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Families covered: Eyre of Chilhampton, Eyre of Great Chalfield, Eyre of Neston Park, Eyre of Newhouse, Eyre of Northcombe, Eyre of Salisbury, Eyre of St. John's Wood, Eyre of Wedhampton, Le Heyr of Bromham

Humphrey Le Heyr of Bromham (a temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199)
m. Gillicia
1. Galfridus Le Heyr of Bromham (a 1275)
  The dates suggest that there may be missing a generation here or hereabouts.
  A. Galfridus Le Heyr of Bromham (a 1346)
  i. John Le Eyr of Urchfont and Wedhampton
  m. Eleanor Crooke (dau of John Crooke of Urchfont)
  a. Simon Eyre of Wedhampton (a 1433)
  (1) Thomas Eyre of Wedhampton and Northcombe
  (A) William Eyre of Wedhampton and Northcombe
  m. Joanna Cokrell
  (i) William Eyre (d 03.12.1520, Prior)
  (ii) John Eyre of Wedhampton and Northcombe (d 1554)
BLG1952 identifies the 1st wife of John, and mother of John, as Margaret, dau of John Bitton of Alton. Provisionally, we follow HoP ("John Eyre) in identifying her as ...
  m1. Alice Payne (dau/coheir of Stephen Payne of Motcombe, widow of _ Hampton)
  (a) John Eyre of Wedhampton, Sheriff of Wiltshire (d 1581, MP)
BLG1952 shows the John of this generation as 'of Wedhampton' (a 1568) father of John of Wedhampton & Great Chalfield (MP in 1571, m. Anne, heiress of Thomas Tropenell of Great Chalfield) who was succeeded by Sir William. We follow HoP ("John Eyre") which shows just one generation of Johns, with the husband of the heiress of Great Chalfield (mother of Sir William) being half-brother of Mayor Robert.
  m1. (by 1553) Anne Tropnell (dau of Thomas Tropnell of Great Chalfield, sister/coheir of Giles)
  ((1)) Sir William Eyre of Great Chalfield, Sheriff of Wiltshire (b 1555-6, d 24.08.1629, MP)
  m1. Anne Baynton (d 19.06.1587, dau of Sir Edward Baynton of Bromham)
  ((A)) Sir John Eyre, last of Great Chalfied (b 1580, d 1639, MP)
  ((B)) Sir William Eyre of Neston (a 1658)
  ((i)) William Eyre of Neston Park
((a)) Jane Eyre (d 1707)
  m. Sir John Hanham, 2nd Bart of Dean's Court (d 1703)
  ((ii)) John Eyre probably of this generation
  m. Elizabeth Warre (dau of Edward Warre of Chipleigh)
  ((C)) Lucy Eyre presumed of this marriage
  m. _ Stafford
  ((D)) Anne Eyre probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. John Long of Wraxall
  m2. Elizabeth Jackman (d 03.1622, dau of John Jackman of London)
  ((E))+ 2 sons + 3 daughters
  m3. (c1626) Anne Emeley (dau of Michael Emeley of Bishops Cannings, widow of William Noyes)
  ((2))+ 6 daughters
  m2. (1579) Elizabeth Dauntesy (d 1606, dau of Richard Dauntesy of Potterne)
  m2. Jane Cusse (dau of John Cusse or Cuffe of Broughton Gifford)
  (b) Robert Eyre, Mayor of Salisbury (a 1558, 1566, MP)
  m1. (sp) Elizabeth (widow of Thomas Fawshire of Southampton)
  m2. Jane (widow of George Tourney of Salisbury & Motcombe)
((1)) Thomas Eyre of Chilhampton, Mayor of Salisbury (d 1628, MP)
  BLG1952 identifies Thomas' wife as Susan Elizabeth, dau of John Rogers of Poole. HoP ("Thomas Eyre") suggests that she was "Elizabeth (d.1612), da. of (?John) Rogers of Poole". It seems likely that she was ...
  m. Elizabeth Rogers (d 1812, dau of Robert Rogers of Poole)
  ((A)) Robert Eyre of Salisbury and Chilhampton (b 1569, d 08.1638) - continued below
  m1. Anne Still (dau of John Still, Bishop of Bath and Wells)
  m2. Alice Tooker of Dorset
  ((B)) Giles Eyre of Brickworth, Sheriff of Wiltshire (bpt 27.02.1572, bur 16.01.1655)
  m. (1603) Jane Snelgrove (dau of Ambrose Snelgrove of Redlynch)
((C)) Christopher Eyre (b 1578, dsp 05.01.1624)
  m. Hester Smythes (dau of George Smythes, alderman of London)
  ((D)) Thomas Eyre of South Newton, Mayor of Salisbury (bpt 24.08.1580, d 1633)
  m. Anne Jaye (dau of Rev. Thomas Jaye of Fittleton)
  ((E)) William Eyre of Bonhams, Mayor of Salisbury (b 1585, d 11.1646) ancestor of Eyres of Box
  ((F)) Catherine Eyre (b c1571, d 11.03.1637/8)
  m. Thomas Hooper of Boveridge
  ((G)) Elizabeth Eyre
  m. (1586) Giles Tooker of Madington
  ((H)) Anne Eyre
  m. John Swayne of Gunville
  ((I)) Rebecca Eyre
  m. John Love of Basing
  m3. Edith (widow of William Kynte or Knite of Salisbury)
2. Nicholas Le Heyr



