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Families covered: Crosbie of Ardfert, Crosbie of Ballyheigue, Crosbie of Brandon, Crosbie of Glandore, Crosbie of Maryborough

?? Crosbie
1. Patrick Crosbie in Queen's Co.
  A. Sir Pierce Crosbie 'of Maryborough', Queen's Co. (dsp 1646)
m. (06.03.1618/9) Elizabeth Noel (dau of Sir Andrew Noel of Brooke, widow of George (Touchet), 1st Earl of Castlehaven)
2. John Crosbie, Bishop of Ardfert (d 09.1621)
  m. Winefred O'Lalor of Queen's Co.
  A. Sir Walter Crosbie, 1st Bart of Maryborough, Sheriff of Queen's Co. (d 04.08.1638)
  m1. Mabel Browne (dau of Sir Nicholas Browne of Molahiffe)
  i. Sir Walter Crosbie of Ballyfinn, 2nd Bart of Maryborough (a 1658, 3rd son)
  m. Ellice FitzGerald (dau of Walter FitzGerald of Walterstown)
a. Sir Walter Crosbie of Crosbie Park (in co. Wicklow), 3rd Bart (d 30.01.1759, Captain)
  m. Dorothy Howard (d 29.10.1758, dau of Charles Howard of Haverares)
  (1) Sir Paul Crosbie, 4th Bart (d 11.1773)
  m. Mary Daniel (dau of Edward Daniel of Freadsom, Cheshire)
  (A) Sir Edward William Crosbie, 5th Bart
m. (14.12.1790) Castiliana Westerna (d before 1806, dau of Warner Westerna of Rossmore Park (by Hester, dau of Richard Lambert, 4th Earl of Cavan), widow of Capt. Henry Dod)
  (i) Sir William Crosbie in co. Bray, 6th Bart (b 18.05.1794, dsp 03.10.1861)
  m. (30.03.1830) Dorothea Alicia Walsh (d 11.02.1880, dau of John Walsh of Dublin by Henrietta, dau of Sir Paul Crosbie, 4th Bart, cousin) @1@ below
  (ii) Hester Dorothea Crosbie (d unm)
  (B) Richard Crosbie
  m. (1780) Charlotte Armstrong (dau of Archibald Armstrong of Twickenham & Rosina)
  (i) Edward Crosbie (d 25.06.1834) had issue
  m. (01.05.1818) Jane Henry (dau of James Henry of co. Kildare)
  (ii) Mary Crosbie (d unm)
(C) Mary Crosbie
  m. Archibald Douglas of Darnock
  (D) Dorothea Howard Crosbie
  m. _ Boissier
  (E) Henrietta Crosbie
  m. John Walsh 'of Dublin'
  (i) Dorothea Alicia Walsh (d 11.02.1880)
  m. (30.03.1830) Sir William Crosbie, 6th Bart (b 18.05.1794, dsp 03.10.1861) @1@ above
  b.+ other issue - George, Sarah
  ii.+ other issue - John (d infant), Maurice (dvp 18.04.1633)
  m2. Anne Tendall (d 1662, dau of John Tensall of Dickleborough, widow of Capt. Richard Christy, m3. Walter Furlough)
B. David Crosbie of Ardfert, Governor of co. Kerry then Kinsale (d before 03.05.1658, Colonel)
  m. _ Steere (dau of John Steere, Bishop of Ardfert)
  i. Sir Thomas Crosbie of Ardfert 'of Ballyheigue', Sheriff of co. Kerry (d 1694)
  m1. Bridget Tynte (dau of Robert Tynte of co. Cork)
  a. David Crosbie of Ardfert, Sheriff of co. Kerry (d 1717)
  m. (1680) Jane Hamilton (dau/coheir of William Hamilton)
