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Families covered: Fraser of Cornton, Fraser of Cowie, Fraser of Durris, Fraser of Frendraught, Fraser of Lovat, Fraser of Oliver Castle, Fraser of Philorth, Fraser of Stoneywood, Fraser of Touchfraser

The name Fraser was probably a variation of Freysel, Frissel etc and is thought to be derived from Freseliere in Anjou. Possibly the earliest in Scotland was ...
Simon Fraser of Keith (d before 1190)
1. Eda Fraser
  m. Hugh Lorens
  A. Eda Lorens --
  m. Philip de Keith, Marischal (d before 1225) --
Possibly related to Simon was ...
Klyvert Fraser of Oliver Castle
  A. Oliver Fraser of Oliver Castle and Hales
  B. daughter --
  m. Udard Fraser @@ just below --
  C. Maria de Hales
and also ...
?? Fraser
  A. Udard Fraser
  m. daughter of Klyvert Fraser of Oliver Castle @@ just above
  i. Bernard Fraser, Sheriff of Stirling probably either the same person as or the father of ...
  a. Bernard Fraser, Sheriff of Stirling (d c1250)
  m. sister of Nesius of London
  ii. Adam Fraser of Hales
  m. Constantia
  a. Laurence Fraser of Drumelzier possibly father of ...
  (1) Sir William Fraser of Drumelzier
(A) daughter (coheir) probably of this generation
  m. Roger de Twedyn (a 1325)
  iii. Sir Gilbert Fraser of Oliver Castle, Sheriff of Traquair and Peebles (b before 1200, d c1263)
  m. Christian Lascelles
  a. John Fraser (dvp)
  m. (by 1243) Alicia de Conigburg (dau of William de Conigburg of Stapilgorton)
  (1) Sir Richard Fraser of Touchfraser (a 1307)
(A) Sir Andrew Fraser, younger of Touchfraser, Sheriff of Stirling (dvp by 1306)
  m. Beatrix (probably dau of Reginald le Chen of Duffus)
  (i) Sir Alexander Fraser of Touchfraser and Cowie, Sheriff of Stirling, Lord Chamberlain (d Dupplin 1332)§D
  m. (1316) Mary Bruce (d 22.09.1323, dau of Sir Robert de Bruce, 6th Lord of Annandale)
  (a) John Fraser of Touchfraser (b c1317, d young)
  ((1)) Margaret Fraser --
  m. Sir William Keith, Marischal (d before 1410) --
(b) Sir William Fraser of Cowie and Durris (b c1318, d Durham 1346)
  m. Margaret Moray (a 1364, dau of Sir Andrew Moray of Bothwell)
  ((1)) Sir Alexander Fraser of Cowie and Durris, 1st of Philorth, Sheriff of Aberdeen (d by 1411)
  m1. (1375) Joanna of Ross (dau of William, 5th Earl of Ross, Lord of Skye)
  ((A)) Sir William Fraser of Cowie, 2nd of Philorth (d before 1441)
  m. (c1404) Elinor Douglas (probably dau of James Douglas, 2nd Earl of Douglas)
  ((i)) Sir Alexander Fraser of Cowie, 3rd of Philorth (b before 1410, d 07.04.1482)
m. (before 1430) Marjorie Menzies (dau of Gilbert Menzies of Findon)
  ((ii)) Agnes Fraser --
  m. (24.07.1423) Sir William Forbes of Kinaldie, 1st of Pitsligo (d 13/23.01.1445-6) --
  ((iii)) Isabel Fraser
  m. Gilbert Menzies
  m2. (before 1400) Elizabeth Hamilton (dau of Sir David Hamilton, 3rd of Cadzow)
  partner unknown (probably Helen, dau of _ Straiton of Lauriston)
  ((B)) Alexander Fraser of Durris (Dores)
  m. Cecily or Giles Arbuthnott
  ((2)) John Fraser of Auchinschogill
  m. Marjory (dau of Sir John of Monymusk)
((A)) John Fraser (dsp)
  partner(s) unknown
  ((B))+ other issue - Andrew, William
  (ii) Andrew Fraser (d Halidon Hill 19.07.1333)
  (iii) Sir Simon Fraser of Brotherton, Sheriff of Kincardine (d ? Halidon Hill 19.07.1333)
  m. Margaret (dau of Earl of Caithness)
  (a) Simon Fraser
  (b) Hugh / Alexander Fraser
  There is some uncertainty over the next few generations. Grandson of Sir Simon of Brotherton was ...
