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Families covered: D'Oyly of Overbury Hall, D'Oyly (Doyle) of Pondhall, D'Oyly of Shottisham

BP1934 starts with the following Thomas, identifying him as descended from Sir John D'Oyly (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272), who was "a younger son of the Oxfordshire house", who married Rose, dau of Sir William de Duston of Duston.
Thomas D'Oyly
1. Edward D'Oyly of Pondhall, near Hadleigh, Suffolk
  m. Anne Legat, presumed heiress of Pondhall (dau of Helmin Legat)
  A. John D'Oyly of Pondhall (d 1483)
  m. Elizabeth
  i. Edward D'Oyly (Doyle) of Pondhall & Cosford Hall (d 25.01.1534)
  Visitation starts with this Edward. It identifies the family name as Doyle. We follow BP1934 in using "D'Oyly" throughout although other spellings may be used in cross-references from elsewhere in the database.
  m. Anne Cotton (dau of Sir Thomas Cotton of Longwade)
  a. Sir Henry D'Oyly of Pondhall, Sheriff of Suffolk (d 13.02.1564)
m1. Jane Elwyn (dau of John (or William) Elwyn of Wignal)
  (1) Henry D'Oyly of Pondhall & Shottisham, Norfolk (d before 22.05.1598)
  m. Anne White (dau of Edmund White, sister of Edmund of Shottisham)
(A) Edmund D'Oyly of Shottisham & Pondhall (d 1612)
  Thanks to a contributor (DCS, 18.09.13) for drawing our attention to http://www.thefullwiki.org/Page:History_of_Norfolk_5.djvu/272 which identifies all of Edmund's children and their mothers. We hope to investigate that source further in due course.
  m1. Elizabeth Goodwin (dau of Sir John Goodwin of Winchindon (Upper Winchington)) possibly duplication with just below?
  (i) Henry D'Oyly (d young)
(ii) Elizabeth D'Oyly
  m. Charles Vesey of Hintlesham
  m2. Catherine Neville (dau of Sir Henry Neville of Billingbere by Elizabeth Gresham)
  (iii) Sir Henry D'Oyly of Shottisham (d 05.03.1616)
  m. (1605) Susan Talmache (dau of Sir Lionel Talmache of Helmingham)
  (a) Edmund D'Oyly of Shottisham & Pondhall (d 28.09.1638)
  m1. Elizabeth Goodwin (dau of Sir John Goodwin of Upper Winchington) possibly duplication with just above?
m2. Bridget Coke (dau of John Coke of Holkham, son of Lord Chief Justice Sir Edward, she m2. Sir Isaac Astley)
  ((1)) Susan D'Oyly (d 1648)
  (iv) William D'Oyly of Hadleigh, Suffolk (3rd son) - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Stocks (dau of Richard Stocks, archdeacon of Norfolk, by Anne, dau of Thomas Wodehouse of Kimberley)
  (v) Elizabeth D'Oyly
  m1. (1608) Robert Buxton (not Barston) of Tibbenham (bpt 1588, d 1610)
  m2. William Perte of Arnolds in Mountnessing (a 1634)
  (vi) Alice D'Oyly
m. William Clopton of Casteleyns (of Grey's Inn)
  (vii)+ other issue (dsp) - John, Charles, Robert, Edmund
  (B) Charles D'Oyly of Shottisham (d before 07.02.1626, 3rd son)
  The following comes from Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, D'Oyly of Bergh Apton) with a (very) little input from Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, D'Oyly of Toftrees).
