brome (d 1544)
  m. Mary Sulyard (d before 1544, dau of Edward Sulyard of Otes in High Laver, Essex)
  (A) Sir Thomas Cornwallis of Brome, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk (b c1519, d 24.12.1604)
  m1. Anne Jerningham (bur 28.05.1581, dau of Sir John Jerningham of Somerleyton)
  (i) Sir William Cornwallis of Brome (bur 01.12.1611)
  m1. Lucy Nevill (d 30.04.1609, dau of John Nevill, 4th Lord Latymer)
  The daughters are named in BE1883 (Danvers of Danby).
  (a) Thomas Cornwallis of Brome (d unm 1626)
(b) Frances Cornwallis (d 05.09.1625)
  m. Sir Edmund Withipool (d 06.11.1619)
  A descendant of this marriage successfully claimed the barony of Latymer in 1912 and in 1913 was confirmed as the 5th Lord Latymer.
  (c) Elizabeth Cornwallis (dsp bur 02.02.1658)
m1. Sir William Sandys
  m2. (11.05.1630) Richard Lumley, Viscount (bpt 07.04.1589, d before 12.03.1662-3)
  (d) Cornelia Cornwallis
  m. Sir Richard Fermor of Somerton
  (e) Anne Cornwallis (d 12.01.1634-5)
  m. (30.11.1610) Archibald Campbell, 7th Earl of Argyll ("the Grim", b 1575, d by 29.11.1638)
  m2. Jane Mewtas (dau of Hercules Mewtas or Meautys of West Ham)
(f) Sir Frederick Cornwallis, 1st Lord Cornwallis of Eye (b 11.1610, d 01.1661/2) - continued below
  m1. (c1630) Elizabeth Ashburnham (d 01/2.1643/4, dau of Sir John Ashburnham of Ashburnham)
m2. Elizabeth Crofts (dau of Sir Henry Crofts of Saxham)
  (ii) Sir Charles Cornwallis of Beeston (d 1629, ambassador)
  m1. Elizabeth or Anne Fincham (bur 04.07.1584, dau of Thomas Fincham of Fincham)
  The following comes from Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Cornwaleys).
  (a) Sir William Cornwallis of London (author)
  m. Katherine Parker (b c1583, d 1636, dau of Sir Philip Parker of Arwarton)
  ((1)) Thomas Cornwallis (d before 04.03.1675, youngest son)
  m. Penelope Wyseman (d 1694, dau of John Wyseman of Tirrils Hall)
((A)) Frances Cornwallis
  m. Samuel Richardson
  ((B))+ other issue - William (b c1659), Thomas (b c1661, d 1731), Penelope
  (b)+ other issue - son, Dorothy
  m2. (c06.1585) Anne Barrow (dau of Thomas Barrow of Newton & Shipdenham, widow of Sir Ralph Shelton)
  The following comes from Debrett's Peerage (1820, vol 1, Marquess Cornwallis).
  (d) Sir Francis Cornwallis
  m. Elizabeth Jones (dau/heir of Sir Henry Jones of Albemarle, Bart)
((1)) Thomas Cornwallis of Albemarle (sb. Abermarles) (d 16.07.1703)
  m. Emma Charlton (dau of Sir John Charlton of Ludford, Bart)
  ((A)) Francis Cornwallis of Abermarles
  ((i)) Emma or Eleanor Cornwallis
  m. (1718) Sir Robert (not Thomas) Maude, Bart of Dundrum (d 04.08.1750)
  ((B)) Jane Cornwallis probably of this generation
  m. Bowater Vernon
  ((2)) Edith Cornwallis (bur 15.07.1696) probably of this generation
m. Robert Cornewall of Berington
  ((3)) Frances Cornwallis probably of this generation
  m. Sir Charles Lloyd of Mitfield, 1st Bart (b c1662, d 1723)
  m3. Dorothy Vaughan (dau of Richard Vaughan, Bishop of London)
  Possibly of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is not known, was ...
(e) Elizabeth Cornwallis
  m. Sir Thomas le Gross (a 1603)
  Identified as youngest dau of Sir Charles was ...
  (f) Rachel Cornwallis (b 1622-3, d 13.07.1695)
  m. Sir Paul Paynter of Muswell Hill
  (iii) Elizabeth Cornwallis (d 02.08.1628)
  m. (1560) Sir Thomas Kitson or Kytson of Hengrave (b 10.1540, d 28.01.1602)
  (iv) Anne Cornwallis
  m. William Halse of Devonshire
  (v) Alice Cornwallis (bpt 23.08.1552)
  m. Richard Southwell of Spixworth
(vi)+ other issue - John (bpt 08.09.1547, dsp), Mary (bur 17.05.1627)
  m2. Mary
  (B) Henry Cornwallis of Coxford Priory (d 1598)
  m1. Anne Rookwood (d 1565, dau of Roger Rookwood of Euston)
  m2. Anne Calybut (dau of Edgar Calybut of East Rudham) ## see here ##
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (i)+ 3 sons and 3 daughters
  (C) Richard Cornwallis of Oxenhill Hall, Badingham (d before 1581)
  m. Margaret Lowthe (d by 1603, dau of Lionel Lowthe of Sawtrey)
  (i) Sir Thomas Cornwallis or Cornwaleys
  The following comes from Visitation (Suffolk, 1664-8, Cornwaleys of Cretingham).
