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Families covered: Fenwick of Bywell, Fenwicke of Fenwicke (Fenwyke of Fenwyke), Fenwick of Kenton, Fenwick of Shortflat, Fenwicke of Stanton, Fenwicke of Wallington

Sir Robert de Fenwyke of Fenwyke Castle, Northumberland (a 1189)
1. Sir Robert de Fenwyke of Fenwyke
  A. Sir Thomas de Fenwyke of Fenwyke & Capheaton (a 1274)
  i. Sir Thomas de Fenwyke of Fenwyke & Capheaton (a 1286)
  a. Alan de Fenwyke
  m. _ Barrett (dau/heir of _ Barrett of Walker)
  (1) Sir John de Fenwyke of Fenwyke, Sheriff of Northumberland (a 1390)
  The above comes from BEB1841. Visitation (Northumberland, 1575) shows the early generations of this family with dotted lines, indicating uncertainty. This Sir John is shown there as son of Robert (by Elianora) son of Sir William son of Thomas. His son Alan (father of John) is shown as younger rather than elder brother of John and there are some additional generations reported before the pedigree 'stabilises' at the John shown below as married to Mary Strother then Elizabeth Woddrington (sic). We hope to review the above in due course.
m. Elizabeth Heaton (dau of Sir Alan Heaton of Heaton Castle)
  (A) Sir Allan de Fenwyke of Fenwyke
  (i) Sir Henry de Fenwyke of Fenwyke
  BEB1841 ends this line reporting that Sir Henry dspm and left 6 daughters.
  m. Joan Leigh (dau of William Leigh of Isel) name found on a web site
  (a) Mary Fenwicke probably of this generation
  m. (c1440) Sir John Hudleston of Millom, Sheriff of Cumberland (d 06.11.1493)
  (b) Anne Fenwicke probably of this family, of this generation
  m. John Radclyffe, Sheriff of Cumberland (d 1509)
  (c) Elizabeth Fenwicke probably of this family, of this generation
m. John Wharton of Kirkby Thore (a 1506)
  (d) Eleanor Fenwicke probably of this generation
  m. Sir Thomas Lamplugh of Lamplugh
  (e)+ 2 other daughters
(B) Sir John de Fenwicke (a temp Henry V who r. 1413-1422)
  (i) John Fenwicke of Newburn, Wallington & Fenwick
  m1. Mary Strother (dau/coheir of William del Strother of Kirkharle by Joan, dau of Robert de Wallington of Wallington)
  (a) John Fenwicke of Newburn & Wallington
  m. Isabella
  ((1)) Ralph Fenwicke of Wallington
  ((A))+ issue (dsp) - William, Henry
  ((2)) Marian Fenwick possibly of this generation
  m. George Swinburne of Nafferton & Edlingham (b c1486, d c1527)
  (b) William Fenwicke of Fenwicke (d before 03.07.1485)
  m. (c1480) Joan Musgrave (dau/coheir of Thomas Musgrave of Ryall)
((1)) John Fenwicke of Wallington, Ryall & Fenwicke Tower (a 1528)
  Marshall (p32) leaves out this generation, showing William as father of Roger and the John who m. Anne Metcalfe. Visitation (Northumberland, 1575) shows this (Sir) John but names no wife and notes that he is omitted in another source. Provisionally we follow BEB1841, which shows 2 generations of Johns as shown, but suspect that there was just one John who married twice. We hope to review this in due course.
  m. Margery Harbottle (dau of John Harbottle)
  ((A)) John Fenwicke of Fenwicke & Wallington
  Visitation (Northumberland, 1575) identifies John's wife as Agnes, dau of Sir James Metcalfe. BEB1841 names her ...
  m. Joan Clavering
  ((i)) Sir Roger Fenwicke of Fenwicke & Wallington (d 1550) - continued below
  m. Dorothy Widdrington (dau of Sir John Widdrington of Widdrington)
((ii)) John Fenwicke of Walker
  ((iii)) daughter
  m. _ Wodderington (Widdrington) of Swinborn
  ((iv)) daughter
  m. Geffrey Boweflour of Aperley
  ((B)) Roger Fenwicke of Bitchfield (Bichfield)
  m. Ursula Heron
  See the Roger shown immediately below as this Roger's uncle.
  ((C)) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Grey
  ((2)) Roger Fenwicke
  Roger of Bitchfield is shown as of this generation by Visitation (George Marshall (1878), Northumberland, 1615, 'Fenwicke', pp24-25). We follow BEB1841 & Visitation (Northumberland, 1575) in showing him a generation later as that is supported by the source used for the continuation.
  m. Ursula Heron (dau of John Heron of Chipchase)
(c) Robert Fenwicke of Chibburne
  The following comes from Visitation (Northumberland, 1575).