  (m1/2. Katherine)
  m(2/1). (1612) Elizabeth Wilton (dau of Richard Wilton of Topcroft)
  (i) Henry D'Oyly of Barrow Apton (d before 30.09.1679)
  m. Dorothy Day (dau of Thomas Day of Scowlton)
  (a) William D'Oyly (bpt 1652)
  m. Ann
((1)) Thomas D'Oyly of Bergh Apton had issue
  m. Martha French (dau of Thomas French of Hempnall)
  (b)+ other issue - Jane (bpt 1646), Dorothy (bpt 1647), Barbara
  (ii) Thomas D'Oyly of Toftrees (a 1664)
  (iii) Susan D'Oyly
  (C)+ other issue - Edward, Henry
  (2) Thomas D'Oyly (Doylye) of Overybury Hall
Visitation (Norfolk) mentions Thomas and refers to Visitation (Suffolk). The following comes from Visitation (Suffolk, 1664-8, D'Oyley of Overbury Hall in Leyham) which starts with Edward. Thomas is presumed father of Edward and husband of ...
  m. Elizabeth Bendish (dau of Ralph Bendish of Topsfilde Hall) wife of Thomas, presumed mother of ...
  (A) Edward D'Oyly of Overbury Hall in Layham, Suffolk
  m. Awdrey Stanhow
  (i) Thomas D'Oyly of Overbury Hall
  m. Mary Pascall (dau of Sir Andrew Pascall of Springfield)
  (a) Peregrine D'Oyly of Overbury Hall (a 1664)
  m. Anne Winiffe (dau of Edward Winiffe of Brettenham)
  ((1))+ issue (a 1664) - Peregrine, Edward, Anne, Mary, Frances
  m2. ??
  m3. ??
  Possibly of this generation, but (if so) by which wife is unknown, was ...
  (2) Mary D'Oyly
  m. Robert Bedingfeld of Ditchingham Hall (d 02.11.1600, Solicitor General)



William D'Oyly of Hadleigh, Suffolk (d 1637) - continued above
m. Elizabeth Stocks (dau of Richard Stocks (Stokes), archdeacon of Norfolk, by Anne, dau of Thomas Wodehouse of Kimberley)
1. Sir William D'Oyly of Shottisham (Shottesham, Norfolk), 1st Bart (b c1614, d 11.1677. MP)
  m. (1637) Margaret Randall of Pulham (d 05.1679, stepdau of Sir Robert Bacon, Bart)
  A. Sir William D'Oyly, 2nd Bart of Shottisham (b c1637, d before 23.07.1680)
  m. (1666) Mary Hadley (dau of John Hadley of Southgate in East Barnet (by Anne, dau of Gilbert Harrison, Chamberlain of London), sister of George of East Barnet & Anne, Countess of Torrington)
  i. Sir Edmund D'Oyly, 3rd Bart of Shottisham (b c1666, bur 24.10.1700)
  m. (13.11.1684) Dorothy Bedingfield (dau of Philip Bedingfield of Ditchingham by Ursula Potts)
a. Sir Edmund D'Oyly, 4th Bart of Shottisham, later of Cossey (d unm 1763)
  b. William D'Oyly (d unm 1737)
  ii. Hadley D'Oyly of Holborn, London (2nd/3rd son)
  (1) The following is part supported by BFR ('D'Oyly-Twemlow', p607+).
(2) BP1934, BFR & TCB all identify Haley's wife Elizabeth as dau of Charles Yallop, son of Sir Robert of Bowthorpe Hall. Vrovisoinally,,we follow Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, 'Yallop') which identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Yallop (dau of Edward Yallop, brother of Sir Robert of Bowthorpe Hall)
  a. Sir Hadley D'Oyly, 5th Bart (b c1709, d 30.07.1764, Rector of Wotton & Felixstowe, 3rd son)
  m. (by 1753) Henrietta Maynard Osborne (d 08.1793, dau of Rev. Henry Osborne of Nailworth)
(1) Sir John Hadley D'Oyly of Calcutta & D'Oyly Park, 6th Bart (b 01.1754, d 01.1818)
  m. (03.1780) Diana Rochfort (d 06.09.1803, dau of William Rochfort, niece of Robert, 1st Earl of Belvedere, widow of William Cotes of Calcutta)
  (A) Sir Charles D'Oyly, 7th Bart (b 18.09.1781, dsp 21.09.1845)