  ((1)) Hugh Fraser of Lovat probably father of ...
  ((A)) Hugh Fraser of Lovat
((i)) Alexander Fraser of Lovat (d before 03.1415-6)
  m1. Elizabeth Keith (d before 04.1414)
  ((a)) Marjorie Fraser --
  m. (c1414) William Keith, 1st Earl Marischal?? --
  There is some confusion as to the identity of William's wife. It may have been Marjorie.
  m2. (1414) Marion Keith (dau of Sir Robert Keith, Marischal)
  ((ii)) Hugh Fraser of Lovat, Sheriff of Inverness (d before 20.07.1440)
  m. (1416) Janet Fentoun (sister of William Fentoun of that ilk)
  ((a)) Thomas Fraser of Lovat (d c1450)
There appears to be some confusion as to whether or not Isabella Wemyss was actually Thomas's wife or his father's second wife.
  m. (1429) Isabella Wemyss (dau of Sir John Wemyss of that ilk)
  (((1))) Hugh Fraser, 1st Lord of Lovat (d before 11.1501)
  m. (before 1464) Violetta/Margaret Lyon (dau of Lord Glamis)
  (((2))) William Fraser
  ((b)) Elizabeth Fraser --
  m. Sir William Leslie, 4th of Balquhain --
  m2. (1429) Isabella Wemyss (dau of Sir John Wemyss of that ilk)
((iii)) William Fraser
  m. ?? Scrymgeour
  ((iv)) Euphemia or Agnes Fraser --
  m1. Lachlan Mackintosh, Captain of Clan Chattan (d 1407) --
  m2. (c1408) Sir Walter de Innes, 10th of that ilk (d before 14.07.1456) --
  (iv) James Fraser (d Halidon Hill 19.07.1333)
  m. (1321) Margaret, heiress of Frendraught
  (a) Sir James Fraser (d c1395)
  ((1)) James Fraser of Frendraught
  ((A)) Matilda Fraser --
  m. Alexander Dunbar --
  (v) Christina Fraser
  m. Tormod MacLeod of Harris, Sheriff of Skye and Harris
  (2) Sir Alexander Fraser of Cornton (a 1296)
  (A) ?? Fraser
  (i) Thomas Fraser of Cornton (d before 1392)
(a) ?? Fraser
  ((1)) Thomas Fraser of Cornton and Stoneywood (a 1474)
  ((A)) Sir Andrew Fraser of Stoneywood and Muchal (d c01.06.1505)
  m. Muriel Sutherland
  ((i)) Thomas Fraser of Stoneywood and Kinmundy (d before 02.1536)
  m1. (before 1494) ??
  ((a)) Andrew Fraser of Muchalls, Stoneywood and Kinmundy (d 08.1549)
  m1. (before 21.07.1519) Margaret Forbes (dau of John Forbes, 6th Lord)
  m2. (before 06.1526) Marjory Hay
  ((b)) John Fraser (a 1536)
  m2. Giles Arbuthnott (d 04.07.1546, dau of Robert Arbuthnott, 12th of Arbuthnott)
  ((c)) Gilbert Fraser (a 1536)
  ((ii)) Thomas Fraser
b. Sir Simon Fraser of Oliver Castle, Sheriff of Traquair and Peebles (d c1280)
  (1) Sir Simon Fraser of Oliver Castle, Sheriff of Traquair and Peebles (d 1291)
  m. Maria
  (A) Sir Simon Fraser of Oliver Castle (d 1306)
  (i) Margaret/Mary Fraser --
  m. Sir Gilbert de Haya of Lockerworth --
  (ii) Joan Fraser --
  m. Sir Patrick Fleming of Biggar --
  (B) Thomas Fraser
  c. Sir Andrew Fraser (dsp before 1308)
  m. Beatrice
  d. William Fraser, Bishop of St. Andrew's, Chancellor of Scotland, Regent (d 1297)

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