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Families covered: Falconer of Halkerton (Halkertoun)

Walter of Lowcorp
1. Ranulph of Kingoven (probably falconer for King William 'the Lion' who reigned 1165-1214) was possibly father/relation of ...
  A. Peter le Faukener was possibly father/relation of ...
  i. Henry Fauconer (disponed Kynguthin before 1291)
  a. Robert de Falconer (a 1296)
The connection with the above has apparently not yet been proved with ...
David Falconer of Halkerton or Halkertoun (a 04.1448)
1. Alexander Falconer of Halkerton (a 1491)
  A. Sir George Falconer of Halkerton (d 1511)
  m. Elizabeth Erskine (dau of John Erskine, 4th of Dun)
  i. Alexander Falconer (dvp)
  m. (before 09.12.1512) Janet Arbuthnott (dau of James Arbuthnott of that ilk, 12th of Arbuthnott)
  ii. David Falconer of Halkerton (a 10.1546)
  m. Mariot Dunbar (probably dau of Alexander Dunbar of Conzie, Kilbuyack and Aldcash)
  a. Sir Alexander Falconer of Halkerton (d 10.11.1587)
  m. Elizabeth Douglas (dau of Sir Archibald Douglas of Glenbervie)
(1) Alexander Falconer of Halkerton (d 12.1595)
  m. Isabel Gray (d 20.10.1589, dau of Patrick Gray, 4th Lord)
  (A) Sir Alexander Falconer of Halkerton (d before 24.06.1646)
  m. (mcrt 11.1594) Agnes Carnegie (dau of David Carnegie of Panbride, of Colluthie, 7th of Kinnaird)
  (i) Sir Alexander Falconer, 1st Lord of Halkerton (b 1595, d 01.10.1671)
m. (mcrt 04.1619, sep 1627) Anne Lindsay (dau of John Lindsay, 8th Lord of the Byres)
  (a) Alexander Falconer, 2nd Lord of Halkerton (bpt 17.06.1620, d 04.03.1684)
  m. Margaret Ogilvy (dau of James Ogilvy, 2nd Earl of Airlie)
  ((1)) David Falconer, 3rd Lord of Halkerton (d unm 02.1724)
  The barony passed to a 2nd cousin.
  ((2)) Alexander Falconer (d before 22.11.1712)
((3)) Jane Falconer
  m1. (1706) James Forbes of Thornton
  m2. James Oucterlony of Montrose
  ((4)) Euphame Falconer (4th dau)
  m. John Row of Bandeath
  ((5))+ other issue - James, Helen (d before 10.06.1714), Elizabeth
  (b) Agnes Falconer
  m. George Ogilvy, 2nd Lord Banff (d 03.1668)
  (ii) Sir David Falconer of Glenfarqhar (a 1667, MP)
  m. Margaret Hepburn (dau of Sir Robert Hepburn of Bearford)
  (iii) Sir John Falconer (bur 21.06.1670, Master of the Mint)
  m1. Sibil Ogilvy (d 04.12.1634)
  m2. Esther Briot
  Uncertain which wife was mother of which child.
(a)+ issue - John (bpt 03.10.1636), James (bpt 29.06.1640), child (bpt 18.08.1641), Patrick (bpt 08.10.1642), Robert (bpt 26.07.1644), Charles (bpt 11.11.1646), William (bpt 23.11.1648), Margaret (bpt 31.01.1650), Esther (bpt 12.02.1654)
  (iv) Sir Patrick Falconer (a 1659, advocate)
  (v) Margaret Falconer (d before 19.02.1659)
  (vi) Agnes Falconer
  m1. (after 19.09.1633) Alexander Keith of Benholm (d 02.1634)
  m2. (1634) John, Master of Forrester (dvpsp)
  (vii) Jean Falconer
  m. (1637) John Grant of Moyness
  (B) Patrick Falconer of Newton (a 1623)
  (C) Robert Falconer of Drimmie
  m. Isobel Rossie (dau of Patrick Rossie, fiar of that ilk)
  (D) Jean Falconer
  m. (mcrt 12.09.1620) John Fullarton, younger of Kinnaber
  partner unknown
  (E) Isabel Falconer
  m. (mcrt 15.02.1615) Dr. Francis 'Apparisiis'
  (2) Hew Falconer of Innerochtie
  (3) Archibald Falconer ancestor of Falconers of Phesbo
  (4) Samuel Falconer of Kincorth (a 1617, MP)
  (5) William Falconer of Dinduff
  m. Beatrix Dunbar (dau of Dunbar of Bogsmoray)
(A) Colin Falconer, Bishop of Argyll (b 1623, d 11.11.1686) had issue
  m. (24.07.1648) Lilias Rose (d 06.05.1688)
  (6) Agnes Falconer
  m. (mcrt 15.04.1567) Alexander Guthrie of that ilk
  (7) Marion Falconer possibly of this generation
  m. Alexander Wishart of Carnebeg (d 15.07.1603)
  b. Elizabeth Falconer
  ? m. Alexander Lindsay of Broadland
  c. Janet Falconer
  m. Sir John Wishart of Pittarrow (dsp 25.09.1576)
  d. Isabella Falconer (d before 15.03.1557/8)
  m. John Middleton of Middleton, Netherseat and Kilhill (d 07.1588)
  e. Catherine Falconer (d 24.07.1591)
  m. Hugh Rose of Kilravock (d 10.06.1597)
  iii. Isabel Falconer possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Alexander Strachan of Thornton (b 1490, d 1550)
2. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. John Lyell of Balmaleedie & Crookston

Main source(s): TSP (Kintore) with a little support from BP1934 (Kintore)
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