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Families covered: Dunch of Avebury, Dunch of Little Wittenham, Dunch of North Baddesley, Dunch of Pusey

William Dunch of Little Wittenham, Sheriff of Berkshire (b 1508, d 11.05.1597, Auditor of the Mint, 'Esquire to the Body to Queen Elizabeth')
m. Maria Barnes bur 13.05.1605, dau of William Barnes of London, sister/heir of John Barnes alias Baron of London)
1. Sir Edmund Dunch of Little Wittenham, Sheriff of Berkshire (d before 05.1624, MP)
  m. (30.07.1576) Anna Fettiplace (b c1556, d 19.01.1627/8, dau/heir of Nicholas Fettiplace of Kentwood)
  A. Sir William Dunch of Little Wittenham (pt 25.05.1578, dvp 22.01.1611, MP)
  m. (1599) Mary Cromwell (bur 26.05.1617, dau of Henry Cromwell of Huntingdonshire, aunt of The Protector)
  i. Sir Edmund Dunch, Sheriff of Berkshire, Governor of Wallingford Castle, Lord Burnell of East Wittenham (b 1602, bur 04.08.1678, MP)
(1) Edmund was created a Baronet then a Baron by the Protector, Oliver Cromwell, but his heirs never assumed the titles. Wikipedia reports that his was the only peerage created by the Protector which was not confirmed by King Charles II.
(2) Edmund's title, Burnell, arose because his wife was heiress to a moiety of the old barony of Lord Burnell.
  m. (before 1639) Bridget Hungerford (dau/heir of Sir Anthony Hungerford of Down Ampney by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Thomas Lucy)
  The following is supported by TCP ('Burnell of East Wittenham').
a. Hungerford Dunch of Little Wittenham (b 1639, d 09.11.1680, MP)
  m1. ?? (bur 26.03.1684)
  (1) Edmund Dunch of Little Wittenham (b 14/24.12.1657, d 31.05.1719, MP)
  m. (02.05.1702) Elizabeth Godfrey (b c1672, d 04.11.1761, dau of Colonel Charles Godfrey by Arabella, sister of John, Duke of Marlborough)
(A) Elizabeth Dunch of Little Wittenham (d 02.1779)
  m. (1729) Sir George Oxenden, 5th Bart of Dene (b 26.10.1694, d 20.02.1775)
  (B) Harriet Dunch (d 25.02.1755)
  m. (03.04/06.05.1735) Robert Montagu, 3rd Duke of Manchester (b c1710, d 10.05.1762)
  (C) Catherine Dunch (bpt 27.09.1705, d infant)
  (D) Arabella Dunch (bur 18.10.1734)
  m. Edward Thompson of Marsden
  m2. (c04.1677) Catherine Oxton (b c1660)
  b. Henry Dunch (b 1648-9, d 1686, of the Inner Temple)
  m. Anne Dormer (b 1645-6, d 13.05.1690, dau of William Dormer of Beaconsfield by Elizabeth Waller)
  (1) Anne Dunch (b 13.11.1682, d 29.08.1683)
(2) Elizabeth Dunch
  m.(c08.1698) Sir Cecil Bishopp, 5th Bart of Parham (d 25.10.1725)
  c.+ other issue - Hermes (b 1647-8, d 13.04.1667), Elizabeth, Lucy
  ii. Mary Dunch
  m. (04.1621) Thomas Kirton of Thorp Mandeville
  iii. Anne Dunch (a 1634)
  m. Edmund Phillips of London (a 1634)
  iv. Catherine Dunch (a 1634)
  m. (before 1631) Thomas Hawten of Cothrope (a 1634)
v.+ other issue - William (bpt 04.03.1604-5, a 1621, dsp), Henry (b 1606-7, a 1626, dsp), Walter (dss 11.01.1648-9)
  B. Walter Dunch of Newington, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (bpt 31.05.1584, d 06.01.1644-5) had issue
  m. Mary Hungerford (a 1659)
  C. Samuel Dunch of Pusey & North Baddesley, Sheriff of Berkshire (b c1592, d 20.10.1668)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Berkshire, 1665-6, 'Dunch of Pusey').
  m. Dulcibella or Dousabella More (b c1599, d 10.07.1664, dau/coheir of Sir John More or Moore (Sergeant-at-law) by Dulcibella, dau of James Paget of Grove Place (widow of William Pawlet of Paultons))
  i. John Dunch of Pusey & North Baddesley (b c1630, d 30.10.1668, MP)
m. (02.07.1650) Anne Major (b c1632, d 30.11.1665, dau of Richard Major of Hurstley)
  a. Major Dunch of Pusey, Sheriff of Berkshire (b c1646, d 27.09.1679)
  m. Margaret Wharton (dau of Philip Wharton, 4th Lord, m2. Sir Thomas Seylyard) 
  The following is supported by VCH (Berkshire, vol 4, 'Pusey').
