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Families covered: Courtenay of Bickleigh, Courtenay of Devon, Courtenay of Powderham Castle

Hugh Courtenay, 2nd/10th Earl of Devon (b 12.07.1303, d 02.05.1377)
m. (11.08.1325) Margaret de Bohun (d 16.12.1391, dau of Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford, Earl of Essex)
1. Sir Hugh Courtenay, Baron Courtenay (dvp before 31.08.1349)
  m. (1341) Elizabeth Brian (d 23.09.1375, dau of Guy Brian, Lord of Tor-Brian)
  A. Hugh Courtenay of Devon (dsp 20.02.1373-4)
  m. Matilda/Maud Holland (d 1392, dau of Thomas Holland, 1st Earl of Kent)
2. Thomas Courtenay (dvp)
3. Edward Courtenay of Godlington (dvp)
  m. Emeline Dawnay (dau of Sir John Dawnay)
A. Edward Courtenay, 3rd/11th Earl of Devon (b c1357, d 05.12.1419)
  m. Maud Camoys (dau of Thomas, Lord Camoys)
  i. Sir Edward Courtenay (dvpsp)
  m. Eleanor Mortimer (dau of Roger, Earl of March)
  ii. Hugh Courtenay, 4th/12th Earl of Devon (b 1389, d 16.06.1422)
  m. Anne Talbot (dau of Richard Talbot, 4th Lord)
  a. Thomas Courtenay, 5th/13th Earl of Devon (b 1414, d 03.02.1458)
  m. Margaret Beaufort (dau of John, Marquess of Dorset)
  (1) Thomas Courtenay, 6th/14th Earl of Devon (b 1432, d unm 03.04.1461)
  The Earl was attainted for his support for the Lancastrian cause in the Wars of the Roses.
  (2) Henry Courtenay, 'Earl of Devon' (d 04.05.1466)
  (3) John Courtenay, (16th) Earl of Devon (d 14.05.1471, Tewkesbury)
  TCP identifies John as the 16th Earl of Devon as the attainder was reversed by Henry VI in 1470. During the period of attaintment, Humphrey Stafford was created (15th) Earl of Devon.
  (4) Joane Courtenay
  m1. Sir Roger Clifford (d 1485)
  m2. Sir William Knyvett
  (5) Elizabeth Courtenay
  m. Sir Hugh Conway
(6)+ other issue (d young) - Anne, Matilda, Eleanor
  b. John Courtenay (d unm)
  iii. James Courtenay
  iv. Elizabeth Courtenay (dsp 18.10.1471)
  m1. (1411) John Harington, 4th Lord (dsp 11.02.1417-8)
  m2. (before 10.1427) Sir William Bonville of Chewton, 1st Lord (b 30.08.1393, d 18.02.1460/1)
  B. Sir Hugh Courtenay of Haccomb or Holcombe (d 05/6.03.1424/5)
  m1. Elizabeth Cogan (b c1374, d 29.10.1367, dau of Sir William Cogan)
  m2. Philippa Arcedekene (dau of Sir William Arcedekene or Ercedekne)
  i. Joane Courtenay
  m1. Sir Nicholas Carew of Carew (d 1446)
  m2. Sir Robert Vere
m3. Maud Beaumont (dau of Sir John (sb William?) Beaumont of Sherwell)
  ii. Sir Hugh Courtenay of Boconnok (d Tewkesbury)
  m. Margaret Carminow (dau of Thomas Carminow of Carminow)
  a. Sir Edward Courtenay, 1st/17th Earl of Devon (d 28.05.1509)
  m. Elizabeth Courtenay (dau of Sir Philip Courtenay of Molland by dau of Robert Hingeston)
  (1) Sir William Courtenay (d 09.06.1511)
  William was attainted in 1504. He came back into favour but, according to BE1883, he died before his title was restored. TCP (Devon) identifies him as the 18th Earl.
  m. (10.1495) Catherine Plantagenet (b 1479, d 15.11.1527, dau of King Edward IV of England)
  (A) Henry Courtenay, 2nd/19th Earl of Devon, Marquess of Devon (d 09.01.1539)
  Henry was executed for alleged conspiracy against the Crown.
m1. Elizabeth Grey (dau of John, Viscount Lisle)
  m2. (25.10.1519) Gertrude Blount (d 25.09.1558, dau of William Blount, 4th Lord Mountjoy)
  (i) Edward Courtenay, 1st/20th Earl of Devon (b c1526, d unm 04.10.1556)
  b. Sir Walter Courtenay (d unm)
  c. Maud Courtenay
  m. Sir John Arundell of Tolverne or Talkern
d. Elizabeth Courtenay
  m. John Trethurffe or Trethrif (d 1510)
  e. Isabella Courtenay
  m. William Mohun of Hall Lanteglos
f. Florence Courtenay
  m. John Trelawny
  iii. Margaret Courtenay
  m. Sir Theobald Grenvill of Stow
4. William Courtenay, Archbishop of Canterbury (d 1396)
5. John Courtenay
6. Sir Philip Courtenay of Powderham Castle, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (d c1406)
  m. Anne Wake (dau of Sir Thomas Wake)
  A. Richard Courtenay of Powderham Castle, Bishop of Norwich (d 1415)
  B. Sir John Courtenay
  i. Sir Philip Courtenay of Powderham Castle (d 16.12.1463)
  m. Elizabeth Hungerford (d 14.12.1476, dau of Walter Hungerford, 1st Lord)
  a. Sir William Courtenay of Powderham Castle, Sheriff of Devon (d 1485)
m. Margaret (dau of William, Lord Bonville)
  (1) Sir William Courtenay of Powderham Castle (b c1428, d 1512)
  m. Cicely Cheney (dau of Sir John Cheney of Pincourt)
  (A) Sir William Courtenay 'the Great' of Powderham Castle (d 24.11.1535)
  m1. Margaret Edgcombe (dau of Sir Richard Edgcombe of Cothele)
  (i) George Courtenay (dvp)
  m. Catherine St. Leger (dau of Sir George St. Leger)
  (a) Sir William Courtenay of Powderham Castle, de jure 2nd/21st Earl of Devon (d St. Quintin 18.08.1557)
  m. (28.11.1545) Elizabeth Paulet (d 04.11.1576, dau of John Paulet, Marquess of Winchester)
(ii)+ 3 sons and 1 daughter
  m2. Mary Gainesford (dau of Sir John Gainesford)
(vi)+ other issue
  Possibly of this generation, but by which wives is unknown, were ...
