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Families covered: Daly of Carrownakelly, Daly of Dalystown, Daly of Dunsandle, Daly of Raford

We intend that in due course we will add earlier generations of this family which is reported by BP1870 to have descended from Dalagh who was 10th in descent from the famous 'Nial of the Nine Hostages', monarch of Ireland in the 4th century.
Dermot O'Daly of Killymore and Larha (a 1578)
1. Tiegue O'Daly (dspm)
2. Donogh O'Daly
A. Dermot Daly (a 1642, commander of Castle Clare)
  B. James Daly
  m. Anasstasia Darcy (granddau of James Riveagh D'Arcy)
i. Denis Daly of Carrownakelly (judge)
  m. Mary Power (dau of Thomas Power of Pask)
  a. James Daly (dvp)
  m. Honora Rice (dau of Sir Stephen Rice of Limerick)
  (1) Denis Daly (dsp)
  m. Catherine Blake (dau of Sir Walter Blake of Cullagh)
  (2) Mary Daly
  m. (1724) Thomas Nugent of Donore (a 1743)
  b. Thomas Power Daly
  (1) (Mary) Donelan
  m. Malachy Donellan or Donelan of Ballydonellan
(A) Mabel Donelan probably of this generation
  m. William Burke of Ballintober & Ballydugan
  c. Denis Daly
  m. _ French (dau of George French of Frenchbrook)
  (1) James Daly of Carrownakelly and Dunsandle
  m1. Bridget Bermingham (dsp, dau of Francis Bermingham, 21st Lord Athenry)
  m2. (14.06.1744) Catherine Gore (b 07.11.1723, dau of Sir Ralph Gore)
(A) Denis Daly of Dunsandle (b 1747, d 10.10.1792, MP)
  m. (1780) Henrietta Maxwell (d 06.03.1852, dau of Robert Maxwell, Earl of Farnham)
  (i) James Daly, 1st Lord Dunsandle and Clan Conal (b 07.04.1782, d 07.08.1847) had issue
  m. (05.03.1808) Maria Elizabeth Smyth (d 02.11.1866, dau of Sir Skeffington Smyth, Bart)
  (ii) Catherine Daly
  m. John Godley of Killigar
  (iii) Charlotte Daly
  m. H. Newman (d 05.01.1864, Dean of Cork)
  (iv) Emily Daly (d 16.02.1876)
  m. (21.05.1812) Sir Morgan Crofton, Bart (b 21.12.1788, d 24.06.1867)
  (v) Mary Daly
  m. (11.1820) Rev. Arthur Knox (son of Arthur of Castlerea)
  (vi)+ other issue - Robert (Bishop of Cashel and Waterford), Henrietta (d unm), Elizabeth
  (B) Ralph Daly (warden of Galway)
  m. _ Kilkelly
  (i) James Daly
  (C) Peter Daly (Lt. Colonel)
  m. _ Barber (dau of General _Barber)
  (D) Sir George Daly (judge)
  m. Louisa Gore (dau of Sir Ralph Gore, Bart)
(E) Elizabeth Daly
  m. Peter Daly of Lismore
  (F) Ellen Daly (d unm)
  d. Peter Daly of Quansbury (d 1757)
  m. Elizabeth Blake (dau of Richard Blake of Ardfry)
  (1) son (d unm)
  (2) Honora Daly (d 1784)
  m. (22.05.1735) Henry Benedict Barnewall, 4th Viscount of Kingsland (b 01.02.1708, dsp 11.03.1744)
(3) Anastatia Daly (d 09.04.1799)
  m1. (div) Charles Daly of Callow or Loughcrea
  m2. (18.03.1768) Francis Thomas FitzMaurice, 3rd Earl of Kerry (b 09.09.1740, dsp 04.07.1818)
  (4) Mary or Margaret Daly (d by 1793)
  m. (10.01.1750) Thomas Bermingham, Lord Athenry, Earl of Louth (b 16.11.1717, d 11.01.1799)
e. Mary Daly
  m1. John Moore or O'Moore of Cloghan
  m2. Peter Browne of Westport (d 1722)
  f. Anastace Daly (d 01.05.1739)
  m. Robert (not Joseph) Blake of Ardfry (d 12.05.1741)
  ii. Charles Daly of Harwood or Callow
  m. Anne D'Arcy (dau of Hyacinth D'Arcy of Kiltullagh)
  a. Anthony Daly
  m. Mary Burke (dau of John Burke of Lismore)