(1) Maurice Crosbie, 1st Lord Brandon of Brandon (d 20.01.1762)
  m. (12.1712) Elizabeth Anne FitzMaurice (d 17.12.1757, dau of Thomas, 1st Earl of Kerry, by Anne Petty)
  (A) William Crosbie, 2nd Lord, 1st Earl of Glandore (b 05.1716, d 11.04.1781)
  m1. (11.1745) Theodosia Bligh (d 20.05.1777, dau of John Bligh, 1st Earl of Darnley)
  (i) John Crosbie, 2nd Earl of Glandore, 3rd Lord (b 25.05.1752-3, dsp 20.04.1815, 2nd son)
  m. (26.11.1777) Diana Diana Sackville-Germain (dau of George, 1st Viscount Sackville)
  (ii) Anne Crosbie (b 01.12.1754)
  m. (05.1775) John William Talbot of Mount Talbot
  (iii) Arabella Crosbie (b 21.10.1757)
  m. (27.02.1783) Edward Ward (son of Bernard, 1st Viscount Bangor)
  (iv)+ other issue - Maurice (b 17.02.1749, d 10.11.1749), Theodosia (b 12.03.1756, d unm 03.06.1782)
m2. (01.11.1777, sp) Jane Vesey (d 09.1787, dau of Edward Vesey, widow of John Ward)
  (B) John Crosbie (b 1724, dsp 05.1755)
  m. Elizabeth Fisher
  (C) Maurice Crosbie (Dean of Limerick)
  m1. (22.03.1762) Elizabeth Gun (d 14.04.1767, dau of William Gun of Kilmary)
(i) Elizabeth Crosbie
  m. Edward Moore of Mooresfort
  m2. Pyne Cavendish (dau of Sir Henry Cavendish, 1st Bart of Doveridge)
  (ii) William Crosbie, 4th Lord Brandon (b 01.11.1771, d 03.05.1832) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (03.05.1815) Elizabeth La Touche (d 01.04.1862, dau of Col. David La Touche of Marlay by Cecilia, dau of Joseph Leeson, 1st Earl of Milltown)
(iii) Anne Crosbie
  m1. (1790) Charles Brydges Woodcock of Brentford Butts
  m2. Christopher Hely-Hutchinson (MP for Cork)
(iv) Pyne Crosbie (d 01.1844)
  m1. (div) Sir John Benjamin Gordon, 6th Bart of Park
  m2. (24.07.1806) Henry Brand-Trevor, Lord Dacre (Major General)
  (v) Dorothy Crosbie
  m. (1795) William Edward Harvey (son of Rev. Christopher)
(D) Jane Crosbie
  m. (01.02.1735) Thomas Mahon of Strokestown
  (E) Anne Crosbie
  m. Bartholomew Mahon of Clonfree
  (F) Elizabeth Crosbie
  m. Lancelot Crosbie of Tubrid @2@ below
(G) Dorothy Crosbie
  m. Rev. Richard Pigott 'of Dysart'
  (2) Anne Crosbie (d 05.05.1740)
  m. Henry Rose of Mount Pleasant (judge)
  (3) Elizabeth Crosbie
  m. (30.06.1703) Sir Maurice Fitzgerald of Kerry
  (4) Margaret Crosbie
  m1. Lancelot Sandes
m2. John Green of Abbey
  (5) Mary Anne Crosbie
  m. John Copinger
  b. Sarah Crosbie
  m. Henry Stoughton of Rattoo
  c. Bridget Crosbie
BLG1886 ('Crosbie of Ballyheigue') suggests that Bridget dsp having married Philip Morgel. However, MGH (NS5 vol 2 (1916-7), 'Pedigrees of Parr, Magee, Morgell and other Kerry Families', p231+) suggests that she married (and had children by) the following.