  (vii) James Courtenay
  m. Anne Basset (dau of Sir John Basset of Tehidy and Umberleigh)
  (viii) ?? Courtenay son, presumed not James
  (a) ?? Courtenay
  ((1)) Richard Courtenay possibly of this generation
m. Mary MacDonald or MacDonnell
  (ix) Gertrude Courtenay (d 04.1566)
  m. Sir John Chichester of Raleigh and Youlston, Sheriff of Devonshire (d 09.1569)
  (x) Margaret Courtenay
  m. Thomas Danvers of Dantsey
  (xi) daughter 
  m. Thomas Gibbes
  (B) Katherine Courteney possibly of this generation
  m1. Sir Thomas Pomeroy
  m2. Thomas Rogers
  (C) Eleanor Courteney possibly of this generation
  m. Sir John Ragland or Raglan of Carn-Llwyd (d 1531-2)
  (2) Edward Courtenay possibly of this generation
  m. Alice Wotton (dau of John Wotton)
  b. Sir Philip Courtenay of Molland (d 1489)
  m. Elizabeth (widow of William Hyndeston of Wonwell)
  c. Sir Edmund Courtenay of St. Lennard's
  m1. Alice Wotton (dau/heir of John Wotton)
  m2. Joan Dymock (dau/heir of Edward Dymock)
  d. Sir Walter Courtenay
m. Alice Kilrington (dau/coheir of Walter de Kilrington, m2. Sir John Vere)
  e. Humphrey Courtenay of Bickleigh (d 20/23.04.1496)
  BP1934 reports that Humphrey's only daughter married Thomas Carew. The following comes from an article called 'The runaway match of Elizabeth Courtenay' in 'The Genealogist' (vol 6, 1882, p193+). Thanks to a site visitor (CV, 23.05.13) for drawing this to our attention.
  (1) John Courtenay (a 05.1495, dvp)
  (A) Humfrey Courtenay of Bickleigh (b c1489, d 04.02.1496-7)
  (B) Walter Courtenay of Bickleigh (b c1492, dsp?)
  (C) Elizabeth Courtenay, heiress of Bickleigh
  m. Thomas Carew of Bickleigh (d 02.02.1545-6)
  (2) Philip Courtenay (a 10.1496)
  (3) Joan Courtenay
  m. (before 29.07.1482) William Merwode (Marwood)
f.+ other issue - Peter (Bishop of Winchester), Sir John
  BP1934 (Devon) reports that there were two daughters by this marriage, not named. Commoners (vol 2, Throckmorton of Molland) shows 2 daughters: Philippa (also reported in BLG1952/Commoners (Fulford)) and Anne. We have so far found 2 other daughters attributed to Sir Philip and Elizabeth: Elizabeth & Katherine reported on a web site plus one other who looks as though she was probably of this generation (Joan, named on a web site). Elizabeth's three marriages are as reported in BLG1952 (Fownes Luttrell formerly of Dunster Castle).
  h. Philippa Courtenay
  m. Sir Thomas Fulford of Great Fulford (d 20.02.1489)
  i. Anne Courtenay
  m1. William Palton of Umberleigh
m2. Richard Trewin
  j. Elizabeth Courtenay (d 01.09.1493)
  m1. Sir James Luttrell of Dunster Castle (d St. Albans 17.02.1461)
  m2. Sir Humphrey Touchet, later Audley (d Tewkesbury 06.05.1471)
  m3. Thomas Malet of Enmore (d 1501/2)
  k. Katherine Courtenay (d after 11.1510)
  m1. Thomas Rogers
m2. Sir St. Clare Pomeroy (dvpsp 31.05.1471)
  m3. Sir William Huddesfield of Shillingford (b 1435, d 23.06.1499)
  l. Joan Courtenay Joan's story is reported on the Beaumont page
  m1. William Beaumont of Sherwell (b 1427, d 05.1453)
  p/m2. Henry Bodrugan
  C. Margaret (or Elizabeth) Courtenay
  m. Sir Robert Cary of Cockington and Clovelly (d before 1435)
7. Sir Peter Courtenay, KG, Governor of Calais, Chamberlain (d unm 1409)
8. Humphry Courtenay
9. Margaret Courtenay
  m. John de Cobham, 3rd Lord (d 10.01.1407-8)
10. Elizabeth Courtenay (d 07.08.1395)
  m1. Sir John Vere, younger of Oxford (b c12.1335, dvpsp before 23.06.1350)
  m2. (1359) Sir Andrew Luttrell of Chilton
11. Catherine Courtenay (d 31.12.1399)
  m1. John, Lord Harington
  m2. Thomas de Engaine, 2nd Lord (dsp 1367)
12. Joane Courtenay
  m. Sir John Cheverston

Main source(s): BE1883 (Courtenay of Devon), BP1934 (Devon)
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