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Families covered: Fincham of Fincham, Fincham of Owtwell (Outwell)

Osbert de Fincham (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1199)
1. Reiner de Fincham (dsp)
2. Robert de Fincham
  A. John de Fincham
  i. Richard de Fincham (a 1258)
  BHO moves from Richard to the following William without identifying their relationship. It is our presumption that Richard was father of ...
  a. William de Fincham (a 1267)
  m. Julian (a 1267) wife of William, possibly mother of ...
  (1) Adam de Fincham (a 1325, Attorney General) the first mentioned by Visitation
  m. Annabel Denys (dau of David Denys or Dennys)
  (A) Thomas de Fincham (a 1348) mentioned by BHO but not by Visitation
  (B) John de Fincham (d by 1372)
  BHO reports 2 wives for John, Alice de Causton & Christian, but does not identify which was the mother of John, the only child mentioned. Visitation shows 2 wives, 1st unnamed (mother of John & Thomas, we presume this was Alice) and 2nd _ Chappes (mother of Edmond, we presume this was Christian). Except where indicated, BHO follows only the succession to Fincham Hall.
  m1. Alice de Causton (dau/heir of Robert de Causton)
(i) John Fincham of Fincham (a 1392)
  m. _ Broston
  (a) Simon Fincham of Fincham (a 11.1458)
  m. Elizabeth Tendring (dau/coheir of John Tendring of Brockdish)
  ((1)) John Fincham of Fincham (d 06.09.1496) - continued below
m. Beatrix Thoresby (dau of Thomas Thoresby of Lynn)
  ((2)) Lawrence Fincham
  ((A)) William Fincham
  m. Margaret Oxenbridge
  ((i)) Anne Fincham
  m. Humfrey Banester
  ((ii)) Malyn Fincham
  m. _ Cheney of Somerset ## see here ##
  ((3)) William Fincham
  m. Elizabeth
  ((4)) Nicholas Fincham (priest)
  ((5)) Elianor Fincham
  m. _ Elwin
  ((6)) Alice Fincham mentioned by BHO
  m. John Batchcroft
  (b) daughter
  m. _ Bagecroft
  (c) daughter
  m. _ Tarsbutt
  (d) daughter
  m. John Shouldham
  (e) daughter
  m. _ Swathing
  (ii) Thomas Fincham of West Wincham
  (a) Robert Fincham
  m. Constance Spilman
  ((1)) Thomas Fincham
  (b)+ other issue - William, John, Thomas
  m2. Christian Chappes (a 1372, m2. Simon de la Hay)
  (iii) Edmond Fincham
  m. Christian Felbrigg
  (a) William Fincham
  m1/2. Margaret
  ((1)) Edmond Fincham
  m. Margaret Reade
  ((A)) Robert Fincham
  m. Joane Collett (dau of Robert Collett)
  ((B)) John Fincham
  ((2))+ other issue - John, Elizabeth (nun)
  m2/1. Mary Barrett (dau of Simon Barrett)
  ((4))+ other issue - Thomas, Margaret (nun)