Robert Eyre 'of Wells' of Salisbury and Chilhampton (b 1569, d 08.1638) - continued above
m1. Anne Still (dau of John Still, Bishop of Bath and Wells)
1. Robert Eyre of Salisbury and Chilhampton (b 1610, d 03.1654)
  m. Anne Aldersley (dau of Samuel Aldersley of London)
  A. Sir Samuel Eyre of Newhouse & Brightwalton (bpt 26.12.1633, d 12.09.1698, judge)
  m. Martha Lucy (dau of Francis Lucy, son of Sir Thomas of Charlecote)
  i. Sir Robert Eyre of Newhouse (b 1666, d 28.12.1735, Lord Chief Justice) had issue
  m. (1694) Elizabeth Rudge (dau of Edward Rudge of Warley Place and Abbey Manor)
  a. Robert Eyre of Newhouse (dsps 15.12.1752)
  m. Mary Fellowes (d 24.10.1762, dau of William Fellowes of Egesford)
  b.+ other issue - 2 sons and 1 daughter
  ii. Francis Eyre (b c1670, dsp 28.10.1738, Canon of Salisbury)
  m. Anny Hyde (dau of Alexander Hyde, Bishop of Salisbury)
iii. Henry Samuel Eyre of St. John's Wood (dsp 1754)
  m. Mary Hervey (Mrs. Houblon)
  iv. Kingsmill Eyre (b 1682-3)
  m. Susanna Atkinson (widow of Samuel Keylway)
  a. Samuel Eyre of Newhouse (d 12.1794/02.01.1795)
  m. Stewart Russell (dau of John Russell)
  (1) Susannah Harriet Eyre of Newhouse
  m. (13.04.1789) William Purvis, later Eyre (d 1810, son of Admiral Charles Wager Purvis of Darsham)
  (2) daughter
  b. Walpole Eyre of Burnham & St. John's Wood (b 1735, d 18.04.1773)
  m. (11.1767) Sarah Johnson (d 28.07.1823, sister of Godschall Jonhson)
  (1) Henry Samuel Eyre of St. John's Wood (b 26.08.1770, dsp 06.03.1851, Colonel)
(2) John Thomas Eyre (b 05.11.1771, d 18.04.1811, Major) had issue
  m. Harriet Margaret Ainslie (d 09.08.1856)
  (3) Walpole Eyre (b 25.08.1773, d 23.02.1856) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Annabella Johnson (d 1860, dau of Robert Johnson)
  c. Elizabeth Eyre
  m. Polydore Plumptre
  v. Martha Eyre (d c1692)
  (c1690) Sir Dewey Bulkeley of Burgate (d 1735)
  vi. Lucy Eyre
  m. William Crey of Horningsham
2. Catherine Eyre (d 23.01.1667) probably of this generation
  m. (17.03.1630-1) Rev. Charles Chauncy
3.+ 2 daughters
m2. Alice Tooker of Dorset

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Eyre of St. John's Wood) with a little support and input from BLG1952 (Eyre Matcham of Newhouse)
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