  ((1)) Robert Fenwicke of Chibburne
  m. Maud Strother (dau of Thomas Strother)
  ((A)) John Fenwicke of Chibburne (Chebborne) then Kenton
m. Margaret Bennet (dau/heir of William Bennet of Kenton)
  The following is supported by Visitation (George Marshall (1878), Northumberland, 1615, 'Fenwicke', p26, footnote).
  ((i)) Robert Fenwick of Kenton (b c1545, a 1575)
  m1/2. Barbary Erington (dau of Lancelot Erington of Denton)
  ((a)) Magdalen Fernwick
  m. Tristram Fenwick
  (((1))) Robert Fenwick
  m. Jane Fenwick (dau of Robert Fenwick of Blinkley)
(((A)))+ issue - Tristram, Robert, John, Elizabeth, Grace, Magdalen, Hanna, Jane
  ((b)) Elizabeth Fernwick
  m. Martyn Fenwick (son of John of Butterley)
  m2/1. Isabella Horsley (dau of William Horsley of Scrimwood)
((c)) Margaret Fernwick
  m. Hector Ogle
  ((d)) Barbary Fernwick
  m. Robert Erington of Ponteland
m2. Elizabeth Widdrington (sister (sb daughter?) of Sir Roger Widdrington)
  BEB1841 reports that children of this 2nd marriage were ancestors of the Fenwickes of Stanton, Nunnykirk, Harbottle, Brinkburne, East Heddon, Greenleighton & Langshawe but does not name them or follow their lines. The following comes from Visitation (Northumberland, 1575) with input/support from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Fenwick) and is supported by various pages in 'A History of Northumberland' by Rev. John Hodgson (Part 2, Vol 2, 1832) as reported in the continuations.
  (d) Sir Roger Fenwicke (of Stanton)
  m. Agnes Harbottle (dau of Bertram Harbottle of Beamish by Joan Lumley)
  (e) Raffe Fenwicke of Whitton (Longwitton) ancestor of the Fenwicks of Longwitton & Nunnykirk
  ((1)) George Fenwicke of Twisell
  (f) Gerard Fenwicke of Burrowden
  m. _ Burrowden or Burradon or Broughton
  B.+ other issue - Adam, William



Sir Roger Fenwicke of Fenwicke & Wallington (d 1550) - continued above
m. Dorothy Widdrington (dau of Sir John Widdrington of Widdrington)
1. Sir William Fenwick of Fenwick & Wallington (b c1550, d c12.1612)
  m1. Grace Forster (dau/coheir of Sir John Forster of Edderstone & Hexham)
A. Sir John Fenwick of Fenwick & Wallington, 1st Bart (b c1578, d 1658, MP)
  m1. (c1603) Catherine Slingsby (dau of Sir Henry Slingsby of Seriam by Frances Vavasoiur)
  i. John Fenwick (b c1612, dvpsp Marston Moor 02.07.1644, Colonel, MP)
  m. Mary Selby (dau of George Selby of Whitehaven)
ii+. other issue (a 1615) - Catherine, Elizabeth
  m2. (by 1621) Grace Lorain (dau of Thomas Lorain or Lorraine of Kirkharle)
  iv. Sir William Fenwick of Fenwick, Wallington & Hexham, 2nd Bart (b c1621, d 1676/c1682, MP)
  m. (by 1644) Jane Stapleton (dau of Henry Stapleton of Wighill by Mary)
  a. Sir John Fenwick of Fenwick, Wallington & Hexham, 3rd Bart (b c1644, d 27.01.1697, MP)
  m. (14.07.1663) Mary Howard (b c1658, d 27.10.1708, dau of Charles Howard, Earl of Carlisle, by Anne Howard)
  (1)+ issue (d young) - Charles, William, Howard, Jane
  b. Grace Fenwick (d 02.12.1706) who married ...
  m. Sir Thomas Loraine of Kirkharle, 1st Bart (b 1637, d 10.01.1718)
  c. Mary Fenwick
  v. Allan Fenwick
  vi. Grace Fenwick
  m1. Thomas Venables (dvp 1669, son/heir of Peter of Kinderton)
This may be the Grace who (also) married ...
  m2. Richard Sneyde of Norton (Captain RN)
  m3. _ Bond
  m2. Margaret Selby (dau of William Selby of Newcastle)
The following is supported by 'A History of Northumberland' by Rev. John Hodgson (Part 2, Vol 2, 1832, 'Pedigree of Fenwick of Meldon', pp17-18).
