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Families covered: Eyre of Brickworth, Eyre of Eyre Court (Eyrecourt) Castle, Eyre of Landford

Giles Eyre of Brickworth, Sheriff of Wiltshire (bpt 27.02.1572, bur 16.01.1655)
m. (1603) Jane Snelgrove (dau of Ambrose Snelgrove of Redlynch)
1. Giles Eyre of Brickworth (b 1607, d 1685)
  m. Anne Norton (dau of Sir Richard Norton of Rotherfield)
  A. Sir Giles Eyre of Brickworth (d 02.06.1695)
  m. Dorothy Ryves (dau of John Ryves of Ranston)
  i. Giles Eyre of Brickworth (bur 28.11.1734)
m. Mabell Thayne (dau of Alexander Thayne of Cowesfield)
  a. Giles Eyre of Brickworth (b 1692, dsp 07.06.1750)
  b. John Eyre of Landford (b 1693)
  m. Jane Bockland (dau of Maurice Bockland of Standlynch)
  (1) Henry Eyre of Brickworth (dsp)
  m. Harriett Eyre (dau of John Eyre of Putney)
  (2) John Eyre of Landford (b 1722, d 1799)
  m. Elizabeth Eyre (d 20.03.1758, dau of Giles Eyre of Ashley Bouse)
  (A) John Maurice Eyre of Brickworth and Landford (b 1753, d 1815)
  m. Frances Foyle (dau of Rev. Edward Foyle of Cholderton)
(i) Frances Elizabeth Eyre of Landford and Brickworth (d 28.03.1878)
  m. (21.02.1821) Thomas Bolton, later Nelson, 2nd Earl Nelson (b 07.07.1786, d 01.11.1835)
  (B) Henry Eyre (b 1755, rector of Landford)
  m1. Sarah Penrose (dau of Rev. Thomas Penrose of Shaw House)
  (i) Henry Eyre of Botney Grange (d 18.08.1830) had issue
  m1. Frances Tripp (dau of Rev. C. Tripp)
  m2. (1820) Juliana Stratford Marianna Devereux (d 1850, dau of George Devereux, 13th Viscount Hereford)
  (ii) John Eyre (d young)
  m2. Frances Pettiward (dau of Rev. Roger Pettiward of Putney)
  (3) Jane Eyre
  m. Robert Eyre (b 1718, d 29.09.1762, rector of Landford)
  ii. Dorothy Eyre probably of this generation
  m1. (by 1694) Sir Thomas Tyrrell, 2nd Bart of Hanslape (b c1670, d 05.1714)
  m2. Richard Frewen
2. Ambrose Eyre of Newhouse had issue
  m. Frances (widow of William Tooker)
3. John Eyre of Eyrecourt Castle (d 1684/5, Colonel, 5th son)
  m. Mary Bygoe (dau of Philip Bygoe, Sheriff of King's County)
  A. John Eyre of Eyre Court or Eyrecourt Castle (d 1709)
  m. (07.02.1677) Margery Preston (dau of Sir George Preston of Craigmillar)
  i. George Eyre of Eyre Court Castle (d 07.03.1710)
  m. Barbara Coningsby (dau of Thomas Coningsby, Earl of Coningsby)
  a. Frances Eyre
  m1. (20.01.1701) Henry Davis
m2. William Jackson of Coleraine
  ii. John Eyre of Eyre Court Castle
  BE1883 appears to combine two generations into one. It shows this John as having married twice, firstly to Rose Plunkett and then to Jane Waller, but dying without issue in 1745. It also shows Giles, Dean of Killaloe, as this John's brother rather than his younger son. We follow what is shown in BLG1886.