  m. Elizabeth Molleneux (dau of John Molleneux of Sefton)
  (a) John Cornwallis or Cornwaleys of Cretingham (a 1664, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Grimstone (dau of Charles Grimstone of Rushangles)
  ((1)) John Cornwallis
  m1. Elizabeth Wythe (dau of James Wythe of Framsden)
  ((A)) John Cornwallis
  m2. Frances Edgar (dau of Thomas Edgar)
  ((B))+ other issue - Thomas, Elizabeth, Mary
  ((2)) Elizabeth Cornwallis
  m. Framlingham Goodman
  ((3)) Mary Cornwallis
  m. Thomas Hunston
((4)) Margaret Cornwallis
  m. Samuel Good
  ((5))+ other issue - Thomas, Katherine
  Collins (1812, vol II, Marquis Conrwallis) identifies this Thomas as the Thomas who was groom porter to Queen Elizabeth and King James I. TCP (Teynham) identifies him as father of ...
  (b) Katherine Cornwallis (only daughter)
  m. Sir Henry Knollys of Grove Park
  (ii) John Cornwallis of Soham Lodge apparently of this generation
  m. Katherine Blennerhassett (d 23.01.1584, dau of John Blennerhassett of Barsham)
(iii) Elizabeth Cornwallis (d 1624) apparently of this generation
  m. Edmund Bacon of Hessett (b 1554, d 1624)
  (iv) Margaret Cornwallis possibly of this generation
  m. John Futter of Thruxton
  (a) Elizabeth Futter (bpt 30.01.1591-2, a 04.1643, heir)
  m. Robert Lane of Campsea Abbey & Thuxton (bur 20.06.1644)
  (v)+ 3 other daughters
  (D) William Cornwallis (a 1598)
  (E) Elizabeth Cornwallis
  m. John Blennerhassett of Barsham (bur 13.07.1573)
  (F) Anne Cornwallis (bur 20.04.1567)
  m. Thomas Kent of Suffolk
  (G) Mary Cornwallis
  m1. William Halse of Devon
  m2. Roger Warren of Newbourne
(2) Edward Cornwallis (d before 17.05.1568, 3rd son)
  (A) Thomas Cornwallis (dsp by 1597)
  (3) William Cornwallis
  (A) William Cornwallis (d 1565)
  (4) Francis Cornwallis of Surrey (d 1568)
  m. Margaret (a 1570)
  (A) William Cornwallis
  (5) Elizabeth Cornwallis
  m. William Singleton
  (6) Affra Cornwallis (d 1557)
  m. Sir Anthony Aucher of Otterden (d 1557)
  (7) Dorothy Cornwallis
  m. John Head of Kent
  (8) Prudence Cornwallis
  m. _ Roydon
  (9) Edith Cornwallis
  m. William Barwike of West Grinstead
  (10)+ other issue - Thomas of Thrandeston & Wetherden (d by 1559, Archdeacon of Norwich), Katherine (nun)
  e. Katherine Cornwallis
  m. Francis or Thomas Froxmere of Wych
  B. Katherine Cornwallis
  m. Walter Clovile of Clovile's Hall



Sir Frederick Cornwallis, 1st Lord Cornwallis of Eye (b 11.1610, d 01.1661/2) - continued above
m1. (c1630) Elizabeth Ashburnham (d 01/2.1643/4, dau of Sir John Ashburnham of Ashburnham)
1. Charles Cornwallis, 2nd Lord of Eye (bpt 19.04.1632, d 13.04.1673)
  m. Margaret Playsted (d 06.03.1668/9, dau of Sir Thomas Playsted of Arlington)
  A. Charles Cornwallis, 3rd Lord of Eye (bpt 28.12.1655, d 29.04.1698, 3rd son)
  m1. (27.12.1673) Elizabeth Fox (d 28.02.1680/1, dau of Sir Stephen Fox)
  i. Charles Cornwallis, 4th Lord of Eye (b 1675, d 20.01.1721/2)
  m. (06.06.1699) Charlotte Butler (b c1679, d 08.08.1725, dau of Richard Butler, Earl of Arran)
a. Charles Cornwallis, 1st Earl Cornwallis (b 29.03.1700, d 23.06.1762)
  m. (28.11.1722) Elizabeth Townshend (d 01.12.1785, dau of Charles Townshend, 2nd Viscount of Raynham)
  (1) Charles Cornwallis, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Governor General of India, 2nd Earl, 1st Marquess Cornwallis (b 31.12.1738, d 05.10.1805, General)
  m. (14.07.1768) Jemima Tulikens Jones (d 14.02.1779, dau of Col. James Jones)