  m1. Thomas Morgell of Mount Morgell & Tullilease
  m2. Theobald Magee of Portmagee (d 1724)
  d.+ other issue - William (Major), Patrick (b 1664, dsp, Rev.), Walter (b 1666, dsp)
  m2. (sp) Ellen FitzGerald (dau of Garrett FitzGerald of Ballynard, widow of Sir Ralph Wilson)
m3. (1680) Elizabeth Hamilton (dau/coheir of William Hamilton)
  g. Thomas Crosbie of Ballyheigue, Sheriff of co. Kerry (d before 12.05.1731)
  m. (1711) Margaret Barry (dau of Richard Barry, 2nd Earl of Barrymore)
  (1) James Crosbie of Ballyheigue, Sheriff of co. Kerry (d 03.1761)
  m. Mary Crosbie (dau of Pierse Crosbie of Rusheen) @3@ below
  (A) Pierse Crosbie of Ballyheigue, Sheriff of co. Kerry (a 1797)
  m. Frances Bateman (dau of Rowland Bateman of Oak Park)
  (i) James Crosbie of Ballyheigue, Sheriff of co. Kerry (d 20.09.1836, Colonel)
  m. (1785) Elizabeth Bateman (d 20.08.1836, dau of Rowland Bateman of Oak Park, cousin)
(a) Pierse Crosbie of Ballyheigue, Sheriff of co. Kerry had issue
  m1. Elizabeth Mitchell (dsp, dau of General John Mitchell)
  m2. (07.1831) Elizabeth Sandes (d 25.05.1835, dau of Thomas Sandes of Sallow Glen)
  m3. Margaret Wren (dau of Leslie Wren of Littur)
(b) Francis Crosbie (dsp, 3rd son)
  m. Maria Harte of Coolrus
  (c) Letitia Crosbie
  m. W.M. Twiss (Captain)
  (d) Frances Crosbie
  m. Rowland Chute of Lebrock (Captain)
  (e)+ other issue - James (dsp), Thomas
  (ii) Pierse Crosbie
  m. Jane Bateman (widow of Conway Blennerhassett)
(a) Mary Crosbie
  m. Hon. William Massy
  (b) Frances Anne Crosbie
  m. Robert Leslie of Tarbert House
  (c)+ other issue - Francis, James, Pierse
  (iii) Elizabeth Crosbie
  m. John Mitchell (General)
  (B)+ other issue (dsp) - James, Catherine, Henrietta
  (2) Anne Dorothy Crosbie
  m. William Carrigue of Glandine
(3) Harriet Jane Crosbie
  m. Launcelot Crosbie of Tubrid @4@ below
  h. John Crosbie (d before 25.03.1762, Major)
  m. Mary
  (1)+ issue - Elizabeth, Anne
  i. Pierce Crosbie of Rusheen (b 1684, d 04.1761)
  m. Margaret Sandes (dau of William (probably not Sir Lancelot) Sandes of Carrigfoyle)
  (1) Francis Crosbie, Sheriff of co. Kerry (dsp)
  m. Ann Bateman (dau of Rowland Bateman of Oak Park)
(2) Mary Crosbie
  m. James Crosbie of Ballyheigue @3@ above
  (3) Ann (or Elizabeth) Crosbie
  m. Christopher Hilliard
  j. Ann Crosbie (a 1694)
  m1. (1717) Richard Malone of Ballynahown
  m2. William L'Estrange of Tuitstown
  m3. Peter Holmes of Johnstown
ii. Patrick Crosbie of Tubrid, co. Kerry "had a large family"
  m. Agnes Freke (dau of Arthur Freke of Cork, sister of Pierce of Bilney)
  a. Arthur Crosbie (b 1688)
  BLG1886 mentions Arthur (a 1705) but he is the only descendant of Patrick & Agnes who is named by any of the Main Sources given for this page. The following has been compiled from cross-references above & elsewhere in the database.
  (1) William Crosbie of Tubrid (Colonel) probably of this generation, father of Ann possibly of ...
  (A) Lancelot Crosbie of Tubrid married 3 times?
  m1/2/3. Harriet Jane Crosbie (dau of Thomas Crosbie of Ballyheigue) @4@ above
  m1/2/3. Mary Blennerhassett (dau of John Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy)
  m1/2/3. Elizabeth Crosbie (dau of Maurice Crosbie, 1st Lord of Brandon) @2@ above
  (B) Ann Crosbie
  m1. John Leslie of Tarbert
  m2. (21.02.1736, sp) John Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy (b 1715, dvp 1763)
b. Margaret Crosbie probably of this generation
  m1. John Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy (d 1709)
  m2. David Barry (son of 2nd Earl of Barrymore)
  iii. daughter
  m. Richard Shovel (captain)
  iv. (Agnes) Crosbie
  m. Richard Chute of Tulligaron
  v. daughter
  m. Garrett Reeves
  vi. daughter
  m. William Reeves (Captain)
  C. Sir John Crosbie of Tullyglass, co. Down (dsp 14.01.1639-40)
  m. (25.07.1638) Mary Boughton (dau of Edward Boughton of Causton, widow of Richard Fowler)
  D. Joan Crosbie probably of this generation
  m. Cornelius (or Connor) McGillycuddy (b c1580, d 1630)
  E.+ other issue - Patrick (a 1619), 3 daughters

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Crosbie'), BE1883 ('Crosbie of Brandon'), BLG1886 ('Crosbie of Ballyheigue'), BLG1886 ('Crosbie of Ardfert Abbey')
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