  m. (23.06.1711) Rose Plunkett (dau of Mathew Plunkett, 7th Lord Louth)
  a. John Eyre of Eyre Court Castle (d 1745)
  m. Jane Waller (sister of Robert Waller of Rookwood)
(1) Jane Eyre (dsp)
  b. Giles Eyre (d 17.02.1750, Dean of Killaloe)
  m. Mary Cox (dau of Richard Cox, son of Sir Richard, Chancellor)
  (1) John Eyre of Eyre Court Castle, Sheriff of Galway, Baron Eyre (b 1720, d 30.09.1781)
  m. (1746) Eleanor Staunton (d 04.1788, dau of James Staunton of Galway)
  (A) John Eyre (bpt 06.1747, bur 04.07.1747)
(B) Mary Eyre (d 11.1775)
  m. (11.10.1760) Hon. Francis Caulfeild (d 11.1775)
  (2) Richard Eyre, Sheriff of Galway
  m1. Emilia Trench (dau of Frederick Trench of Garbally)
(A) Elizabeth Eyre
  m2. Anchoretta Eyre (dau of Samuel Eyre of Ereview or Eyreville)
  (B) Giles Eyre of Eyre Court Castle (d 1830)
  m1. (28.09.1792) Anne Daly (dau of Michael Daly of Mount Pleasant)
  (i) John Eyre of Eyre Court Castle (b 15.05.1794, d 18.02.1856) had issue
  m. (21.08.1818) Mary Armit (dau of William Armit)
  (ii) Richard Eyre
  (iii) Ann Eyre (b 04.1800, d 21.07.1879)
  m. (21.10.1817) Walter Lambert of Castle Lambert (b 10.09.1795, d 09.08.1867)
  (iv) Anchoretta Eyre
  m. Burton Persse of Moyode Castle
  (v) Jane Eyre
  m. Rev. Samuel Roberts
  (vi) Eleanor Eyre
  m. Col. _ Disney
m2. Sophia Walsh (dau of Jonathan Walsh of Walsh Park)
  (B) John Eyre
  m. Jane Purefoy (dau of James Purefoy of Purefoy Place)
  (i) Richard Eyre had issue
  m. Eleanor Baldwin (dau of Capt. _ Baldwin)
  (ii)+ daughters
  (C) Jane Eyre
  m. Peter Blake
  (D) Mary Eyre possibly the Mary who married ...
  m1. Thomas Crosdaile
  m2. John Willington of Killoskehane Castle (d 01.1767)
  (E)+ other issue - Richard (Rev.), Thomas, Samuel
  (3) Robert Eyre
(4) Mary Eyre
  m. Edward D'Alton of Deer Park
  iii. Mary Eyre
  BLG1886 shows a Mary of this generation as married to George Evans of Bulgadon Hall but, because the dates would fit better, we follow BE1883 in showing her a generation earlier and suggest that this was probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Thomas Baldwin of Corolant
  a. Margery Baldwin (d 1776)
  m1. (1718) Charles Sadleir of Castletown (b 1684, d 1725)
  m2. (1736) Thomas Crow (Colonel)
  iv. Elizabeth Eyre
  m. (1703) Frederick (not Richard) Trench of Garbally (b 1681, d 1752)
  v. Emilia Eyre
  m1. Rev. William Wilson of Piersfield
  m2. (1733) John Rochfort of Clogrenane
  vi. Margery Eyre
  m. Shugburgh Whitney of New Pass
  vii. Jane Eyre
B. Samuel Eyre (Colonel)
  m1. Jane Eyre (dau of Edward Eyre of Galway)
  i. John Eyre had issue
  m. Mary Willington (dau of Thomas Willington)
  m2. Anne Stratford (dau of Robert Stratford of Baltinglass)
  ii. Stratford Eyre, Governor of Galway (dsp, Vice Admiral of Munster)
  iii. Thomas Eyre (dsp 1772, Colonel)
  iv. Anne Eyre
  m. (1717) Robert Powell (son of Richard of New Garden)
  v. Mary Eyre
  m. Thomas Croasdaile
  C. Mary Eyre (d 05.1720) probably of this generation (see Mary above of the next generation)
  m. (1679) George Evans of Bulgadon Hall (MP)
  D. Anne Eyre
  m. (1686) Richard St. George of Dunmore (d 1726)
4. Edward Eyre, Sheriff of Galway (bpt 23.10.1628, 7th son) ancestor of Hedges-Eyre of Macroom Castle
5. Henry Eyre of Salisbury (bpt 23.10.1628, d 18.07.1678)
  m. Dorothy Hastings (dau of George Hastings of Woodlands)
6.+ other issue - William (b 1613, bur 30.01.1669, rector of St. Edmund's), Robert (bpt 19.08.1618, d infant), Thomas (bpt 1625, a 1658)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Eyre formerly of Brickworth and Landford), BLG1886 (Eyre of Eyre Court Castle), BE1883 (Eyre)
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