  (A) Charles Cornwallis, 2nd Marquess Cornwallis, 3rd Earl (b 19.10.1774, d 09.08.1823)
  m. (17.04.1797) Louisa Gordon (b 27.12.1776, d 05.12.1850, dau of Alexander Gordon, 4th Duke of Gordon)
  (i) Jane Cornwallis (b 05.10.1798, d 23.09.1856)
  m. (13.05.1819) Richard Griffin, 3rd Lord Braybrooke (b 26.09.1783, d 13.03.1858)
(ii) Jemima Cornwallis (b 24.12.1803, d 01/2.07.1856)
  m. (02.09.1824) Edward Granville Eliot, 3rd Earl of St. sGermans (b 29.08.1798, d 07.10.1877)
  (iii) Mary Cornwallis (b c1815, d 12.08.1872)
  m. (07.04.1825) Charles Ross (d 22.03.1860, MP)
  (iv)+ other issue - Louisa, Elizabeth
  (B) Mary Cornwallis
  m. (1785) Mark Singleton (d 17.07.1840)
  (2) James Cornwallis, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, 4th Earl Cornwallis (b 25.02.1742/3, d 20.01.1824)
  m. (30.04.1771) Catherine Mann (b 1742, d 17.04.1811, dau of Gafridus Mann of Egerton)
  (A) James Cornwallis, later Mann, 5th Earl Cornwallis (b 20.09.1778, d 21.05.1852)
  m1. (18.12.1804) Maria Isabella Dickens (d 16.01.1823, dau of Francis Dickens of Woolaston House)
  (i) Charles James Cornwallis, later Mann, 'Viscount Brome' (b c1814, d unm 27.12.1835)
  (ii) Jemima Isabella Cornwallis (d 17.12.1836)
  m. (12.04.1828) Charles Wykeham-Martin of Leeds Castle (b 11.09.1801, d 30.10.1870)
  (iii)+ other issue (b before 1814, d young) - Henry James Galfridus, Henry Horace
  m2. (22.01.1829) Laura Hayes (dsp 03.08.1840, dau of William Hayes)
m3. (04.08.1842) Julia Bacon (b c1810, d 04.11.1847, dau of Thomas Bacon of Redlands)
  (iv) Julia Cornwallis (b 02.07.1844, dsp 01.09.1883)
  m. (27.08.1862) William Archer Pitt, 3rd Earl Amherst (b 26.03.1836, dsp 14.08.1910)
  (B) Elizabeth Cornwallis (b 05.03.1774)
  (3) Elizabeth Cornwallis (d 20.03.1796)
  m. (07.1753) Bowen Southwell (nephew of 1st Lord Southwell)
  (4) Charlotte Cornwallis (d 11.03.1794)
  m. Spencer (not Stephen) Madan, Bishop of Peterborough
  (5) Mary Cornwallis (d 12.1770)
  m. Samuel Whitbread of Cardington
  (6)+ other issue - James (b 10.09.1740, d 04.1761), Sir William (b 1743-4, d 1819, Admiral)
  b. Stephen Cornwallis (b 1703, dsp 05.1743, Major General)
  m. "Mrs. Pearson"
  c. John Cornwallis (b 1706)
  m. Sarah Dale (d 1768, dau of Rev. Hugh Dale)
(1) Sarah Cornwallis
  m. Rev. Walter Earle
  d. Edward Cornwallis (b 02.1713, dsp 14.01.1776, General)
  m. (1763) Mary Townshend (dau of Charles Townshend, 2nd Viscount Townshend)
  e. Frederick Cornwallis, Archbishop of Canterbury (dsp 1783)
  m. Caroline Townshend (dau of Hon. William Townshend)
  f.+ other issue (d unm) - Richard (b 1708, d 1741), William, Henry, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Mary
  ii.+ "other sons"
  m2. (06.05.1688) Anna Scott, Duchess of Buccleuch (b 11.02.1651, d 06.02.1732, dau of Francis Scott, 2nd Earl of Buccleuch)
  iii.+ other issue - George (d young), 2 daughters
  B. Frederick Cornwallis probably of this generation
  i. Jane Cornwallis
  m. Anthony Duncombe
2.+ other issue (dspm) - 2 sons and 1 daughter
m2. Elizabeth Crofts (dau of Sir Henry Crofts of Saxham by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Richard Wortley of Wortley)
5. Jane Cornwallis
  m. William Dunham

Main source(s): BE1883 (Cornwallis) with some input from Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Cornwallis of Brome)
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