  m1. Marian Greer (dsp 1814, dau/coheir of William Greer of Keyhaven, cousin)
  m2. (01.06.1875) Elizabeth Jane Ross (dau of Major Thomas Ross by Isabella Macleod, dau of John Macleod of Rasay & aunt of Marchioness of Hastings)
  (B) Sir John Hadley D'Oyly of Stepleton Park, 8th Bart (b 29.09.1794, d 21.03.1869) had issue
m1. (01.12.1819, div 1828) Charlotte Thompson (dau of George Nesbitt Thompson of Penton Lodge (by Catherine Maria, dau of Thomas Powney of Windsor & relict of Henry Vansittart of Kirkleatham))
  m2. (1830) Mary Fendall (b 1793/4, d 26.05.1885, dau of Hon. John Fendall of Calcutta)
  (C) Maynard Eliza D'Oyly (d 21.06.1866)
  m1. (06.03.1805) Walter Farquhar (dsp 09.02.1813, son of Sir Walter, 1st Bart of London)
  m2. Thomas Snow (rector of St. Dunstan's)
  (D) Harriett D'Oyly (d 1833)
  m. (06.03.1806) George Baring (son of Sir Francis, 1st Bart)
  (2) Harriett D'Oyly
  m. William Greer of Keyhaven
  (3) Charlotte D'Oyly (d 1813)
  m. Stephen Williams (d 1805, "an East India director")
  (4)+ other issue - Hadley (d unm Bunker's Hill 1775), Elizabeth (b c1739, d unm 1818), Catharine (d unm, authoress), Anne (dsp)
  b. Thomas D'Oyly (d 1761, of Gray's Inn) this line followed by BFR
  m. Jane Walker (dau of Richard Walker of Petworth)
  (1) Edward D'Oyly (Naval Captain)
  m. Anna Maria Black (dau/coheir of Jonthan Black of Westminster)
(A) Edward D'Oyly of Sion Hill (b 15.07.1769, d 1823, MP)
  m. (1789) Hannah Marston (dau of Richard Marston of Willenhall by Barbara, dau of Thomas Kirby of Bambro' Grange)
  (i) Thomas D'Oyly (b 1794, d 1834, Captain, 2nd son) had issue
  m. Charlotte Williams (dau of Henry Williams)
  (ii) Robert D'Oyly of Morton-in-the-Marsh, Gloucestershire (5th son) had issue
  m1. (c1826) Anne James (dau of Rev. William James of Evenlode)
  m2. Emily Ross (dau of Robert Ross)
  (iii) John Francis D'Oyly (b 1803, d 1836, indigo planter in the East Indies) had issue
  m. (1833) Charlotte Anne Brownswood Page (dau of Captain Henry Edwin Page)
  (iv) Elizabeth Frances D'Oyly (b 1791) had issue
  m. (1819) William Bayley of Easingwold then Stockton-on-Tees (son of William Bachelor Bayley of Northallerton)
  (v) Anna Maria Hannah D'Oyly (d 06.12.1872)
  m. (1825) George Twemlow (d 02.10.1877, General)
  (vi) Emma D'Oyly
m.William Geddes (Colonel)
  (vii)+ other issue - John Burnell (dsp 1809), Edward (b 1794, d 1809, RN), Frederick (d young),
  (2)+ other issue - John, Thomas, Hadley, Elizabeth, Jane (d infant), Mary, Jane
  c. Mary D'Oyly
  m. Henry Binfield or Benfield of Hampstead
  d.+ other issue - Edward (dsp 1732), John (d 1746)
  iii. Katherine D'Oyly possibly of this generation
  m. Edward Stafford of Marlwood (d 1742)
  B. Edmund D'Oyly (b c1645, d 1692) probably of this generation
  m. (1670) Jane Lynne (dau of John Lynne)
  C. Margaret D'Oyly (bur 22.01.1670) probably of this generation
  m. Robert Suckling of Woodton & Barsham, Sheriff of Norfolk (b 1602, bur 02.07.1690)
2.+ other issue - Robert, Edmond (dsp), Charles of London (a 1634), Catherine, Margaret, Ann, Elizabeth, Mary, Philippa

Main source(s): BP1934 (D'Oyly) with some support from Visitation (Norfolk, 1562+1589+1613, Doylye), TCB (vol 3, 'Doyley or Doyly of Shottesham', p281+)
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