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Families covered: Duke of Benhall, Duke of Brampton, Duke of Shadingfield, Duke of Wandsworth, Duke of Worlingham

Roger Duke, Sheriff of London (a 1190)
1. Peter Duke, Sheriff of London (a 1208)
  A. Roger Duke, Sheriff then Mayor of London (a 1230)
  i. ?? Duke
  BEB1841 suggests that the above Roger was father of the following Walter but the dates indicate that there must have been at least two generations between them. The Visitations start with the following Walter.
  a. ?? Duke
  (1) Walter Duke of Brampton and Shadingfield (a 1378)
  (A) Roger or Robert Duke of Brampton and Shadingfield
  (i) Roger or Robert Duke of Brampton and Shadingfield (a 1427)
  m. Alice (d before 28.07.1437)
(a) John Duke of Brampton and Shadingfield
  m. Joane Parke (dau of _ Parke (not Spark) of Kelsale and Aslacton)
  ((1)) Thomas Duke of Hales Hall in Brampton and of Brosyard Manor in Shadingfield (d 21.09.1503)
  m1. _ Woodwell
  ((A)) daughter
  m. _ Normanvile
  m2. Margery or Margaret Baynard (dau of Henry Baynard of Speckshall)
  ((B)) William Duke of Brampton & Shadingfield (a 1531) - continued below
  m. Thomasine Jenney (dau of Sir Edmund Jenney or Jenny of Knodishall or Knottishall)
  ((C)) Robert Duke of Worlingham (3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Wrenn (dau of Nicholas Wrenn of Worlingham by Mary Coo or Coe)
  The following comes from Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Duke of Worlingham).
((i)) John Duke of Worlingham
  m. (1560) Thomasine Wall (dau of Ralph Wall of Aldeby and Philippa, dau of Nicholas Gavell of London, widow of _ Colvile)
  ((a)) Edward Duke of Worlingham (b 1558-9, d 25.03.1614)
  m. (16.01.1583/4) Ann Hobart (d 1628, dau of James Hobart of Hales Hall, London)
  (((1))) Mary Duke (bur 06.06.1643) probably of this generation
  m. (c08.1618) Thomas Freston of Mendham (d 07.12.1635)
  (((2)))+ 2 sons and 1 daughters
  ((ii)) Margaret Duke
  m. (1567) William Kettleburgh of Roydon
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Duke
  m. (1541) John Hacon of Wheatacre
  ((iv))+ other issue - Erasmus (d by1596), Augustin (bpt 21.06.1538), Mary
  ((D)) daughter
  m. _ Grey
((E)) Mary Duke
  m. Robert Herward of Booton
  ((F)) daughter
  m. _ Fernsey of Ketleborough (Frense of Dickleburgh)
  ((G)) Margaret Duke
  m. George Cuddon
  ((H))+ other issue - John (dsp?), Thomas (priest)
  ((2)) Margaret Duke
  m. Anthony Wingfield
  Identified as daughter of Robert Duke of Brampton by Julian, dau of Sir Robert Butvilleyne or Butvillen of Cotisbrooke, and possibly of this generation was ...
  (ii) Alice Duke
  m. John Kempe of Weston



