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Families covered: FitzAlan of Arundel, FitzAlan of Dol, FitzAlan of Oswestry

Alan 'Dapifer', hereditary Steward of Dol (in Brittany) (a 1097)
1. Alan, hereditary Steward of Dol (dsp after 1044)
2. Flaald (or Flathald), hereditary Steward of Dol (in Wales in 1101)
  This is probably the Fleance, shown in some sources as father of Banquo father of Walter (the first Steward), spouse of Nest, dau/heir of Gruffydd, Prince of Wales. Provisionally, we record rather than support to that view.
  A. Alan FitzFlaald, lord of Oswestry, Sheriff of Shropshire (a 1121)
  m. Aveline (dau of Arnulf, Sn de Hesdin in Picardy)
  i. Jordan, hereditary Steward of Dol (a 1130)
  m. Mary
a. Jordan (dsp?)
  b. Alan, hereditary Steward of Dol (a 1167)
  m. Joan
  (1) Jordan (dsp)
(2) Olive (a 01.1235)
  m1. Robert de St. John, Sn de St. Jean-le-Thomas (d 1199/1200)
  m2.(c 06.1200) Roger de Monbegon of Hornby Castle (dsp before 15.04.1226)
  (3) Alice
  m. William Epine or Spine, hereditary Steward of Dol
  ii. William FitzAlan, lord of Oswestry, Sheriff of Shropshire (d 1160)
  m1. Christian (niece of Robert FitzRoy, Earl of Gloucester)
  a. Christian
  m. Hugh Pantulf
  m2. Isabel de Say (dau of Elias or Ingram de Say, Lord of Clun)
b. William FitzAlan, lord of Oswestry and Clun, Sheriff of Shropshire (d 1212-13)
  (1) m. Mary (dau of Thomas de Erington)
  William FitzAlan (d 1213-14)
  (A) William FitzAlan (dsp)
(2) John FitzAlan, lord of Oswestry and Clun, Sheriff of Shropshire (b c1164, d 1239)
  m1. Isabel de Albini (dau of William de Albini, 3rd Earl of Arundel)
  (A) John FitzAlan, (5th Earl) of Arundel (d 1267)
  TCP (Arundel) confirms that John obtained Arundel Castle in 1243 but suggests that neither this John nor his son ever actually used the title Earl of Arundel and (quoting Glover) reports that his grandson was created Earl in 1289. BE1883 suggests that John became 'de facto' Earl following his obtaining the castle. We partially follow BE1883 and so differ on the numberings used by TCP.
  m. Maud de Verdon (d 27.11.1283, dau of Theobald de Botiller by Roesia de Verdon)
  (i) John FitzAlan, (6th Earl) of Arundel (b 14.09.1246, d 18.03.1271/2)
m. Isabel de Mortimer(a 1300, dau of Sir Roger Mortimer of Wigmore)
  (a) Richard FitzAlan, 7th Earl of Arundel (b 03.02.1266/7, d 09.03.1301/2)
  m. (before 1285) Alice (d 25.09.1292, dau of Tomasso I, Marquess of Saluce (Saluzzo))
  ((1)) Edmund FitzAlan, 8th Earl of Arundel (b 01.05.1285, d 1326/17.11.1338)
  m. (1305) Alice Plantagenet (dau of William de Warenne, younger of Surrey)
  ((A)) Richard FitzAlan, 9th Earl of Arundel (b c1313, d 1376) HJY
  m1.(div 1345) Isabel Despencer (dau of Hugh Despencer the younger)
  m2. Eleanor Plantagenet (dau of Henry, Earl of Lancaster) HJY
  ((B)) Sir Edmund FitzAlan
  m. Sibil (dau of William de Montacute, 1st Earl of Salisbury)
  ((i)) Alice FitzAlan
  m. Sir Leonard Carew of Carew (b c1343, d 1371)
  ((C)) Alice FitzAlan
m. John de Bohun, 5th Earl of Hereford, Earl of Essex, Constable (dsp 1335)
  ((D)) Jane FitzAlan
  m. Warine Gerrard, Lord L'Isle
  ((E)) Alaive or Aline FitzAlan
  m. (by 1338) Roger le Strange, 5th Lord of Knokyn (b c1326, d 23.08.1382)
  ((F)) Elizabeth FitzAlan not shown by BE1883
  m. William de Latimer, 4th Lord (b 24.03.1330, d 28.05.1381)
  ((G)) Katherine FitzAlan (d before 23.05.1376) probably of this generation
  m1. (before 16.10.1347) Henry Hussey, 2nd Lord (d 1349)
  m2. Sir Andrew Peverell
  ((2)) Sir John FitzAlan
  ((3)) Margaret FitzAlan
  m. William Boteler of Wemme, 2nd Lord (d 1361)
((4)) Maud FitzAlan 
  m. Sir Philip Burnell of Condover, Holgate, Acton Burnell, etc (d 1294)
  Possibly also of this family of this generation (see note under Percy) were ...
  ((5)) Sir Richard of Arundel
  ((6)) Eleanor of Arundel (d 1328) Y
  m. (c1294) Henry de Percy, 1st Lord of Alnwick (b 1273, d 1315) Y
  m2. Haws de Blancminster
  iii. Walter FitzAlan, 1st Hereditary Steward of Scotland (d 1177) 
  m. Eschynne de Molle (dau of Thomas de Lundins) 
  a. Alan FitzWalter, 2nd Hereditary Steward of Scotland (d 1204)
  m. Eve
It has been suggested that Eve was daughter of Swane son of Thor of Tranent, etc but TSP (Kings) reports that this was based on a mistaken reading of a charter. TSP (Kings) repors that Alan died "leaving at least two sons", David & Walter.
  (1) Walter Stewart, 3rd Hereditary Steward of Scotland (d 1241, 2nd son)
  m. Beatrix (dau of Gilchrist, 4th Earl of Angus)
  (2) Simon FitzAlan (a 1160, 3rd son)
  Often shown as son of Alan FitzWalter was Simon, identified as father of Sir Robert 'Boyd'. TSP (Kilmarnock) reports an article by J.H. Round which "appears to prove conclusively that this Simon was only uterine brother of Walter, and that he was the Simon 'de Caisneto' alias 'de Norfolc', who held the Manor of Mileham." [There is no such Simon on Cheyne01.]
  (3) Aveline JR
  m. Duncan MacGilbert, 1st Earl of Carrick (d 13.06.1250) JR
  (4)+ other issue - David (a 1220), Leonard
  b. Marjory FitzAlan J
  m. Robert de Montgomery (d c1179) J
3. Rhiwallon (a monk)

Main source(s): TSP (Kings of Scotland), BP1999 (Moray), BE1883 (FitzAlan of Arundel), TCP (Arundel)
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