  (1) Wharton Dunch of Pusey (b 1681-2, dsp 09.1705, MP)
  (2) Jane (or Mary) Dunch
  m. Francis Keck (not Teck) of Great Tew (d 29.09.1728)
  b. William Dunch of London (b 26.09.1652)
  m. Sarah Lawyer
  (1) Sarah Dunch (dsp 14.02.1773) Edward Haylock of Sawson (b c1701, d 17.11.1782, m1. Anne)
  c. Edmund Dunch of London (b 03.09.1656, 4th son)
  m. (06.1689) Susan Steel of Clapham (b 1671-2)
  (1) Edmund Dunch
  d. John Dunch (b 05.10.1657)
  m. Mary
  (1) William Dunch
  m. Dudley Gent (dau of George Gent of Mumpstead)
  (A) George Dunch
  m. Esther Day (dau of John Day of Cambridgeshire)
  (i) Esther Dunch of St. Neot's, Huntingdonshire (b c1721, d 06.06.1807)
  e. Dulcibella Dunch (b 29.03.1654)
m. (07.1673) Robert Horsman (of Lincoln's Inn)
  f. Anne Dunch (b 05.10.1659, d 17.07.1687)
  m. Thomsa Wade of Frampton-on-Severn
  g. Dorothy Dunch (b 1660-1, d 22.05.1686)
  m. (c08.1683) William Wright (b c1659, d 1721, Judge)
  h.+ other issue - Samuel (b c1654, d 01.03.1673-4), Anne (b 22.06.1655, d infant)
  ii. Mary Dunch (b 25.06.1618, d 09.1635)
  m. (09.06.1634) Sir Francis Pile, 2nd Bart of Compton Beauchamp
iii. Dulcibella or Dousabella Dunch (b c1619, d 10.11.1656)
  m. Edmund Wiseman of Sparholts Court
  iv. Elizabeth Dunch
  m. John Pitman of Quarley
  v. Anne Dunch
  m. Gabriell Beck of Westminster (a 1656)
  vi. Lucy Dunch (dsp)
  m. Sir John Twisleton of Dartford, Bart
  D. Mary Dunch (bpt 18.09.1579, dsp 18.10.1646)
  m1. Wiliam Winchcombe of Bucklebury (b 1576-7, dsp 29.07.1614)
  m2. Sir Edward Clarke of Ardington (d c1630)
E. Elizabeth Dunch (d 06.08.1657)
  m. John Isham of Pytchley (d 09.12.1626, m1. = ??)
2. Walter Dunch of Adebery (Avebury), Wiltshire (b 1551-2, d 04.06.1594, MP)
  m. Deborah Pilkington (dau of James Pilkington, Bishop of Durham, by Alice Kingsmill, she m2. Sir James Mervin)
  A. William Dunch of Avebury (bpt 08.05.1594, a 1636, d by 1639)
  m. (before 11.1610) Margaret Cooper (a 1639, sister of Sir John Cooper of Wimborne St. Giles, Bart)
  B. Deborah Dunch (a 1629)
  m. (20/30.01.1605/6) Sir Henry Moody of Garsden, Bart (d 23.04.1629/30)
  C. Ruth Dunc
  m. (1620) Sir William Button of Tockenham Court, Bart (d 16.01.1654/5)
  D. Mary Dunch
  m1. _ Swayne
  m2. Sir John Philipott of Compton
  E. Anna Dunch
  m. Thomas Lambert of Boyton

Main source(s): MGH (NS3 vol 2 (1896), Part 2 (June 1896), 'Pedigree of Dunch of Little Wittenham, Bucks.', p43+, used for review on 08.06.21), Visitation (Berkshire, 1623 & 1665-6, 'Dunch of Little Wittenham')
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