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Families covered: Albini of Belvoir, Daubeney of Bridgewater, Daubeney of Daubeney, Daubeney (D'Aubeney) of South Ingleby, Daubeney of South Petherton

Robert de Todeni, lord of Belvoir (d 1088) = Robert de Toeni (b c1038, d 08.1088)
m. Adela = Adeliza (b c1035, d before 1088)
1. William de Toeni or de Albini, 'Brito', lord of Belvoir (d c1155)
  m. Maud de St. Liz (dau of Simon de St. Liz, Earl of Huntingdon and Northampton)
A. William de Albini, 'Meschines' or 'Brito', lord of Belvoir (d c1168)
  m. Adelisa
  i. William de Albini, lord of Belvoir (d 1236)§C
  m1. Margery or Matilda de Umfraville (dau of Odonel de Umfraville)
  a. William de Albini, lord of Belvoir
  m1. Albreda (dau of Henry, Lord Biseth)
  m2. Isabel
  BE1883 suggests that Albreda was the mother of Isabel but TCP (Ros) suggests that is was probably Isabel.
  (1) Isabel de Albini
  m. Robert de Ros of Hamlake and Belvoir, 1st Lord (d 16.06.1285)
  b.+ other issue - Sir Odinel, Robert, Nicholas (rector of Bottesford)
  m2. Agatha Trusbut (dau of William Trusbut)
  B. Ralph de Albini or d'Aubigne of Ingleby (d Acre 1190)
  TCP (Daubeney) starts with this Ralph, making no reference to any possible connection with the family of Albini of Belvoir but TCP (Percy) does include a note that identifies him as brother of William of Belvoir. BE1883 indicates that his wife was Sibella de Valoines but TCP (Daubney) identifies her as the following Maud. TCP (Percy) identifies Sibyl de Valognes as a husband of Ralph but, given that that was her 3rd marriage, she was probably Ralph's 2nd (or later) wife.
  m1. Maud (Mahet) (dau of William de Montsorel, Sn de Landal)
  i. Philip de Albini or d'Aubigne of Ingleby, Governor of Ludlow then Jersey, etc (d 1235/before 20.12.1224)
  ii. Sir Ralph de Albini or d'Aubigne of South Ingleby, Sn de Landal (d before 25.01.1291/2)
  m. Isabel (a 04.08.1294)
  a. Sir Philip de Albini or d'Aubigne of South Ingleby, South Petherton, etc. (dsp before 16.07.1294)
b. Sir Helie or Elias de Albini or Daubeney of South Ingleby,South Petherton , etc., 1st Lord (d before 08.04.1305)
  m. Joan BE1883 names her Hawise
  (1) Sir Ralph Daubeney of South Ingleby, South Petherton, etc., 2nd Lord (a 1343)
  TCP (Daubeney) shows his marriages the other way around but we provisionally follow BE1883 on the order of marriages as TCP (Botreaux) identifies Elizabeth's mother, Katherine, as Ralph's 1st wife.
  m1. Katherine Thweng (dau of William de Thweng, Lord)
  (A) Elizabeth Daubeney (d 29.05.1433)
  m. (02.1369/70) William de Botreaux, 1st Lord (b 01.09.1337, d 10.08.1391)
  m2. Alice de Montacute (dau of Simon de Montacute, 1st Lord)
(B) Sir Giles Daubeney '3rd Lord' (d 24.06.1386)
  m. (after 05.01.1358/9) Alianor de Wylington (d 06.08.1400, dau of Henry de Wylington or Wilington of Umberleigh by Isabel de Walesbreu)
  (i) Sir Giles Daubeney, '4th Lord', Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire (b by 11.1370, d c1402)
  m. Margaret (d 30.06.1420, said to have been dau of Sir John Beauchamp)
  (a) John Daubeney of South Ingleby, etc. (b c1393, dsp 24.09.1409)
  m. (mcrt 01.07.1409) Elizabeth Scrope (dau of Sir Roger le Scrope of Bolton by Margaret Tibetot)
  (b) Sir Giles Daubeney of South Ingleby, etc., Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire (b c1395, d 11.01.1445/6)
(1) None of the 3rd to 5th lords were actually called to parliament. TCP evidences doubt that the 2nd Lord was called to parliament either.
(2) The following is partly supported by CTG (vol 1, 1834, p314, #XIV).
  m1. Joan Darcy (dau of Philip, Lord Darcy, by Elizabeth Gray)
  ((1)) William Daubeney of South Ingleby, etc., Sheriff of Cornwall, '5th/9th Lord' (b 11.06.1424, d 02.01.1460/1)
  m. Alice Stourton (dau of John Stourton or Stornton of Preston Plucknett by Katherine Payne, m2. Robert Hill of Houndston & Talaton)
  ((A)) Giles Daubeney, Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset, '6th'/1st Lord (b 01.06.1451/2, d 26.05.1507)
  m. (before 17.09.1483) Elizabeth Arundel (d 1500, dau of Sir John Arundel of Lanherne by Katherine Chidiok)
  ((i)) Henry Daubeney, Earl of Bridgewater (dsp 08.04.1548)
m1. Elizabeth Neville (dau of George Neville, Lord Abergavenny, by Joan FitzAlan)
  m2. Catherine Howard (bur 11.05.1554, dau of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfollk, by Agnes Tilney)
  ((ii)) Cecily Daubeney
  m. John Bourchier, 1st Earl of Bath (d 30.04.1539)
  ((iii)) Ann Daubney
  Visitation (Cornwall,1620, Buller) identifies Ann as daugher of Giles, Lord Daubney. The dates suggest that she would fit here but TCP (Daubeney) identifies Cecily as the only sister of the Earl who left issue. This makes this connection suspect.
m. Alexander Buller of Lillesdon
  ((B)) James Daubeney
  m. Elizabeth Painsfoot (dau/heir of Robert Painsfoot)
  ((i)) other child possibly Mary who married ...
  m. Thomas Martin of Athelhampton
  ((ii))+ other issue - Giles, Elizabeth
  ((C)) Alianor (Eleanor) Daubeney
  m1. Sir Simon Blount (d 1477)
  m2. Richard Newton
  m2. (before 18.05.1436) Mary Leake (d 17.02.1442/3, dau of Simon Leake of Cobham or Cotham by Joan Talbot)
  ((2)) Jane Daubeney or Daubney
  m. Sir Robert Markham 
  m3. Alice (d 26/7.03.1455)
  ((3)) Avice Daubeney
m1. John Flynt
  m2. John Lisle
  ((4)) other child
  (c) Matilda Daubeney (d 21.04.1416?) possibly of this generation
  m. ?? Hill
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas, William
  c. Owen de Albini
  m2. Sybil de Valoines or Valoniis (widow of Robert de Ros of Helmsley then William de Percy)
  C. Matilda de Albini (d'Aubigny) (a 1210) J
  m. Gilbert, 3rd Earl of Strathearn (b c1150, d 1223) J
2. Geoffrey
  A.+ issue - Oliver, Iwan, Geoffrey de Chanveni
3. Agnes
  m. Hubert de Rye
4. Alice or Adeliza de Toeni (b c1064, d after 1135) not mentioned by BEI883 (Daubeney) HJY
  m. Roger Bigod of Framlingham (b c1060, d 08/15.09.1107) HJY
5.+ other issue - Beringer, Robert

Main source(s): BE1883 (Daubeney), TCP (Daubeney)
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