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Families covered: Dawes of Lyons, Dawes of Putney, Dawes of Roehampton, Dawes of Staffordshire, Dawes of Stapleton

Thomas Dawes of Bedford (and Staffordshire?) (a 1461, 1483)
1. Thomas Dawes of Staffordshire (a 1509)
  m. Agnes Rudyard (dau of Raphe Rudyard of Staffordshire)
  A. John Dawes of Staffordshire (a 1547)
  i. Humphrey Dawes of Staffordshire
  Wootton suggests that Humphry dsp. Foster, who provides the continuation, shows otherwise.
  m. Elizabeth Minors (dau of William Minors of Blakewell)
  ii. Thomas Dawes of Staffordshire
  m. _ Violet (dau of _ Violet by _ Hall)
  a. Thomas Dawes (a 1570, Rouge Croix Pursuivant of Arms)
(1)+ issue (dsp) - Clement, Thomas
  b. John Dawes
  m. Jane Mitchel (dau of John Mitchel of Dorset)
  (1) Sir Abraham Dawes of Putney (Surrey) & London (d by 1640)
  m. Judith Wright (dau of Thomas Wright of Salop)
  (A) Sir Thomas Dawes of Roehampton, Putney (b c1604, d 05.12.1655)
  m. Judith Hacket (bur 28.01.1657, dau of Sir Cuthbert Hacket, Lord Mayor of London)
  (i) Sir John Dawes of Roehampton in Putney, 1st Bart (bpt 01.02.1643/4, bur 05.12.1671, 3rd son)
m. (by 1668) Christian Lyons (b c1638, dau/heir of William Lyons of Lyons in Bocking (by dau of John Hawkins of Braintree), m2. Sir Anthony Deane of London)
  (a) Sir Robert Dawes of Lyons in Bocking, 2nd Bart (d unm 1690)
  (b) John Dawes (d unm by 1690, RN)
  (c) Sir William Dawes of Lyons, 3rd Bart, Archbishop of York (b 12.09.1671, d 30.04.1724)
  BEB1841 suggests that Sir William became the Archbishop of Canterbury but that appears not to have been the case.
m. (11.1692/01.12.1692) Frances D'Arcy (b c1676, d 22.12.1705, dau of Sir Thomas D'Arcy, Bart of Braxted Lodge, by Jane, dau/heir of Robert Cole)
  ((1)) Sir Darcy Dawes of Lyons, 4th Bart (d 16.08.1732)
  m. (1723) Sarah (probably not Janet) Roundell (dau of Richard Roundell of Hutton Wandsley by Frances, dau of William St. Quintin)
  ((A)) Sir William Dawes of Lyons, 5th Bart (b 19.08.1729, d unm 28.05.1741)
  ((B)) D'Arcy or Darcy Dawes (d infant)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Dawes (d 31.08.1764)
  m. (05.01.1746-7) Edwin Lascelles, Lord of Harewood (bpt 05.02.1712-3, dsp 25.01.1795)
((2)) Elizabeth Dawes (d 09.03.1782)
  m. (05.12.1716) Sir William Milner of Nun Appleton Hall, 1st Bart (d 23.11.1745)
  ((3))+ other issue (dvp) - 3 sons and 2 daughters
  (d) daughter mentioned by Wootton but not by BEB1841
  m. William Pierpoint of Nottinghamshire
  (e) Elizabeth Dawes (d 1698) mentioned by BEB1841 but not by Wootton
  m. Peter Fisher (Dr.)
  (ii) Elizabeth Dawes probably of this generation
  m. Alexander Davison (b c1636, a 08.1666)
  (iii)+ other issue including Abraham (dvpsp), son (dvp), Judith (d unm), Jane
  (B) John Dawes (b c1617, a 1630)
  (C) Jane Dawes
  m. Elkin Wymondesold of Southwell (d by 1662)
  (2) Sarah Dawes
  m. William Blyth of Warwickshire
  (3) Susan Dawes
  m. Anthony Fisher of Carlisle
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) - Isaac, James, Joseph, Rebecca
2. John Dawes, Sheriff of London (a 1513)
  A. Richard Dawes of Stapleton, Leicestershire
  Wotton reports that Richard was ancestor of the later Dawes family of Stapleton. Foster, who continues the line of Humphrey of Staffordshire (above), shows that Richard was father of John who had issue. Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, 'Dawes'), supported by 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 4, part 2, 1811, 'Pedigree of Dawes of Staplton', p484), starts with the following John and provides the following.
  i. John Dawes of Stapleton
  a. Richard Dawes of Stapleton (dsp)
  m1. Margaret Vernam of Qyarn (Quorn)
m2. Ellena Seller of Staffordshire (Helen Seller of Herefordshire?)
  b. Isack Dawes of Stapleton
m. Charitie Lightfoote (dau of Jacob (James) Lightfoote of Ashford)
  (1) John Dawes (b c1584, a 1619)
  m. Elizabeth Gerveis (dau of George Gerveis of Peteling (Peatling) Magna)
  (A) Gerveis Dawes (b c1613, a 1619) possibly the Jervase or Jervis of Stapleton who was father of Humility & Deliverance
  m. _ Lamngham (dau of Richard Langham of Bottesford-en-le-Vale)
  (i) Humility Dawes (b 1644-5, d 03.05.1688)
  m. (1671) Humphrey Paget (b c1642, d 23.11.1708, Rector of Peckleton)
  (ii) Deliverance Dawes
  m. (after 1678) John Shenton of Barwell (b c1612, bur 30.03.1699)
  (B)+ other issue (a 1619) - William (b c1614), John (b c1615)
  (2) Joseph Dawes (b c1587, a 1619)
  m. Maria Saunders (dau of Rev. _ Saunders of Ausley/Ansley)
  c. Beatrix Dawes
  m. Thomas or Robert Woode
  d.+ other issue (dsp) - Daniell, Elizabeth

Main source(s): Wotton (vol III part 2 (1741), Dawes of Putney) with some support from BEB1841 (Dawes of Putney), TCB (vol 3, Dawes of Putney) and some input as reported above
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