William Duke of Brampton and Shadingfield (a 1531) - continued above
m. Thomasine Jenney (dau of Sir Edmund Jenney or Jenny of Knodishall or Knottishall)
1. George Duke of Brampton and Shadingfield (d 26.07.1551)
  m. Anne Blennerhassett (d 16.04.1577, dau of Sir Thomas Blennerhassett of Frenze)
A. Edward Duke of Brampton and Shadingfield, later of Benhall (d 02.04.1598)
  m. Dorothy Jermyn (a 1606, dau of Sir Ambrose Jermyn of Rushbrooke)
  i. Ambrose Duke of Benhall (d 29.11.1610)
  m. Elizabeth Calthorpe (d 30.12.1611, dau of Bertram Calthorpe or Calthrop of London and Norwich)
  a. Sir Edward Duke, Sheriff of Suffolk, 1st Bart of Benhall (b c1604, d 1671)
  m. (after 1617) Ellen Panton (dau of John Panton of Brunslip by Eleanor, dau of Sir William Booth of Dunham Massey)
  (1) Sir John Duke, 2nd Bart of Benhall (d 1705)
  m. (by 1694) Elizabeth Duke (d by 1725, dau of Edward Duke) @@ below
  (A) Sir Edward Duke, 3rd Bart of Benhall (b c1694, d 25.08.1732)
  m. (01.12.1715) Mary Rudge (b c1698, d 1741/2, dau of Thomas Rudge of Staffordshire)
(i)+ issue (d young) - Edward, Elizabeth
  (B) Elizabeth Duke (d young)
  (C) Jane Duke
  m. John Bream of Campsey Ash
  (D) Anne Duke
  m. Thomas Tyrrell of Gippin
  (E) Arabella Duke
  m. Maurice Shelton of Berningham, Suffolk
  (2) Elizabeth Duke
  m. Nathaniel Bacon of Friston
(3) Alathea Duke
  m1. Offley Jenny of Knodishall (d before 15.11.1670)
  m2. Ralph Snelling of Yoxford
  m3. William Foster of Madesford
  (4)+ other issue - Robert (d unm), 25 others (dvp)
  b.+ other issue - Elizabeth, daughter
  ii. Ursula Duke (d 20.04.1638) probably of this generation
  m. Sir John Blennerhassett (d 14.11.1624, Chief Baron of the Exchequer)
  iii. Bridget Duke probably of this generation
  m. Francis Honings of Darsham (dsp)
  iv.+ other issue - Thomas, Robert and/or Peter, Jermyn (bpt 01.06.1571), Elizabeth (bpt 1563), Anne (bpt 1567), 6 sons, 5 other daughters
  B. George Duke of Honington, Suffolk (d 17.03.1594)
m. Elizabeth Curtis (d 1591, dau of Augustin Curtis of Honington, she m2. Robert Wright alias Reeve of Thwaite)
  i. George Duke of Wandsworth, Surrey (a 1629)
  m. Catherine Braham (d 14.10.1628?, dau of Richard Braham of Wandsworth)
  a. George Duke of Wandsworth (a 1662)
  m. Jane Hale (dau of Richard Hale of New Windsor)
  (1)+ issue (a 1662) - Richard (b c1642), William, Charles, George, Elizabeth, Jane, Lucy
  b. Charles Duke (dsp)
c. Edward Duke of Middlesex (doctor of physic)
  m. Elizabeth Tollemache (dau of Robert Tollemache of Holmingham, brother of Ptolemey)
  (1) Tollemache Duke of Bentley
  m. (Margaret) Palmer (dau of Sir Lewis Palmer, Bart of Carleton)
  (A)+ issue - Tollemache (d young), Elizabeth
  (2) Elizabeth Duke (d by 1725)
  m. (by 1694) Sir John Duke, 2nd Bart of Benhall (d 1705) @@ above
  d. Catherine Duke
  m. Henry Mather of London
  ii. Augustin Duke (d young)
  iii. Frances Duke
  m. Mathew Brewning of Youghall, Ireland
  C. Thomasine Duke (d 23.12.1560)
  m. (05.02.1559/60) William Playters of Sotterley (d 06.06.1584)
  D. Margaret Duke
  m. (1555) Michael Spelman of Whinburgh
  E.+ other issue - John (bur 03.01.1610), Katherine, Mary/Jane
2. daughter
  m. _ Bellingham
3. Jane Duke
  m. _ Lewgore or Lewager
4. Mary Duke
  m. _ Bateman

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Duke of Benhall), Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Duke of Brampton and Shadingfield), Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623 & 1662-3, Duke) with some support from TCB (vol iii, Duke of Benhall)
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