b. Anne Daly
  m1. (13.06.1721) Francis Blake of Coolcon
  m2. John D'Arcy of Ballykine
  c. daughter
  m. Xaverius Blake of Dunmacrina and Oranmore (d 11.1768)
  d. Bridget Daly (d 14.04.1768) probably of this generation
  m. (03.1719) William Nugent of Pallas, '3rd Lord Riverston' (d 11.05.1756)
  iii. James Daly of Raford
  a. William Daly of Raford (d before 11.08.1769)
  m. Anastasia D'Arcy (dau of Hyacinth D'Arcy of Kiltulla)
  (1) Denis Daly of Raford (b c1700, d 14.03.1791)
  m. (1735) Anne Bourke (dau of Michael Bourke, 10th Earl of Clanricarde)
(A) Denis Daly of Raford
  m. Ann Donellan (dau of Malachy Donellan of Ballydonellan)
  (i) Denis Daly of Raford
  m. (c10.1799) Anna Maria Harrison of Dublin
  (ii) Malachy Daly of Raford
  m. Julia Burke (dau of Sir Thomas Burke,1st Bart of Marble Hill)
  (a) Anne Daly (d 27.09.1871)
  m. (03.10.1829) Anthony Francis Nugent, 9th Earl of Westmeath (b 01.11.1805, d 12.05.1879)
(b) Maria Julia Daly of Raford
  m. (22/6.09.1832) Andrew William Blake of Fulbourgh (b 22.08.1798, d 1868)
  Their eldest son inherited Raford and assumed the name Daly.
  (iii) Charles Daly (3rd son) probably of this generation
  m. (06.05.1756) Jane Hill (b 1733, dau of Rowley Hill of Culmore)
  (a) son (d young)
  (iv) Hyacinth Daly of Raford (dsps 05.11.1836)
  (v) Letitia Daly probably of this generation
  m1. Henry Bingham
  m2. (1794) Walter Blake (Brigadier)
  (B) Michael Daly of Loughrea, Mount Pleasant and Tokay Lodge (b c1744, d 23.10.1808)
  m. Johanna Gore (dau of Arthur Gore, 1st Earl of Arran)
  (i) Denis Daly
  (a) Katherine Daly
  (ii) Arthur Henry Daly had issue
  (iii) Hyacinth Richard Daly of Mount Pleasant (Colonel)
  m1. Mary
  (a) Denis Daly (d young)
  m2. Honoria Keogh
(b) Richard Gore of Woodview (d 31.12.1859, to Melbourne, Australia) had issue
  m. (05.1840) Annie Jane Disney (d 30.05.1882,dau of Col. Arthur Disney of Ballysax)
  (c)+ other issue - Anthony, James (dsp)
  (iv) Anne Daly
  m. (28.09.1792) Giles Eyre of Eyre Court Castle (d 1830)
  (C) Anastasia Daly
  m. (10.1761) Sir George Browne, 6th Bart of the Neale (d 14.09.1765)
  (D) Letitia Daly
  m. (1760) Henry Bingham of Newbrook (d 1790)
  (E) Margaret Daly
  m1. (17.04.1762) Charles Blake of Merlin Park (d 1769)
  m2. John D'Arcy of Ballykine
m3. Stephen Blake of Woodstock (Captain)
  (2) Hyacinth Daly of Dalystown (d before 26.07.1782)
  m. (Rose) Coghlan (sister of Thomas Coghlan 'The Maw', Chief of MacCloghlan, 'dau of Felix Coghlan of Garrycastle)
  (A) Denis Bowes Daly of Dalystown (b c1745, d 17.12.1821, PC)
  m. (10.07.1780) Charlotte Ponsonby (d 25.08.1781, dau of John Ponsonby)
  (B) Margaret Daly (d 11.1793)
  m. (11.1782) Sir Skeffington Smith, Bart
  (3) Anastace Daly
  (4) Catherine Daly
  m. John Browne
  (A) George Browne of Brownestown, co. Mayo probably of this generation
  (i) Frances Browne
  m. (c1807) Hyacinth George Burke of Slatefield
  (5) Margaret Daly
  m. John Kirwan of Castle Hacket (d 1781)
  (6) Bridget Daly presumably the Bridget who married ...
  m. (1741) Walter Blake of Oranmore (dvp 1757)

Main source(s): BP1870 (Dunsandle), BLG1886 (Daly of Raford)
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