John Fincham of Fincham (d 06.09.1496) - continued above
m. Beatrix Thoresby (dau of Thomas Thoresby of Lynn)
1. John Fincham of Fincham (d 30.04.1499)
  BHO reports that John married twice, the 1st wife unnamed but the 2nd wife being Jane Tay. BHO then reports that his son John also married twice, 1. Alice Bedingfield, 2. Ela Edgar, with Ela being mother of Thomas & Ela. Visitation shows that this John's 1st wife ws Margaret Bedingfield and that she was mother of both John and the Thomas who m. Martha Yelverton, i.e. that Thomas was younger brother rather than son of the next John. Provisionally we follow BHO as that specifies that Thomas is referred to in Ela's will as her son.
  m1. ?? (Margaret Bedingfield?)
A. John Fincham of Fincham (d 08.10.1541)
  m1. Alice Bedingfield (dau of Thomas Bedingfield of Oxburgh)
  m2. Ela Edgar (a 1541, dau of Gregory Edgar)
  i. Thomas Fincham of Fincham (d before 21.12.1551)
  m. Martha Yelverton (dau of William Yelverton of Rougham, m2. John Heigham)
  a. William Fincham of Fincham (dsp 1571-2)
m. Audrey Lovell (dau of Sir Thomas Lovell of Harling, relict of ?? Cooke of Melton)
  b. Ann or Elizabeth Fincham (bur 04.07.1584) named Ann by BHO, Elizabeth by Visitation
  m. Charles Cornwallis
  ii Ela Fincham (d unm) mentioned by BHO
  m2/1. Jane Tey (dau/heir of Sir John Tey)
The following comes only from Visitation.
2. John Fincham of Owtewill (Outwell) in the Isle of Ely
m. Elizabeth Derham (dau of Thomas Derham of Norfolk by dau/coheir of Gilbert Haultost (Haltoft))
  A. (Sir) Thomas Fincham of Outwell
  m. Joane
  i. Edward Fincham of Outwell (2nd son)
m. Cicely Steward (dau of Nicholas Steward)
  a. Edward Fincham of Outwell (a 1619)
  m. Mary Sterling (dau/heir of Richard Sterling of Denham & Boton)
  (1)+ issue (a 1619) - Thomas (b c1600), Robert, James, Raphe, Richard, Jane, Mary, Briudgett, Suzanna
  b. Anne Fincham
  m. William Guibon
  c. Phillipa Fincham
  m. John Ingham
  d. Joane Fincham
  m. Thomas Baynes of Eaton
  e. Grace Fincham
m1. Peter Fuller of Outwell
  m2. (John) Crosse (not Crope)
  f.+ other issue (dsp) - Nathaniel, Robert, Thomas
  ii. Thomazin Fincham
  m. John Brian of Bollingbrook
  iii. Beatrix Fincham (d 05.05.1582)
  m. Matthew (not Thomas) Hutton, Archbishop of York
  iv. Anne Fincham
  m. Thomas Steward of Ely
  v. Elianor Fincham
  m. _ Lea
vi.+ other issue (dsp) - Richard, Elizabeth
  B. Simon Fincham
  m. Thomazin Gesgate or Felgate of Ipswich
  i. Simon Fincham of Owtwell (Outwell, Norfolk)
  m. Anne Balam (dau of John Balam of Barton)
  a. John Fincham of Owtwell (a 1621)
  m1. Catherin Shouldham (dau of William Shouldham of Shouldham)
  (1) John Fincham of Owtwell
  m. Christian Walle (dau of Augustine Walle of Caton (Whalle of Cotton))
  (A)+ issue - John, Augustine, Bridgett (dsp), Mary (dsp)
  m2. Margaret or Mary Spence (dau of John Spence, widow of John Dixon)
  (2) Anne Fincham
  m. Humfrey Grosvenor of London
(3) Catherine Fincham
  m. Thomas Trench or French of Tilney
  (4)+ other issue - Simond of Loindon (draper), Richard
  ii. Thomazin Fincham
  m1. William Brian of Bullingbrook (Bolingbrooke)
  m2. Thomas Bendish of Bumpstead
  iii.+ other issue (dsp) - John, Grace, Anne, Elizabeth
  C. Joane Fincham
  m. Robert Holbech or Holdwiche ## see here ##
  D. Allice or Ann Fincham (d 1547)
  m. (c1500) John Jeynor (Jenour)
  E.+ other issue - Elianor (nun at Chateris), Elizabeth (nun at Semperingham)
3. Simon Fincham
4. Elizabeth Fincham
  m. ?? Carvill (probably Humphrey Kerville who d c1527)
5. Allice Fincham
  m. _ Miller of Kent

Main source(s): BHO (Blomefield's 'Topographical History of the County of Norfol', vol 7 (1807), 'Clackclose Hundred and Half: Fincham'), Visitation (Cambridgeshire, 1619, 'Fincham')
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