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Families covered: Eyre of Brookfield, Eyre of Bubnel, Eyre of Normanton, Eyre of Offerton, Eyre of Padley, Eyre of Royton, Eyre of Wickersley
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Robert Eyre of Padley
m. Joanna Padley (d 09.03.1463, dau of Robert Padley of Padley)
1. Robert Eyre of Padley, Sheriff of Derbyshire (a 1483, 2nd son)
m. Elizabeth Fitzwilliam (dau of Thomas Fitzwilliam of Maplethorpe)
  A. Robert Eyre of Padley, Sheriff of Derbyshire (d 14.11.1504-5)
  m. Elizabeth Hudleston (dau of Sir William Hudleston of Salston by Isabel, dau of John Nevil, Marquis Montacute)
  i. Sir ArthurEyre of Padley (b c1481)
  m1. Margaret Plumpton (dau of Sir Robert Plumpton of Plumpton)
  a. Anne Eyre
  m. (1534) Sir Thomas Fitzherbert of Norbury (dsp 01.12.1591, son/heir of Judge Sir Anthony)
  b.+ other issue (dsp) - Robert, Harry, Edmund, Catherine, Margaret, Joan
  m2. Alice Coffyn (dau of Thomas Coffyn or Coffin of Devonshire)
  h. George Eyre (d young)
  m3. Dorothy Okeover (dau of Humphrey Okeover of Okeover)
ii. Margaret Eyre
  m. Robert Barley of Barley
  iii. Dorothy Eyre
  m. Alexander Nevile of South Liverton (South Leverton)
  iv. Ann Eyre
  m. Thomas Barley of Dronfield Woodhouse
  v. Mary Eyre
  m. Richard Draycot (uncle of Sir Philip of Paynsley)
  vi.+ other issue - John, Thomas
  B. Thomas Eyre of High Low in Hathersedge
  m. Catherine Massey (dau of (John William?) Massey of High Low)
  C. Jane (probably not Anne) Eyre
  m. Thomas Meverell of Trowley of Frodshall
D. Elizabeth Eyre
  m. Sir John Draycott of Paynsley (d 05.1522)
  E.+ other issue - John (dspl), Christopher, Robert
2. Nicholas Eyre of the Hurst of Hathersedge
  m. ?? St. Andrew (dau of William St. Andrew of Gotham)
  A. Nicholas Eyre
  m. Ann Oxspring (a 1505, dau/coheir of William Oxspring, son of Richard of Oxspring)
i. George Eyre of Normanton upon Soar (a 1542)
  m1. Ann Nevile (dau of Robert Nevile of Ragnall)
  a. Bridget Eyre
  m. Thomas Bawme of Skirne
  m2. Anne Leigh (dau of John Leigh of Kegworth)
  b. Richard Eyre of Normanton (a 1553)
  m1. Joan Edmondson (dau of Robert Edmondson of Hatheris)
  (1) George Eyre of Normanton
  m. Margery Belgrave (dau of Thomas Belgrave of Belgrave)
(A) Margaret Eyre
  m2. _ Harwood of Norfolk
  (2) Ann Eyre
  m. Thomas Farnham of Quarndon
  c.+ other issue - John, Eleanor
  ii.+ other issue - Grace, Elizabeth, Dorothy
  B. Elizabeth Eyre
  m1. William Woodruffe of Hope
  m2. Henry Columbel of Darley
  C. Joan Eyre
  m. Henry Bagshaw of Ridge
3. Roger Eyre of Holm Hall (a 1473)
  m. Elizabeth Whittington (dau of Robert Whittington of Whittington)
4. Ralph Eyre of Offerton 'in the Peak' (6th son)
  m. Elizabeth Oxspring (dau of William Oxspring)
  A. Ralph Eyre of Wickersley
  m. Margaret Wickersley of Wickersley (a 1501)
  i. Richard Eyre 'of Offerton' of Peniston (d by 1518)
  m. Isabel West (dau of Thomas West)
  a. Ann Eyre
  m. Jerome Blithe of Greenhill
  b. Jane Eyre
  m. Brian Rye of Whitwell
  B. Margaret or Elizabeth Eyre
  m. John Parker of Norton Lees
  C. Elizabeth Eyre
  m. _ Brown of Marshal
  D. Ann Eyre
  m. (John) West of Aghton
  partner unkown
  E. daughter
  m. Henry Padley of Haselford
5. Edmund Eyre of Brookfield (10th son)
  m. Agnes Ashurst (dau/heir of Edmund Ashurst of Royton or Reyton)
  A. William Eyre of Brookfield (2nd son)
  m. Ann, heiress of Royton (dau of Thomas _)
  i. Edmund Eyre of Bubnel
  m. Margery Coyney (dau of Robert Coyney of Weston Coney)
  a. Robert Eyre of Bubnel & Royton
  m. Dorothy Columbel (dau of George Columbel of Darley)
  (1) George Eyre of Royton (a 1614)
  m. Ann Sparke (dau of Robert Sparke of Nantwich)
  (A) Robert Eyre (of Royton) (b c1603)
  m. Elizabeth Saunderson (dau of William Saunderson of Blithe)
  (i) George Eyre, last of Royton
  (ii) Robert Eyre
  (a) Mary Eyre
  (iii) Elizabeth Eyre
  m. John Bellamy of Worksop
  (a)+ issue - John, Robert, Elizabeth
  (iv)+ other issue - William (b 1626, dsp), Gervas (dsp), Francis
  (B) Mary Eyre
  m. Humphry _
  (C) Dorothy Eyre
  m. John Chappel
  (D) Elizabeth Eyre
  m. Digory Ecery
  (E) Sarah Eyre
  m. Richard Hammond
  (F) Rebecca Eyre
  m. Thomas Gold
  (G)+ other issue - William (dsp), Joseph (dsp), Thomas
  (2) Robert Eyre of Little Hodsoke
  m. Catherine Smith (dau of Giles Smith of Tickhill)
  (A) Robert Eyre of Blithe Spittle (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Philips (dau of Robert Philips of Blithe Spittle)
(B) William Eyre
  m. Dorothy Capworth
  (C) Jerome Eyre
  m. Isabel Bell (widow)
  (3)+ other issue - Frances, Margery, Grace, Frances, Mary, Ann, Elizabeth
  b. Jane Eyre
  m. Christopher Reynes of Gateford
  c. Mary Eyre
  m. Charles Stokes of Tickhill
  ii. Robert Eyre of Little Hodsoke
6. Stephen Eyre of Hassop (a 1488)
  m. Catherine Dymoke (dau of Nicholas Dymoke of Kyme)
7. Elizabeth Eyre
  m. Ralph Leach of Chatsworth
8. Joan (Johanna) Eyre
  m. Stephen Thorpe of Danthorpe
9.+ other issue - Richard/Robert (d young), Richard (dsp), Hugh (dsp), Philip (parson of Ashover), Henry, Joan, Margaret

Main source(s):
(1) FMG (vol II, Eyre (MS 226-7)) with some support from Commoners (iv, Eyre of Rampton)
(2) For lower section (first uploaded 28.11.04 within Eyre04) : BLG1886 (Eyre of Rampton), Commoners (iv, Eyre of Rampton)
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