  B. Sir William Fenwick of Meldon (bur 31.05.1652)
  m1. Isabella Grey (dau/heir of Sir Arthur Grey of Spindleston by Margaret, dau of Anthony Bulmer of Thursdale)
  Hodgson shows Isabella as mother of William's daughters. Marshall (pp32-33) does not mention her but shows (that added to the Visitation "in a later hand") them as by Elizabeth Ratcliff. TCB (vol 2, 'Longueville of Wolverton', p437) shows that Mary, the eldest daughter, was by ...
  m2. Elizabeth Radclyffe (dau of Sir Edward Radclyffe of Dilston, m2. Sir Robert Slingsby)
i. Mary Fenwick (d 1683)
  m1. Sir Andrew Young of Bourne (dsp)
  m2. Sir Thomas Longueville of Wolverton, Bart (m2. Catharine Payton)
  ii. Catharine Fenwick
  m1. Henry Lawson of Brough Hall (d Melton Mowbray 1644, Colonel)
  m2. Francis Radclyffe, 1st Earl of Derwentwater
  iii. Dorothy Fenwick
  m. Edward Moore of Bankhall
  C. Roger Fenwick of Shortflat (d 25.02.1635/6)
  m. (06/26.02.1626/7) Margaret Blakiston (dau of Sir William Blakiston of Gibside, m2. Thomas Woodhall)
The following comes from 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 6, John Crawford Hodgson, 1902, 'Fenwick of Bywell', p98+) with some support from 'A History of Northumberland' (Rev. John Hodgson, Part 2, Vol 1, 1827, 'Pedigree of Fenwick of Shortflat', p368+).
  i. William Fenwick of Bywell, Bolam & Shortflat b c1629, bur 03.05.1678)
  m. Catharine Hall (a 1675, dau of Christopher Hall of Newsham)
a. Sir Robert Fenwick of Bywell (bpt 08.04.1668, bur 1691, 2nd son)
  m1. Margaret Graham (dau of Sir George Graham, sister of Sir Richard of Netherby, Bart, Viscount Preston)
  (1) William Fenwick of Bywell, Sheriff of Northumberland (bur 14.10.1719)
  m1. (29.12.1698) Susanna Bacon (bpt 18.01.1681, bur 1714, dau of John Bacon of Staward)
  (A) Isabella Fenwick (bpt 20.06.1700, d 09.11.1745)
  m. (c10.1721) William Wrightson (MP)
  (B) Margaret Fenwick (bpt 04.04.1702, bur 10.06.1727)
  m. (28.01.1719) John Fenwick of Stanton
  (C)+ other issue - William (bpt 12.1703, bur 15.12.1703), Robert (bur 07.11.1704)
m2. Elizabeth Fenwick (b 1694/c1707, d 27.09.1769, dau of Roger Fenwick of Stanton)
  (E) Elizabeth Fenwick (bpt 15.10.1717)
  m. (c01.1739) Edward Ward of Morpeth
  (2) Dorothy Fenwick
  m. Charles Turnour (d 1726, son/heir of Sir Charles)
  (3) daughter
  m. _ Lowther of Swillington
  (4)+ other issue - Lancelot (a 1679), Edward (Captain RN), Anne (d unm), Elizabeth (dsp), Katherine (d unm), Thomasine (nun), Mary (nun)
  m2. Elizabeth Graham (b c1662, bur 03.11.1744, dau of Sir R. Graham of Norton Conyers, Bart, m2. Nicholas Burton)
  b. Roger Fenwick of Lodnon & Bolam (dsp(ms) bur 05.05.1669)
m. Maud Davis (dau of _ Davis (alderman of London), widow of Sir THoams Grene of Cheshire)
  (1)+ issue - Roger (d young), Isabel (b c1714, a 1730)
  c.+ other issue - William (a 04.1659, d(vp)sp), Christopher (a 1679), Edward (a 1684, bur 06.05.1715)
  ii.+ other issue - Roger of Bolam (dsp), Margaret (a 1636), Mary (a 1636)
  D. Elizabeth Fenwick
  m. Sir Claudius Forster of Bamburgh Castle (dsp 1623)
  E. Dorothy Fenwick (bur 21.12.1684)
  m. Cuthbert Heron of Chipchase (a 1639)
  F. Anne Fenwicke probably the Anne who married ...
  m. Ralph Carnaby of Halton (b 1597, bur 10.02.1660)
  G. Margaret Fenwick probably the Margaret who married ...
  m. Sir Ralph Blakiston, 1st Bart of Gibside (b c1589, d 1651)
  H. Mary Fenwick probably the Mary (bur 25.01.1671) who married ...
  m. Thomas Forster of Adderstone (d after 06.09.1637)

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Fenwick of Fenwick and Wallington) with some support/input from Visitation (George Marshall (1878), Northumberland, 1615, 'Fenwicke', various sections) and, for the upper section, Visitation (The North (part 4), Northumberland, 1575, 'Fenwike de Fenwike in Comitatu Northumbriae') and, for the lower section, TCB (vol 2, 'Fenwick of Fenwick', p39+)
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